Danse Petro: and the plan goes on….

As seen from the eyes of the population in Haiti, more UN involvement in the affairs of the country means more despair, destruction and weakening of all institutions in Haitian society. As someone who lived in Port-au-Prince during the last UN occupying mission, the MINUSTAH, I witnessed the incompetence and arrogance of UN administrators, staff and soldiers toward everyone in the population. They were aptly called the TOURISTAH by Haitians who witnessed how the country regressed during their so called stabilizing mission. The gangs who are terrorizing the population became strong, some even came into existence during the years preceding the MINUSTAH’s withdrawal from Haiti, and regained strength following Rene Preval’s term as President of Haiti. President Preval was able to disarm many of the gangs back in 2006-2007, while some hid their guns, waiting for a better atmosphere. Peace was restored then throughout the country until the advent of Martelly and the PHTK, which has led us to where we are. De facto president Jovenel Moise was murdered while still in office and the UN is calling the shots through Claude Joseph, Tiklod as he’s known by impertinent persons.

As in the case of the last major UN intervention in Haiti, a lot of money will flow through persons in charge and end in deep pockets, mainly Haitian businessmen, international procurement experts and those in charge. The international advisors seem to have agreed to let de facto prime minister Joseph be in charge of the country, even though he was recently fired by de facto president Jovenel Moise before the latter was killed. Even though Claude Joseph is seen as someone who should be questioned in the murder of the sitting president, the international community has selected him to lead the government of Haiti. As far as the political sector in the country, it is so deeply divided and subservient to the United States that its members are practically handcuffed. Even the political opposition is divided, with significant antagonism that prevents concerted action. The vast majority of politicians in Haiti have a “Blan” who gives them advice and or orders, along with money, travel perks and financial assistance during elections. So unity and concerted action will not come from that sector unless persons in politics are willing to ignore the “Blan “ and his “help” in the quest for democracy neocolonial style.

The only solution is mobilization of the population with organizations like Nou Pap Domi, Fos Delmas, Petro Challenge, student groups and various youth organizations that are fighting against the destruction of Haitian society and the corruption of values in society. The press in Haiti and abroad is blindly following the plan to remove all decision making from the hands of persons living in the country by choosing puppets to be pulled on a string. After ignoring happenings in Haiti prior to the murder of the sitting president, suddenly Haiti is on front page. Never mind that persons were killed daily in gang led terror campaigns against the population, news from Haiti was suppressed until now.

Haitians living abroad need to really get involved in supporting our home or we will not be able to call it home anymore. The country is sliding in the abyss and unless something is done byHaitians the worse can happen. We need to support all endeavors to restore our independence and take matters into Haitian hands that are truly patriotic and love Justice.

Celebration in 1986 after Duvalier fled

One thought on “Danse Petro: and the plan goes on….

  1. The destructive trend is real. However, I’d like more focus on “development”, instead of efforts merely aiming at stoping those who usurped power.

    The organizations must be rooted in a positive vision of the future, focussing on specific aspects of development.

    Very good read of the current situation. However, I need to understand plans for development, as per opposition parties.

    Very good post…


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