Danse Petro : Vertieres

Once again people will go to the streets and show rejection of Jovenel Moise, his presidency and his plans for remaining in power. Last year there was a massive show of force all over the country, part of a nation wide lock down when major towns in the country demonstrated against the government. What will happen this year? Is it going to be one more day of demonstration where groups of people march, spew out slogans cursing the president, the PHTK and their allies? Another manifestation of the futility of the strategy of the political opposition to the government? While President Moise sits home, or somewhere safe, going about his business, while listening on the radio. Then the next day brings back normal affairs, as people return to the grind in the garbage filled streets of the capital. Or will it be different?

Well, this time there are some factors that need to be looked at which can bring about greater awareness of the need for change. Already today, a day before D day, Port-au-Prince is a hot cauldron, streets are blocked and tires are burning. At Kafou Tifou, in the heart of the capital a car blocked the road, and some guys are laying down on the pavement, further blocking the road, to protest against all the recent crimes plaguing the country. Monferrier Dorval, the well known lawyer, professor at the State University and President of the bar association leads the roll call of recent victims; along with Gana, the militant from Cite Soleil, Gregory Saint-Hilaire, the student killed inside the Law School by a police officer member of the force protecting the president and finally but not the last victim Evelyn Sincere, a young girl in her last year of classical school. They are part of a long list of people killed recently by gangs and police allied to President Moise and the PHTK. The demonstration today is a early start to what is in store on Wednesday to commemorate Vertieres.

What will this November 18 bring in Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, St Marc,Gonaives and all the other towns in Haiti? In 1803, the Battle of Vertieres signaled the end for Napoleon’s army, as the Indigenous Army of former slaves led by Jean-Jacques Dessalines defeated the French in a fierce fight that brought independence to the country. Aside from historical accounts, this great military and historical feat is not featured in many books and no movie or television production has been made about it. Compared with all the material that has been produced to talk about other great battles, Vertieres remains known only to students studying Haitian history, usually in Haiti.

This Wednesday many people will demonstrate in 🇭🇹 Haiti to show their rejection of gangs and crime, along with the call for the president to resign. Of course, Jovenel Moise will not budge, but with each show of force the people against him weaken his plans. Jovenel cannot hold elections and change the constitution if too many people are opposed to him. Each time many people take to the streets elections become more difficult to justify. It is a race to see if by February of next year President Moise will be incapable of staying in power. If he cannot hold elections before that it will be very difficult to continue governing. So the more people come out for Vertieres to defy Jovenel and his allies, the more difficult it becomes for them to carry out their plans.


Nou Pap Domi recently held a memorial in front of the Office for the Protection of Citizens to display pictures of recent victims of this politically fostered insecurity. The group, which is part of the organizations demanding justice and return of the 4.5 billion dollars stolen from the Petro Caribe project, has been at the forefront of the movement to demand a better Haiti. Nou vle viv, we want to live is the simple slogan they live by, and that says it all. Nou Pap Domi is mainly composed of young people of school age, some attending the University, who realize that the future is now and they need to fight for a better one. The group will certainly take part during Vertieres to tell Jovenel Moise he must go.

This is a key time in the history of Haiti because there are different scenarios in store in the future. If Jovenel Moise and those that have placed him in power are successful the scenario will be grim, with poverty, crime and despair the norm. Perhaps Wednesday November 18, 2020 will be a new day.

Photo courtesy of Le P’ti Club / Jimmy Moise CEO

On to Inauguration

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

The end of spring. Winter once again knocking at the door; time for the flowers and the leaves to fall from the trees, as President Trump’s hopes are, falling that is. Because Joe and Kamala have turned the corner and are asking us to join them in bringing in the new team. Joe Biden is the new President of the United States and he will be inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20, in the nation capital Washington, D.C. Kamala Harris is the first woman of African-Asian descent to be Vice President, another first in the history of the country, marking time for change and a more efficient approach to the fight against Covid-19. The new president and his running mate will usher in the Biden regime to replace Donald Trump who will move on to better pasture.

Talking about Drump, did you notice how his voice was cracking in a flat, defeated manner when he spoke this past Friday? He sounded broken, his voice lacking the usual resonance of arrogance. He looked really beaten and while the media concentrated on his graying hair, the weak mien in his voice was more indicative of defeat. He will soon abandon his crazy stance of refusing defeat because he was not smart enough to beat Joe in the race, so surely he is not smart enough to defeat the system. When you lose the election, you must turn over the keys, and take leave of the presidency. If Drump continues in his stubborn refusal to accept the results he will bring the Republican Party down with him. Sure, millions of Republicans voted for him, but Trump lost and only violence can delay his removal. As Former President Obama said, the whole fabric of the nation is at stake if Republicans join Drump in his dumb attempt to reverse time and extend the election campaign. If you listened on Friday, it seemed as if the President was campaigning, judging by how he was whining. His usual tone was not there because he sounded broken and defeated.

all thanks to MSNBC

Time to usher in the new President Joe Biden, and his Vice President Kamala Harris on January 20. It is not as if magically all problems will be solved, but the new administration will look out more for the working class and stop giving all advantages to the millionaire class. The new leadership will have to figure out ways to help working class people survive the Covid-19 pandemic with much better support than was offered before. Yes, we’re going to celebrate Drump’s departure in January, but we also have to hold Joe Biden to his words. The Black vote helped get the ticket over, now is time for Blacks to receive at least a bit of meat on the bones left on the table. In the USA, whenever Black people have sided with a candidate in their quest for justice and equal opportunities, they have been left behind. Their just demands and earnest search for healthy living and equitable work opportunities are met by neglect and SOS. So what to do? Even with Barak Obama in office things did not significantly get better for Black people, in terms of jobs, loans for small businesses, less police brutality and better housing, especially in South Florida. Sure, a lot of pride was restored and on the federal level and in federal courts a lot of opportunities opened for people of color and women. But more is needed to grant to the Black community the same amount of support that is given to whites. Biden/Harris must tackle a lot of problems before the country begins to come out of this bad spiral of the past four years, when Drump was at his best.

It’s onward to January 20 and the big party. Let’s all join and celebrate, no matter who we are for, and tackle the problems together. One big party before the work starts on Inauguration Day, with everyone wearing their finest, all decorations in place and free booze for all over the age. Time for President Biden to throw a big party, with all invited to signal the end of marginalization. A big hurrah to this feast after the famine, as we all hope for better times ahead.

Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com

Coup d’Etat a la Putin?

Well, I do not want to sound like an alarmist, but sometimes the situation demands a clear look at all possibilities. In an earlier post, I spoke about the Russian factor, which I must admit has not materialized yet in the election process, save for a few isolated incidents, it would appear, on social platforms. I said we should beware of the campaign by Russian operatives that brought President Trump to power in the first place by tipping the scale in his favor in 2016. But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have defeated all the obstacles and rabid fanatics that carried the President to power against Hilary Clinton. Joe is the President elect, ready to take the reins and impose a new agenda, with Kamala at his side.

Unsurprisingly, President Trump has chosen to ignore his defeat and concentrate on buying time, in terms of conceding, and more importantly in terms of preparing an orderly transition. Key members of his administration are following his lead in acting as if the contest is not over by refusing to cooperate in the transition. It is only the Secret Service that has ramped up the security around the President elect, while other key agencies have stonewalled. In the Senate, where the president will be formally appointed, the majority leader, Mitch McConnell, better known as Moscow Mitch outside of Kentucky, has wavered and is not showing signs of preparing to formally send his leader to pasture.

Presently, the people have voted, and although President Donald Trump received over 70 million votes, he has lost the election. It is time for him to face reality and listen to the sound of defeat. It is resounding loud and clear in major cities where people are rejoicing, singing in the streets, and ushering an era of hope. It is resounding with the words of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who have assumed their mission with dignity, while telling Drump to be more like Trump. This is becoming worrisome, to the point where we ask ourselves if there is a plan behind all this bluster. Is the president preparing a coup where he will stay on as Head of State despite losing the election. Normally, such an outcome would be unthinkable due to the strength and traditions of U.S. institutions, coupled with a system of checks and balances that has always kept the country from losing its core values. But with Donald Trump all bets are off. Drump has shown that he does not respect institutions, and that he will cheat and steal to reach his goals. He is an admirer of Vladimir Putin, the Russian President who came from the KGB, and between the two, hatching a Coup d’Etat is not a far fetched idea. Putin has mastered the ability to control institutions through force. Between him and Drump, the idea of a takeover cannot be dismissed.

With this power play Donald Trump is going to destroy the Republican Party because people will turn away from it. The majority of Republicans are ready to move on from Drumpism and it’s nefarious effect on their party. But a minority in the party is ready to follow the president in his suicidal attempt to reverse history, and take over in true dictatorship style. If the gambit works, Drump will seek to stay in power until death. He will change the constitution to his liking, and eliminate all those opposed by using the federal police units. This may all sound like a bad dream, which I hope it is, but Drump’s actions are not ordinary, and his rabid, racist base will support him even if he destroys the country. The upcoming days are going to tell us what President Trump is willing to do: leave with dignity, or bring fire and brimstone to the USA.

Danse Petro : Woy Nou Soulaje

Biden/Harris in the White House!! A huge sigh of relief for those who worked so hard to help end the nightmare of incompetence, and usher in an era of leadership where paying attention to people, their needs and their aspirations will be the norm. With this choice, people living here in the USA are hoping for change. Immigrants in particular are looking for a change in the policies of the country they want to call home because no matter how much they love the country of their birth, this is their home. A lot of folks of Caribbean descent voted for President elect Joe Biden, with Kamala Harris as Vice President elect, a daughter from Jamaica and India, born in the USA, as Bruce Springsteen famously said. Joe and Kamala will extend TPS for Haitians and others caught in a bind, as most recipients of it want to stay here and hopefully become permanent residents, while President Trump wanted to send them packing. Thankfully Mr. Drump, as soon to be former President Trump is known to us, (dumb + Trump= Drump), is presently packing now, ready to vacate the premises.

Even though Florida did not come through for Joe Biden, Caribbean Americans in South Florida voted in the majority for Biden -Harris, especially in Broward County, which voted overwhelmingly democrat, as opposed to Miami/Dade which barely favored the democratic ticket. Haitian Americans who live in Broward really came through because they did not want four more years of a man who said Haiti is a sh.. hole. The new president will have to remember this and come through for the communities where we live by providing jobs and educational opportunities to Black and Latino people. We also need to see a change in how ICE is mistreating people who just want a better life. Let’s slow down on the mass deportations of people who have not committed any felonies. Biden/Harris needs to be more humane and provide help to people who just want the opportunity to earn a decent living. Of course, the President elect cannot allow people to break the law, and enter the country illegally, but a more humane approach is needed because after all immigrants built this country, from the days of the mayflower to present day immigration. The U.S. has always welcomed those in need, looking for a better life, so it’s time for true democracy to shine bright and be for all, not just for one group.

End of Nightmare in sight

Tis a sweet morning, the Keystone State and the Peach are racing each other for the honor of being the vote that brings Biden – Harris home, while sweeping Donald Trump out the White House. Both states are racing each other to see which one will bring this ray of sunshine in the USA. It’s a tight call and the final verdict will be in soon.

This is the end of Drumpism, the reviled ideology of white supremacy allied with the evangelical rabid zealots. The final throbs of what was also an open door for the kkk and white militias to start riding again because their man was in the White House. Of course this is not the end of Winter in America, the famous song by Gil Scott Heron which spoke of the many problems in this country. Biden – Harris will be confronted with a litany of them, starting with a divided country and continuing with Covid, health care, justice for all and rising poverty.
Speaking of the rising poverty, it’s the main issue affecting so many people, Blacks and Latinos in particular. A housing crisis is looming as people are starting to get eviction notices from cash strapped landlords. The Covid-19 crisis is coming at a particular bad time for the U.S. economy because President, or should I say former president Donald Trump favored the super rich with a huge tax break that came on the back of lower middle class and poor people. As they were the first to lose their jobs when the economy shut down, poor people in the service industry and working for small businesses, including retail stores, are joining the growing lines for food handouts and losing their homes. Had Donald Trump won the election we would have had an explosion in poverty and public strife.

The USA was the land of opportunity to many who came from places that did not provide it. People have come here from all over to work and build a new, more stable life. Sure, you work like a beast of burden, while suffering countless indignities because of the color of your skin and your culture. But in the end you manage to survive, while paying tons of bills and getting high interest when applying for credit. Nowadays, even young whites are taking to the streets in search of an escape from poverty. With the cost of a college education rising, many people cannot support sending their children to the halls of higher education, so young whites have to join the unskilled labor pool where poverty is a step away. White folks are not standing for this because the U.S. has always allowed them to live comfortably, while black people toiled in the fields. This situation is creating heightened frustration among young whites who are facing the kind of life that only black people and hillbillies suffered in the past. So as the votes are being counted, we are hoping for a new era of increased opportunities for those who have been denied too long, while those new to the game of marginalization can find their bearings once again. A warm welcome to Biden – Harris taking over, hope they lead us out of the nightmare.

Danse Petro: Day of the Dead with Bullets

Day of the Dead, November 2nd in many countries in The Caribbeans, including Haiti where life can end in the blink of a bullet, is celebrated to honor those that have passed. It is a holiday that is respected often on the continent, although not in the United States where this year it will precede an Election Day that may signal the death of a nightmare and the birth of hope.
In Belair, according to some witnesses heard on Radio, early in the day more people were killed by Barbeque and his gunmen from Delmas 2. More victims in the quiet shooting war going on in that neighborhood, away from the public eye it seems since little is being said about those killed, while the ones that survive could only watch as their houses burned. Victims of an undeclared war that is happening in poor neighborhoods in Haiti to impose unwanted elections.

Quietly, people are getting killed and kidnapped in Haiti at an alarming rate. Usually, weeks before the date of elections there is always violence in the country as candidates either campaign or try to intimidate. There is usually a lot of shooting late at night, as some people want to intimidate voters. I remember a time before the elections in the end of the year 2000, while Rene Preval was president. Every night in Canapé Vert the gunfire would start from the top of the hill. Heavy shooting from automatic rifles that would last until daybreak. Back then, usually we would go to sleep early in my neighborhood around nine or so, only to wake up around three or four AM when the gunplay would start. There was a lot of shooting, but in the morning people would wake up in the “bidonville” on the hill and go about their business. Yet, whenever someone died there you heard the screaming for hours, as it reverberated from the house affected. Back then there was a lot of shots fired to intimidate people and influence the voting with few killings, but what is happening nowadays in Belair and in the ghettos is criminal. Dates for elections have not even been announced, yet a quiet war is going on with many people killed, while fire rages on houses sending families in the street hunting for shelter.

Presently, the police force is fragmented by a situation where the syndicate that most police officers would like to see become an official entity is rejected by those in authority, like the Director of the Haitian National Police and the presidency. Police officers are pitted against each other because while some want the union to become a strong partner by looking out for their rights and benefits, which the higher command has denied from the rank and file, others are receiving special treatment from the authorities. Some police officers are given extra money to repress demonstrations with tear gas, rubber bullets and armored vehicles. It is even said that some agents from police work with the gangs to make extra money, while ensuring they stay alive. Barbecue, the gangster making a name for himself in Delmas, used to be a police officer, and even though he is on a wanted list he walks around freely, often in the presence of policeman. At the same time some police unit are used to break up demonstrations by their fellow officers looking to impose the syndicate by taking their demands to the streets, and committing damage to official buildings and vehicles. It’s a situation where police is fighting police in a true example of divide and suppress.

This Day of the Dead will be remembered in Belair because it truly showcased violence and lost of life. We need to stay aware of this situation and keep it in mind when thinking and talking about Haiti. There, in the heart of Port-au-Prince, people did not have COVID-19 as the main worry. Bullets and fire burning down homes was the enemy. With no resistance officially from the police, gangs are working for the government to terrorize people living in poor neighborhoods. Militants are hunted down and quietly executed, so most of them have gone into hiding. Even well known members of the opposition, like former senators Youri Latortue and Nenel Cassy have been targets of assassins. In Belair, as in many neighborhoods, some militants are hiding out, away from their homes, sleeping at the homes of friends or relatives because they are on the list. Everyone can become a victim, and the price of funerals is rising with the body count. Fear is gaining ground, as everyone hunkers down at night, save for a few people who must party at night, despite people getting killed or kidnapped.
Some police officers who are fighting to have the syndicate accepted are also fighting against the gangs working for the politicians associated with the president. They do not want to participate in the government’s plan to impose the alliance of the G – 9, the groups of gangs who have chose Barbeque as leader, and the authorities. These police officers prefer to repudiate the high command and the presidency who have not taken care of them and their families. They want to live with a decent salary, medical benefits and the opportunity to get promoted systematically. This situation is a powder keg ready to burst into fireworks.

The Russian Factor

Photo by Julius Silver on Pexels.com

With Tuesday November 3 barreling down, President Donald Trump is trailing Democratic Candidate Joe Biden, and unless Joe really sticks his foot deep in his mouth the game is over. Biden – Harris has the wind square in their sails; Joe Biden is like a bulldog with a bone in his jaw, to take it away you’ll have to clobber him over the head repeatedly. Joe is talking Covid-19 non stop to show how President Trump has failed the American people by making false promises and insisting on not taking the pandemic seriously. As the last few days roll by before Election Day, more people are dying of Covid-19 and the amount of people infected is peaking again. This is all due to lack of prevention, people not wearing their mask, and not enough resources provided to hospital and public health to help people avoid the disease. President Trump is not leading the fight against the disease because all he cares about is getting re-elected, and his strategy is rallying his rabid, racist fan base. No matter how many lies President Trump utters about Biden- Harris representing doom for the economy, and Biden being corrupted, Covid-19 reminds the American people that things are bad, with people dying. The economy is a mess, as more and more people are unemployed, and cannot find work, while a housing crisis is looming. President Trump keeps lying that things are fine, but too many people are hurting for the country to keep believing him. Drump, I mean Trump is facing certain defeat, and he is relying now on his pal Vladimir Putin.

Right now, the Russian think tank to have Trump win the election is working overtime. Just as in 2016, all tactics are in play, like disinformation, hacking of databases, voter intimidation through fake agency messages and all tactics. Many of these strategic moves are illegal, but Russians operatives are working hard to change the outcome of the election by all means available. So far, there is nothing visible, save for a warning from the intelligence community about possible interference in the election from Russia and Iran. Hummm… We should expect more information on this and on countermeasures in place fight this. Has President Trump shown any inclination to fight this intrusion, or has he ordered the intelligence people to only look at Iran’s involvement?

People are voting in record numbers in the early elections, and we can see lines of people, sometimes in the rain, waiting to cast their ballots. Many of these people are voting Biden – Harris because they fear that four more years will mean more hardships and problems for them. The Russians are working overtime to counter the will of the people, and Drump, sorry I mean President Trump is counting on this extra push to fool the people once more. Only by voting en masse and making the outcome irreversible can the people foil the Russian factor, unlike 2016 when computers, social platforms and hacking determined the winner. People of African descent are going to be the main factor in deciding that Biden – Harris become the next President and Vice President of the USA next year.

In South Florida, Haitian Americans have three candidates who need our support on November 3, or in early voting. Mary Woodson is running for a seat in the Florida House of Representative, and we wish her luck. Patrick Jabouin is seeking the post of Commissioner for the Town of Sunrise; this is his second attempt, and we hope it’s successful. Patrick has a lot of experience, having worked with the Broward Sherrif’s Office and working in Real Estate, with a keen knowledge of Sunrise and problems affecting his adopted home. Patrick has lived in Sunrise for twenty or more years, so he knows his town. If you are a resident of Sunrise who is eligible to vote, choose Patrick Jabouin Sr. for Sunrise Commisioner Group D.

The other candidate we should vote for is Gepsie Morisset-Metellus who is running for County Commissioner in Miami Dade county. Gepsie has a long history of community involvement, and she has always been a great help to the Haitian community in Dade County. All Haitian Americans should vote for these candidates if they are eligible because we need to expand our political weight in the country, especially at the local level where all things begin.

Danse Petro: Kidnap inc.

I found this image in one of my whatsap groups, and I thought it was apropos with my latest thoughts. In Haiti, kidnapping is becoming more prevalent, and even people of modest means are affected. As the gangs are becoming stronger and have control over areas they operate in, they are kidnapping people to make more money. Since the police cannot enter their “turf” the gangs can snatch people and keep them for as long as they want, sometimes with conniving politicians giving them cover. It was not too long ago that Garcia Delva, the musician turned Senator representing L’Artibonite, was in contact with a group of kidnappers, which led to grave accusations of him working with the bandits. Since the Senator enjoys immunity from prosecution nothing came of all the evidence pointing to his involvement, so he is still in the senate.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Everyday someone is taken, most of the times the family of victims keeps it quiet, while they scramble to raise the money. But often the news gets out when the victim is well known, as in the case of Johnny Descollines, the former international soccer player who played brilliantly for Haiti during the Gold Cup in 1999. Who can forget the time when Johnny returned to Haiti after the Gold Cup where he scored a barrage of goals. The whole country was waiting for him at the airport, it seemed like, and for weeks his name was on all the airwaves. Sadly, he was kidnapped for ransom recently in Delmas. He was released shortly after, but the news caused shock in Haiti and in the diaspora. A well known businessman was taken during that time also. It is said that a large ransom was paid to get his release. Gangs in Martissant are targeting victims everyday in Turgeau, Bourdon and other residential areas. Many people are afraid of traveling to Haiti because of the likelihood that they will become victims of kidnapping. The tradition of having young students from the U.S. spend their summer vacation in the country has disappeared because parents know the country has become insecure.

Inside Job

In Haiti, whenever something is stolen the vast majority of the time the act is committed by someone living or working there. The other day someone broke into the Office of the Court Clerk in the Prosecutor’s office in Port-au-Prince, and removed key files from investigations of some notorious cases. Evidence in the investigation of the massacre in Lasalin that happened in November 2018, and evidence gathered from the case of Monferrier Dorval, the famed lawyer killed recently were taken. No one really knows how much evidence was taken, but there was no lock broken, as the thief, or thieves, got in and out with no one noticing anything, as if they were used to the the place. In most places this would be called an inside job. Everything points to someone on the inside because the lock was not broken, and no one noticed the theft until well after it was committed. This is a setback in the search for justice in those cases because key evidence is gone now. Nowadays the justice system has been taken over by the executive branch and corruption is common in the courts. It was already difficult to have cases investigated, with evidence stolen it has become more difficult for the victims of Lasalin to find justice. In the case of Monferrier Dorval the evidence taken will set the case back, and also the link between the First Lady and a person implicated in the crime was part of the information taken.

With the recent ruling in Haiti concerning the identity card, President Jovenel Moise has made it more difficult for Haitian citizens living in the diaspora to do business, vote and buy property in Haiti. By making the previous ID card that most Haitians living abroad possess non functional, and by demanding that banks, official agencies and transfer houses only recognize the new ID card, commonly called the Dermalog card, the government has made it more difficult because very few people living abroad had the opportunity and the time to get the new card. Never mind that there is widespread suspicion associated with the new card in terms of manipulation of the database that controls its use to vote during elections, who had time to travel and go stand in a long line unprotected during these days of Covid-19? By doing this the government is keeping many citizens who live in the U.S., Canada and other places from making the trip to vote in Haiti come election time. No one will bother coming to get the new card, waiting for it to be delivered after waiting in line to register and get your picture taken, and then traveling again to vote on Election Day. By pushing for people to go get the new card President Moise is alienating everybody in the diaspora who wanted to come vote in a real, fair election.

Of course upcoming elections are not possible anyway in Haiti now because the government is not trustworthy and legitimate enough to carry them out. This government was not elected honestly in the first place, and the past four years have been a disaster. Gangs have taken over large sections of the country, and they have become associates of the government, so any elections under these conditions would be a selection that would only involve crooks, drug dealers and degenerates. The international community with the U.S. in the lead is pushing for these elections with the hope that this will normalize things, but they will only get worse if crooks, bandits and people only interested in making money are elected to the parliament. The economy will worsen, justice will disappear and life will become hell in the Republic. Only the president and his allies want elections to take place, and the vast majority of people not associated with them do not want to participate in these elections. Most of the political parties do not want to participate in those elections but the government is pushing through anyway so they can impose their agenda. This would be the worse for the country because a parliament like that would signal disaster for Haiti. Everybody needs to put their hands together to stop the country from descending into hell by making all efforts no matter how small to help stop the PHTK, Jovenel Moise and their allies from taking over with their Machiavellian plans.

Leading by Example

In the upcoming elections of November 3 the choice is clear and we need to act on it. On one side Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have chosen to lead by example; on the other side Donald Trump has chosen bluster and wild, unfounded accusations. Leading by example means protecting yourself, and those close to you from COVID-19 by always wearing a mask, keeping social distance, at least six feet, and avoiding crowds. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have done that by focusing on avoiding mass meetings that could serve as foyers for covid, while also ensuring protection for their immediate collaborators. Their campaign has focused on a positive message of having a plan to fight the corona virus, and providing support to working class families, while working to heal problems brought by racial inequities. Kamala Harris, as an offspring of immigrants will undoubtedly use a more humane approach when dealing with immigration, TPS for example with those in need being at the forefront of issues to be taken into account.

On the other hand we have Donald Trump and Mike Pence, a team that exemplifies Same Old Sh.t for us minorities.

Lest we forget Dumb + Trump = Drump.

President Trump and Mike Pence lead by bluster and cheap cliches, like Joe Biden is a socialist. For 47 years Biden has participated in national political affairs with no one ever accusing him of being a socialist, and suddenly Drump makes the wondrous discovery that Joe is a socialist. Joe, a man who has always valued a centrist agenda in the Democratic Party. So Drump is leading by not presenting a plan to guide the country out of the crisis it’s facing, but by belittling scientific efforts from experts to fight Covid-19, sabotaging the messages that they put out, while encouraging mass gatherings to spread the deadly virus. Drump is losing ground and that is bringing out the worst in him. Wild accusations, posturing, unfounded achievements, all staples for a man drowning in ineptitude. Now, we need to be wary and watch for the Russian factor, that is manipulation similar to what helped the President win in 2016; expertise from KGB trained operatives with the most advanced hacking at their disposal. President Trump said it awhile back, that he will not refuse information and help from Russia, so if push comes to shove we all know what he will do. Drump is also stoking the fires of white supremacy by calling on racists organizations to “stand ready” on Election Day to create mayhem if he loses. There is a strong possibility that violence will occur if Joe Biden wins.

This is why supporters of Biden- Harris need to vote early and make it an overwhelming victory, so that the ones that would contest the results look foolish. Racist groups are ready to pounce if results are not clear and definitive, so early voting, mail in ballots and all out efforts to ride the donkey to victory, not only in the presidential race, but in local elections too is the motto. Let this time be the moment Republicans go down in flames by losing both the presidency and Congress. So this election is key for a better future. Recently, I interviewed two persons in Florida who want Biden -Harris in office. Edna Laroche and Linda Joseph. Edna is the Executive Assistant to Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam, and a passionate advisor of empowerment for women. She is presently supporting Mary Woodson in her quest for a seat in the House of Representative in South Florida. Linda Joseph is the other person I interviewed; elegant and well informed, she is the Democratic Party District Committee woman for District 06 in Miami. She is a fantastic person who holds an important function with a vital mission. She is adamant that Biden – Harris must prevail, she says that not only as an official of the Democratic Party, but also as a woman of Haitian descent who understands the plight of the marginalized downtrodden. Linda is also leading Ayisyen for Biden, a group of voters of Haitian descent who have embraced Joe Biden for president. Here is a link of our recent interview that aired on Face the Election on Tokay TV

October interview: Face the Election

As you can see Linda is passionate and well informed, so we’re hoping to sit and talk to her and Edna again for Tokay or Deyemoncom because they both have a lot to say, and we want to hear more.

This election is upon us. The choices are clear, either we support a new approach in governance or we stay with SOS. We are not from a sh.t hole, and people of African descent need to come together and vote for the ones who will represent us best. White Americans need to realize that racism and marginalized policies for minorities will bring doom to the country. So much needs to be done to solve covid-19 and bring needed respite to people, President Trump has been at the helm for the past four years and life has only gotten worse. I was in New York City recently, and there I watched the death of a group of small businesses on Jamaica Avenue in Queens. Rows of stores that hired young Black and Latino workers were all closing. The life line of whole communities near the avenue, all shuttered because of covid. It’s the same in inner cities all over the U.S. with people losing their jobs, with nothing to give them hope. This December, we are facing one of the largest crisis in housing in history, as thousands of people will face eviction, or will be forced to move to cheaper abodes. Couple that with lines for free food increasing it is becoming more urgent that the right man be in the right place, leading by example.

It is imperative that the country adopt a more humane approach to governance, with people and their well being being most important, as opposed to the numbers in the stock market, which do not represent how people are living. If elected, Joe Biden should listen to all sectors of society in the United States in order to build an effective coalition to solve all the problems Trump will leave behind. Haitian Americans must be taken into account when policies are made because much needs to change in regards to programs, opportunities and the need for better conditions in our communities. Only a leader who leads by example will understand and take the necessary steps to allow our community to progress.

Deye Mon & Tokay TV

Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels.com

Deye Mon and Tokay TV have embarked on a fruitful partnership to air shows in the South Florida region, mainly Miami Dade and Broward counties. The first show we are collaborating on, Face the Election, airs every Wednesday at 8 PM on channel 18.6 digital TV, and it runs one hour, with a replay at 11 PM. For now, we are concentrating on the upcoming November election, but after we will adopt a different format, focusing more on issues. Although Tokay TV is non partisan, and the show focuses more on informing and educating voters Deyemoncom.blog has always presented President Donald Trump in his true colors since its beginning and will continue to do so. Of course we all know Dumb + Trump = Drump The man who listens to Putin, but for now we just want to talk about this positive step in terms of being Host of different shows on Tokay TV.

Tokay TV is the offspring of Pierre-Richard Armand, better known nowadays as Richie Tokay. He is the executive producer of Face the Election. I’m the Host and presenter, and Fritz Vertyl is the Program Director at Tokay. This endeavor was made possible by Jimmy Moise, CEO of Le P’ti Club and Public Relations Director at Tokay. As you well know Le P’ti Club has recently celebrated promoting the arts and helping artists and entrepreneurs in South Florida for seventeen years. Nowadays Jimmy is taking his organization in a new direction with Public Relations as a new asset at Le P’ti Club. During taping Jimmy also serves as floor manager, keeping the pace and relaying messages from the booth.

photo by Ashley

With this association we are hoping to bring the true grit of life. Tokay TV is starting to take a new turn where we’re looking to attract young viewers of Haitian and Caribbean descent who live in our market. Face the Election is part of that new direction where with this association, we will make an impact in South Florida, and through our online presence all over the internet. There is much to talk about in our community and with our grass root approach we hope to help viewers understand the things that are affecting them, while also keeping them entertained

Soon Deyemoncom.blog and Le P’ti Club will cooperate in another show on Tokay TV, but for now stay tuned to Face the Election on Tokay TV, channel 18.6 digital 📺 TV every Wednesday evening at 8 PM, with a replay at 11 PM, with your Host Philippe Montas, author of this blog, presenter of the show. Remember to watch if you’re in South Florida or on line at http://www.rtokaytv.com on the web.