Danse Petro: The President is dead, Long Live The President

In a move reminiscent of the times when monarchs ruled, after de facto president Jovenel Moise was assasinated in the wee hours two days ago Claude Joseph who had recently been fired from his post declared himself King, sorry de facto president. Joseph was supposed to be packing his belongings and vacating the Office of the Prime Minister when he heard the news about the demise of the head of state Jovenel Moise. Rapidly, he called the press to declare himself de facto president, and assumed command of the nation, despite lacking any legitimacy. As Haiti is not a sovereign nation where persons living there decide who is in charge, rather this is done by foreigners feigning to be friends, the UN representative Helen LaLime quickly approved the coup d’Etat as the omnipotent “advisor”. So far, the rest of the “Friends of Haiti”, part of the Core Group of proconsuls, has remained noncommittal, advising their different chosen actors on the scene. The population is in watch mode, with persons mostly staying home, listening to the news on the radio. It is unfortunate that the de facto president was killed in such a manner. His killers and the ones who sent them must be brought to justice, and the nation needs to know all details of this high political crime.

The valiant PNH has arrested a bunch of “mercenaries, they say, who were involved in the killing of former President Moise in Petion-Ville, some in a ghetto called Jalouzi, and they have been shown on social media in the police station. First, the weapons that have been displayed in the capture of supposedly trained mercenaries do not reflect the professional manner which the attack showed. Second, those men who managed to kill the de facto president in his home in a professional operation where they said they were DEA to gain entry and tie up all the security present on site to guard de facto president Moise, those pros were captured easily, a couple by unarmed persons in Jalouzi. This is the same police force and population that is held hostage by gangsters wearing flip flops and shorts. These same valiant police officers are routinely embarrassed and sometimes killed by local gang bangers with little training, yet they quickly located and captured dangerous mercenaries trained to kill. Hummm…

Politicians who want change and fairness in Haiti need to unite with militants and persons to thwart this pseudo monarchy in the making. A man can decide to take the reins of government even though no one voted for him, only in Haiti some will say. Members of the Core Group must be jumping in joy with the prospect of another puppet to manipulate, while mortgaging the future of whole generations. The population must not allow this race to oblivion, as scripted by those behind the new de facto president. This will only lead to disaster because Claude Joseph does not want to hold fair elections to lead Haiti into better times; he is only looking to gain power. He forgets that he was given a letter of dismissal by the former President and he is not legitimate. Haitian people everywhere must not accept this attempt to take over the future of the country.

Looking at the situation, there are only eleven persons who were elected by the population, even though in a sham election, and as a body they have selected Joseph Lambert to be interim president with Ariel Hanry as Prime Minister. Is this going to be the solution to head toward problematic elections? As temporary president, Lambert will have to hold elections this year to fill both chambers of parliament, local mayors and communal representatives, while choosing a new president. That is a tall order for anyone, much less Joe Lambert who has been accused of many things in the past. As for Hanry, he is close to the Martelly clan, and will pave the way for them.

So far there is no reaction from the G 9, the federation of state sponsored gangsters, and like most persons in the population they’re laying low. Their days are numbered anytime the population organizes itself to decide its own future. Both men who are vying to be president of Haiti will not bring a solution to the many problems in the country, starting with thugs in G 9. Most militants who are mobilizing to bring a change in the country want someone in charge who will bring justice and security to the population. Are elections the answer? In the present climate of fear, persecution and gang wars it is impossible to hold free and fair political choices by persons. Both Lambert and Joseph are products of the PHTK, although the Senator has a long history before Martelly and the PHTK came on the scene.

Resistance to the plans concocted for the population must continue with organized efforts to mobilize the population. Movements like Nou Pap Domi, Fos Delmas, Petro Challenge and other grassroots group need to coalesce and seek support from Haitians abroad. Only a concerted effort to help those fighting for justice and a change for the better will bring a better future for the country. We all need to be careful about allowing events to lead us to the wrong conclusions. Only a United front can achieve positive results, but we will have to iron out all differences and unite around a positive approach.


One thought on “Danse Petro: The President is dead, Long Live The President

  1. The CORE Group, Aka Coalition pour
    Organiser le Rètablissement de l’ Esclavage
    A group with a Napoleonian objective, supposedly led by Mrs. Hellen Rochambeau LaLime, is the main obstacle to any positive change in Haiti


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