Danse Petro: and the plan goes on….

As seen from the eyes of the population in Haiti, more UN involvement in the affairs of the country means more despair, destruction and weakening of all institutions in Haitian society. As someone who lived in Port-au-Prince during the last UN occupying mission, the MINUSTAH, I witnessed the incompetence and arrogance of UN administrators, staff and soldiers toward everyone in the population. They were aptly called the TOURISTAH by Haitians who witnessed how the country regressed during their so called stabilizing mission. The gangs who are terrorizing the population became strong, some even came into existence during the years preceding the MINUSTAH’s withdrawal from Haiti, and regained strength following Rene Preval’s term as President of Haiti. President Preval was able to disarm many of the gangs back in 2006-2007, while some hid their guns, waiting for a better atmosphere. Peace was restored then throughout the country until the advent of Martelly and the PHTK, which has led us to where we are. De facto president Jovenel Moise was murdered while still in office and the UN is calling the shots through Claude Joseph, Tiklod as he’s known by impertinent persons.

As in the case of the last major UN intervention in Haiti, a lot of money will flow through persons in charge and end in deep pockets, mainly Haitian businessmen, international procurement experts and those in charge. The international advisors seem to have agreed to let de facto prime minister Joseph be in charge of the country, even though he was recently fired by de facto president Jovenel Moise before the latter was killed. Even though Claude Joseph is seen as someone who should be questioned in the murder of the sitting president, the international community has selected him to lead the government of Haiti. As far as the political sector in the country, it is so deeply divided and subservient to the United States that its members are practically handcuffed. Even the political opposition is divided, with significant antagonism that prevents concerted action. The vast majority of politicians in Haiti have a “Blan” who gives them advice and or orders, along with money, travel perks and financial assistance during elections. So unity and concerted action will not come from that sector unless persons in politics are willing to ignore the “Blan “ and his “help” in the quest for democracy neocolonial style.

The only solution is mobilization of the population with organizations like Nou Pap Domi, Fos Delmas, Petro Challenge, student groups and various youth organizations that are fighting against the destruction of Haitian society and the corruption of values in society. The press in Haiti and abroad is blindly following the plan to remove all decision making from the hands of persons living in the country by choosing puppets to be pulled on a string. After ignoring happenings in Haiti prior to the murder of the sitting president, suddenly Haiti is on front page. Never mind that persons were killed daily in gang led terror campaigns against the population, news from Haiti was suppressed until now.

Haitians living abroad need to really get involved in supporting our home or we will not be able to call it home anymore. The country is sliding in the abyss and unless something is done byHaitians the worse can happen. We need to support all endeavors to restore our independence and take matters into Haitian hands that are truly patriotic and love Justice.

Celebration in 1986 after Duvalier fled

Danse Petro: The President is dead, Long Live The President

In a move reminiscent of the times when monarchs ruled, after de facto president Jovenel Moise was assasinated in the wee hours two days ago Claude Joseph who had recently been fired from his post declared himself King, sorry de facto president. Joseph was supposed to be packing his belongings and vacating the Office of the Prime Minister when he heard the news about the demise of the head of state Jovenel Moise. Rapidly, he called the press to declare himself de facto president, and assumed command of the nation, despite lacking any legitimacy. As Haiti is not a sovereign nation where persons living there decide who is in charge, rather this is done by foreigners feigning to be friends, the UN representative Helen LaLime quickly approved the coup d’Etat as the omnipotent “advisor”. So far, the rest of the “Friends of Haiti”, part of the Core Group of proconsuls, has remained noncommittal, advising their different chosen actors on the scene. The population is in watch mode, with persons mostly staying home, listening to the news on the radio. It is unfortunate that the de facto president was killed in such a manner. His killers and the ones who sent them must be brought to justice, and the nation needs to know all details of this high political crime.

The valiant PNH has arrested a bunch of “mercenaries, they say, who were involved in the killing of former President Moise in Petion-Ville, some in a ghetto called Jalouzi, and they have been shown on social media in the police station. First, the weapons that have been displayed in the capture of supposedly trained mercenaries do not reflect the professional manner which the attack showed. Second, those men who managed to kill the de facto president in his home in a professional operation where they said they were DEA to gain entry and tie up all the security present on site to guard de facto president Moise, those pros were captured easily, a couple by unarmed persons in Jalouzi. This is the same police force and population that is held hostage by gangsters wearing flip flops and shorts. These same valiant police officers are routinely embarrassed and sometimes killed by local gang bangers with little training, yet they quickly located and captured dangerous mercenaries trained to kill. Hummm…

Politicians who want change and fairness in Haiti need to unite with militants and persons to thwart this pseudo monarchy in the making. A man can decide to take the reins of government even though no one voted for him, only in Haiti some will say. Members of the Core Group must be jumping in joy with the prospect of another puppet to manipulate, while mortgaging the future of whole generations. The population must not allow this race to oblivion, as scripted by those behind the new de facto president. This will only lead to disaster because Claude Joseph does not want to hold fair elections to lead Haiti into better times; he is only looking to gain power. He forgets that he was given a letter of dismissal by the former President and he is not legitimate. Haitian people everywhere must not accept this attempt to take over the future of the country.

Looking at the situation, there are only eleven persons who were elected by the population, even though in a sham election, and as a body they have selected Joseph Lambert to be interim president with Ariel Hanry as Prime Minister. Is this going to be the solution to head toward problematic elections? As temporary president, Lambert will have to hold elections this year to fill both chambers of parliament, local mayors and communal representatives, while choosing a new president. That is a tall order for anyone, much less Joe Lambert who has been accused of many things in the past. As for Hanry, he is close to the Martelly clan, and will pave the way for them.

So far there is no reaction from the G 9, the federation of state sponsored gangsters, and like most persons in the population they’re laying low. Their days are numbered anytime the population organizes itself to decide its own future. Both men who are vying to be president of Haiti will not bring a solution to the many problems in the country, starting with thugs in G 9. Most militants who are mobilizing to bring a change in the country want someone in charge who will bring justice and security to the population. Are elections the answer? In the present climate of fear, persecution and gang wars it is impossible to hold free and fair political choices by persons. Both Lambert and Joseph are products of the PHTK, although the Senator has a long history before Martelly and the PHTK came on the scene.

Resistance to the plans concocted for the population must continue with organized efforts to mobilize the population. Movements like Nou Pap Domi, Fos Delmas, Petro Challenge and other grassroots group need to coalesce and seek support from Haitians abroad. Only a concerted effort to help those fighting for justice and a change for the better will bring a better future for the country. We all need to be careful about allowing events to lead us to the wrong conclusions. Only a United front can achieve positive results, but we will have to iron out all differences and unite around a positive approach.

Danse Petro: Adieu Antoinette Duclaire – Resistance onward

Another victim of the ongoing massacre in Haiti. Antoinette Duclaire was killed along with another twenty people on the night of June 29 of this year in the slaughterhouse that Port-au-Prince and its environment have become because of the malevolence of forces backing megalomaniac de facto president Jovenel Moise. Things have become flawed and troubled, as the master plan for Haiti is running into serious opposition, along with actors who have opposite perceptions of who should be in power to control the pie. All of this will result in more targeted killings of militants, journalists, like Diego Charles of Radio Vision 2000 and bystanders by gangs working for factions within the palace and the PHTK.

Nettie, as Antoinette was called, was a jovial and engaged militant who acted as spokesperson for Matris Liberasyon, and also participated with Nou Pap Domi. She represented the leadership of the future in a Haiti free from the quasi slavery imposed on the majority of the population. We remember her when she faced the Minister Gonzague Day during a televised appearance, and set him straight. She showed great courage in the face of many threats from Jovenel, the PHTK and their minions, yet she persevered in the face of evil.

Her murder will galvanize militants all over Haiti and also remind all persons that they could be next. It is time for concerted resistance to the charade called a government that is leading the country to disaster. The selection that is planned as an election this year will fail because the population will not allow it. Already the doomed referendum has been postponed, if not canceled by the masters leading de facto president Jovenel Moise. The plan is to pave the road for the buffoon Martelly who will continue stealing while giving away the future of Haiti. There are many problems with this plan, starting with the divisions in the group of gluttonous partners in the palace and the PHTK. Jovenel is not ready to relinquish power to Martelly and fade in the background with mission accomplished. As each of the factions controls particular gangs by providing guns and ammunition gang war has erupted, and it will continue as long as the fight lasts within the forty thieves.

Bat teneb

Resistance is derailing the plans concocted by Jovenel and his advisors, or I should say handlers. They are resorting to killing persons indiscriminately, but this only brings more resolve. Self preservation is bringing the need for persons to establish their own protection from the bloodthirsty gangsters tied to Jovenel. Militants and honest politicians of the opposition must organize a vast mobilization, as the only path to survival. De facto president Jovenel Moise will seek his assassins on them separately, unless a mobilized population shows him the door.

Danse Petro: Terror Rising / Rezistans

Killings of innocent victims who happen to be in the wrong place are rising all over in Haiti, as de facto president Jovenel is cornered by his ambitions losing ground because reality keeps reminding him that not only is time running out, but also events are going out of control. The illegal referendum appears to have died because resistance all over the country made its realization impossible, and as a result gang wars have erupted. The de facto president is the most reviled holder of power Haiti has ever had. The majority, if not all the population hates him with a passion; only those making money tolerate him, since he allows them to take in lots of money, while he destroys their competitors to give them free reins on the economy. The recent looting of warehouses with tons of food was targeted because of political motives. All the victims just happened to be business persons who did not belong to the mafia that supports de facto president Jovenel Moise. With impunity from justice, gangsters are given free reins to loot and destroy businesses that belong to selected victims, opponents of the regime mostly.

Persons in Port-au-Prince have gone through hell the past weeks. In BelAir the battle is still raging between gangs in the lower area and those in the heights, it is said by many commentators. But in reality it is a politically motivated terror campaign in one of the bastion of resistance against the de facto president and his PHTK gang. Many of the militants who carried on a brave fight against the regime on Champs de Mars lived in BelAir and the area surrounding, like Sanfil and Lower Delmas. By targeting those neighborhoods and cynically burning persons living there out of their homes, the regime is pushing the militants away from the fight to care for their families and friends.

The fire that destroyed the building where the electoral council had their office and headquarters has dealt a death blow to elections before time runs out for de facto president Jovenel Moise. Resistance to elections have intensified all over the country, but because of the violence in Port-au-Prince persons are not talking about it in the media. All the attention is riveted on the gangs who have declared war to anyone they want to target via the so called leader Cherizier, aka BBQ. Breaking in a branch of Soge Bank in Martissant may be a sign of things to come, or the beginning of foreign intervention because Soge is a partner of the U.S. Embassy in Haiti, to apply for a visa to the USA usually you pay for the interview at one of their branches. Martissant is a war zone where fire is being set to houses, cars and bodies, like I said in a previous post, War Zone, and the fight is taking a toll on business persons who do business in the four departments in the south. Business between those departments and the capital is standing still, as gunfire keeps people from going to and forth.

Resistance to the macabre plans concocted for Haiti has intensified, especially away from the capital, in areas that have strong opposition to the de facto president and the PHTK. There is no way elections can happen before year end, so Jovenel can only hold power, like he wants to by unilaterally declaring himself holder of the presidency after February 2022. His mandate ended last February and he has held on to power illegally by using the police force and the gangs to thwart all political and popular opposition. But this is only a stalemate because resistance is stopping any viable elections from being held. Forces behind the de facto president can use crime and violence as an excuse to delay elections, but as in the words of the illustrious Richard Pryor, how long will this bullshit last? The foreign handlers, especially the State Department, are demanding that elections be held, even if only a dozen persons participate. It will be enough to justify alienating a whole population to select a pliable tool.

The PNH has lost many officers this year, and members in the rank and file are not ready to risk their lives for Jovenel. Police participation is key to hold any semblance of an election since officers must provide security in voting places. Presently, the de facto president does not trust the force to do his bidding, so he is trying to weaken the force and replace it with thugs more willing to kill and oppress the population. As I said earlier, the PNH is in all the communes in the country, so plans to replace it will take time and a lot of people. There is not enough time to do this and also hold elections in time, so the next best thing is to put fear and corruption in the force. Within the PNH, the idea of a syndicate is still there, although its proponents must remain hidden to avoid being targeted, like the previous union leaders were. This creates a low morale and unwillingness to act against criminals, leaving the population to fend for itself. More on the PNH in a later post.

Resistance is the key, and it must take many forms with the participation of all who care inside Haiti and in all places where Haitians live.

Danse Petro: War Zone

Persons living in Martissant, Lower Delmas, which is home to some big businesses, BelAir and parts of Bolosse, all of which are heavily populated areas of Port-au-Prince, have been going through a nightmare. Gunfire, a latent war and some heavy handed police actions have forced people to run away from their homes to take refuge anywhere they’re capable of finding. Looking at people running away, on foot, riding on motorcycles, trying to get as far as possible from their homes, while carrying children, babies in some cases, and what they’re able to carry in haste is so sad that it’s heart wrenching. All these persons are fleeing because their homes have become parts of a war zone. Fires have been set to cars, houses, mounds of trash and bodies of those who have fallen to the spiral in violence affecting the north and south entrances of Haiti’s capital. People from Martissant have fled the area because of a fight between gangs entrenched in the ghetto surrounding the national road leading to the four departments in the south. Heavy caliber gunfire is heard in the area and a few people trying to cross the critical zone have been shot, their bodies laying on site, eaten by pigs and dogs. This is some serious graphic stuff, and I hate to talk about it when informing persons about my home. Almost all the population has left Martissant two all the way to twenty three, abandoning their homes in a hurry to take refuge in Carrefour. Many of them are staying at the sports complex in Carrefour, living in squalor with no water to bathe, very little food and at the mercy of the rain. We’re talking about families forced to go through a nightmare because the government of de facto president Jovenel Moise has allowed gangs to take over large parts of the country to support his illegal grab of political power. Jovenel needs the gangs to hold down persons in the ghetto in fear, and stop them from demonstrating, looting and destabilizing his government. Now those gangsters are fighting each other, as their sponsors are also quarreling, fighting for the pie.

In Delmas, according to commentators on a couple of radio stations, like Radio Kiskeya, Radio Zenith and Radio Ibo, among others, the CIMO, a special unit of the Haitian National Police, is shooting up the headquarters of the infamous rogue police officer Jimmy Cherizier, aka BBQ, looking for his head in retaliation for the killing of one of their own. The area was already fragile because of the ongoing fight in Bel Air where a gang called Krache Dife (Spit out Fire) is burning homes and shooting up corridors, streets and people unfortunate enough to be victims of the politically motivated killings. Now lower Delmas is the new war zone from Kafou Avyasyon to Delmas 24. The headquarters for the traffic police is closed and the whole area is barricaded. Businesses in the area, like the wholesale supermarket Mache Ti Tony and some businesses on the Airport Road have been looted by mobs led by the G 9, the federation of gangs led by BBQ. This has caused another exodus of innocent persons caught in a crossfire from a battle between heavily armed combatants. Fire has been set to homes and cars, while the gangs have barricaded the whole area, also venturing to the Airport Road, closing it and causing panic there, while looting some depots with wholesale food.

People fleeing on Nazon

It is impossible to know for sure how many people have fallen victims of this mad violence because the fights are still ongoing as gunfire is heard in the distance and persons are still getting out of there. As all this is happening near the international airport, effectively closing traffic leading to it, and causing cancellation of flights, the government has remained silent, with no public statements. The de facto president and his wife are reported to be in Turkey, enjoying a well deserved vacation, away from the mayhem and despair that has become the norm under his administration. The de facto Prime Minister is silent, probably embarrassed after he declared that the police had control of Martissant. Another incompetent puppet, playing a script handed by Jovenel who is himself on a string pulled by the real power brokers. The past couple of weeks have brought the situation to a nightmare for hundreds who are victims of the war zone. As usual, the press in the U.S. has remained silent on these nightmarish events, keeping the lid on news from Haiti.

De facto president Jovenel Moise is on the last leg of his murderous attempt to become the next dictator in the history of Haiti. Since he is unable to change the constitution to allow himself to run for re-election, Jovenel has little incentive to hold elections. Martelly wants him to hold elections so he can replace the de facto president, as the plan was concocted originally. Perhaps the foreign hand behind the master plan is in favor, so Jovenel is supposed to play along, but he does not want to leave power because he loves it, and he wants to establish a long term dictatorship. Jovenel believes that he has the strength to win the battle for the next mandate. What about the population in this equation? Are the people like cattle, to be led to slaughter by an incompetent fool who thinks that his foreign bosses are like God in granting him power over the millions of persons living in Haiti.

Resistance in most of the country led to the purportedly cancellation of the referendum to change the constitution by the de facto electoral council. From the Grande Anse to the North persons fought against the representatives who came to push the idea of a referendum. In Jean Rabel, notables joined to tell the government emissaries sent to talk about the referendum that they were not welcome in the town. In Jacmel, the reps for the referendum had to take cover, faced with the wrath of a crowd, probably sponsored by Senator Joseph Lambert who has vowed that the constitution will not be changed by an illegal referendum in the Southeast. In Dame Marie and other towns in the Grande Anse, in the spirit of Goman, persons have chased away all who have come to tout the illegal vote. In Saint Marc, militants are mobilized to stop the government’s plan. Perhaps Jovenel and his minion Mathias Pierre who is infamously coordinating the attempt to sabotage the constitution plan to hold the referendum in the Mupanah, the museum on Champs de Mars where the de facto president hangs out on national holidays. With the Dermalog electoral card it will be easy to manipulate results and report one or two million yes votes from Champs de Mars. Easy money, as Mayweather would say. It’s just an exhibition, not a real fight, except that this is serious business affecting the lives of millions.

There needs to be a concerted effort to support resistance in Haiti because the battle must also be waged on the international stage. The international press needs to start telling the truth and stop hiding what’s going on in Haiti. The march in New York City against Jovenel and the PHTK was a good step, but more is needed. The mobilization must also take place in NYC, Boston, Miami, Montreal and in all the communities where we live. Young persons in Haiti are risking their lives in attempts to counter the Ogre’s attempt to destroy the country, give away all our resources, and steal as much as he and his clan can get their hands on. We need to coalesce efforts to support them.

Danse Petro: Is the end near?

Hostage in your own home

Recent developments in Haiti demanded that we step back and try to see the various hidden forces dictating the actions of various groups of persons. As heard on more than one radio program, analysis by commentators have pointed to the palace wizards working to dismantle the Haitian National Police, PNH, in order to replace it with their own force. Others have said that de facto president Jovenel Moise is using the gangs to take over the PNH in order to better suppress the population and all political opposition. In both cases, the government, or what is left of a machine in the grips of incompetent, corrupted and lazy persons more interested in dancing in carnival than facing urgent problems, is playing a dangerous game. De facto president Jovenel Moise thinks that once he is able to secure his post through fake elections and his gangsters shooting up any opposition, he will be able to rein them in. In Mexico, politicians sought to use gangsters in similar fashion, only to have those henchmen become the actual rulers in many cases. Moise is playing out a script handed by his handlers, while Haitian society is slowly disintegrating. All social indicators are in the red, and the youth is marginalized every day. The end is near though because the population is not giving up, and the de facto dictator is losing his grip slowly and surely. His plan has run into too many obstacles, and time is running out. The last moves by the government are desperate measures to stem the tide, and it is clear they’re panicking.

The PNH is barely able to survive and provide some protection to a population that is held hostage by the situation at all social levels. Poor persons are living in hell in places like Martissant, Cite Soleil, Lower Delmas, Lasalin, Fontamara with gangs shooting it out every night, and occasionally in broad daylight, sending merchants and motorcycle taxis rushing for safety. Many persons in those areas have been hit by stray bullets because they have nowhere to run to. Most persons living in the fight zones have run away, on foot and motorcycle, carrying whatever they could salvage. All of this is happening under the lights of most international media who have decided to boycott any news from Haiti. More on that later in this post. As we have said, the PNH is still present, despite efforts to break it down. It is the only official force with a presence in all the communities in the country. Jovenel tried to have the BSAEP, a supposedly environmental police force to protect fragile areas of ecological importance, become a parallel force, but the group made of mostly thugs with no training became an embarrassment bordering on the clownish. So, the de facto president Jovenel Moise cannot easily remove the PNH totally and maintain control of the country. The international advisors who dictate most policies are divided on the issue, and some of them are working against the plan to weaken and destroy the institution.

Most police officers in the rank and file do not like the government because it has done very little for them in terms of social benefits and decent wages. These officers do not want to submit to gangs and lose their position of authority in the community, so they are working behind the scenes to try to maintain morale in their troops. The inspector who was killed near Cite Soleil is an example of police officers resisting the macabre plan put forth by Moise and other PHTK. This has become an obstacle to Jovenel taking over for years to come. But attempts to control the force have not been successful because in the provinces police officers live and interact a lot with the population. In those areas, the police cannot be used to suppress persons, and the gangs are not well established.

There is a historical pattern to the satrapy we see in Haiti nowadays. A friend and talented content creator Alix Conde has offered a sequence of images to touch upon this. Alix is a videographer, producer, pianist and recording expert who has a lot of archived material, both audio and video. This is a short production for you to enjoy.


Mobilizing by all means at hand is the only path to free and fair elections, similar to what we had in 1990. Young militants need our support to bring the end of this suicidal regime. In the upcoming days we will need to force the media here in the U.S. to talk about what is happening in Haiti. There is definitely a conspiracy when so many persons are shot, killed or made homeless right here a couple of hundred miles from Miami, and no one is talking about it. Members of Congress are concerned and are harassing the Biden administration for answers, but the press is mum. We need to find who are the dark forces that are keeping the news suppressed. Time to shine the light on their actions, and let people know what’s going on.

Danse Petro: No to Referendum

School built with funds from Petro Caribe

The planned referendum to change the constitution of the Republic of Haiti is the next battleground pitting the population against de facto president Jovenel Moise and his foreign handlers. As he blusters and puffs his chest, while making idiotic and quickly forgotten sayings that make little sense, the true enemies of democracy behind Jovenel are the ones scripting his actions. The illegal referendum is a process that will determine the future of Haiti for years to come, if allowed to pass. The proposed constitution by de facto president Moise and his handlers is concocted by a band of persons who love and want to install a dictatorship. These persons made their fortune during and after the dark years of the two Duvalier regime, enjoying unlimited power to oppress and annihilate millions of people, while serving their foreign boss. Their handlers from intelligence services, mainly from the U.S., also make a lot of money from various businesses associated with providing logistics and service to the dictatorship. So, this planned referendum is to pave the way for Haiti to return to the good old days, except this time starvation and a non existent health care system are causing a lot of death and diseases in the population. Since only poor persons are associated with hunger and sickness, no one seems to care that this referendum will cause millions to go starving, while thieves and criminals will rule.

Grassroots organizations and political opposition leaders are mobilizing within the population, setting up resistance to this insane plan to take the country backward to a time long gone. In Jean Rabel recently, influential members of the population chased away persons who came to talk about the referendum, just like other towns in Grande Anse, the North and Artibonite have rejected any mention of it. The whole population of the Republic is against this project to legalize gangsterism and destroy the fabric of society. With this plan, the country will become a favorite destination for sexual perverts to come enjoy a place where anything is permitted, while the population is mired in poverty, crime and oppression. Impunity for all crimes committed by Jovenel and his gang will become normal with this new constitution, while all kinds of sexual perversion will be allowed and even encouraged.

Many militants are gearing to fight this ignominy by setting barricades and taking to the streets. In Champs de Mars, persons are setting up to defend their turf, as they call this park in the heart of Port-au-Prince.

Nou Pap Domi and the Petro Challenge movement are meeting with militants, setting up resistance to the illegal referendum. Young people are at the forefront of this fight for democracy. It is reminiscent of that time back in 1990 when Haitians in New York City made the Brooklyn Bridge shake, and invaded the famed Wall Street area, demanding an end to discrimination by the CDC which had claimed that persons from Haiti had AIDS. With no cell phones or internet, by using land line telephones, young Haitians in New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas mobilized over a million of us to march and demand results. This led to the CDC changing their tune, while Haitians regained their dignity. This is the spirit that must be rekindled to help our country make a turn away from satrapy, ignorance, greed and massive starvation. We need to once again mobilize for the return of our pride. It is of paramount importance that young Haitians take the lead, and bring this much needed change that we need. Persons of like mind need to come together to support the movement to stop de facto president Jovenel Moise and his international backers. In Haiti no one supports this madness, save for the PHTK, the G 9 and the other allies of Jovenel. It is time to coalesce and support those who are at the front lines.

#cleanupHaiti2024 : stop the madness

After a heavy rainfall the night before, streets in Port-au-Prince are filled with mud and dirty puddles of stagnant water. In those puddles you will find all kinds of stuff floating, the stench overpowering. The air is filled with microscopic particles that settle on your skin, clothes and under your fingernails, if you’re walking, the trip is a truly a battle when you try to negotiate your way around all this mud, trash and excrements. Cars trying to avoid obstacles will splash dirty water on you if you’re not alert. This is purgatory or hell, and we still talk and act as if the abnormal is okay.

It is not normal that Delmas is overrun with piles of garbage at every corner daily, and persons have to resort to setting them on fire. It is not normal in the twenty first century that persons breathe garbage burning because no one picks it up. It is not normal when persons buy food from a large tray serving items cooked in open air on charcoal stoves next to piles of smelly garbage. It is not normal that mud and dirty pools of water are inside the open air market where most people buy meat and vegetables, yet at Croix des Bossales, the biggest open air market in Haiti it’s like that all the time. For us to continue living like this is abnormal and we need to do something about it. We bristle with anger when foreign reporters expose our dirty reality, when they show how the people live. Many of us even complain that these foreigners are sabotaging tourism by not showing the beautiful beaches and resorts in Haiti, as opposed to always presenting the ugliness. Lest we forget, the ugly environment we allow to fester is real. There is garbage on the road leading to the beach, and let’s not talk about the water. In Haiti, many of our compatriots live like animals, with garbage and excrement everywhere, smelly and putrid. We act as if it’s ok since “these people” are not our friends or relatives. Yet in Thomassin, where mostly the well to do live, piles of trash are on the main road, blocking traffic and hindering persons walking. Instead of the smell of pine trees and vegetation, you smell garbage and dung. While driving through rich and poor look at and smell the same sh-t, so it’s a problem shared equally by all, regardless of social status.


It is time to stop the madness. It’s time for us to come together and do something about it.

#cleanupHaiti2024 is not a project that I want to start. I do not have the strength, resources and the capacity to lead such an effort. It must be an idea that many of us will help become a reality by starting an avalanche of groups dedicated to making our country a better place. Each group will choose a small town or a neighborhood within a larger town to implement a practice of cleaning the environment. Each group must be autonomous with no one being an over all leader. This is not a personal program to earn kudos, but rather it must become a movement to eradicate trash from our daily lives. We need to come together as a people, while working separately with the goal of getting something done by 2024. I’m asking all of you who read this post to begin thinking about this and how you can participate.

#cleanupHaiti2024. Make it viral.

#cleanupHaiti2024 on The J & P Show # 2

#cleanupHaiti2024 once again was the first segment of the J & P Show this past Sunday as co-hosts Philippe Montas, author of this blog and Jimmy Moise, CEO of Le P’ti Club, inc. of Miramar, explained the idea behind the hashtag. #cleanupHaiti2024 is not a project by a person which is added to the many other endeavors attempted before. And it certainly is not my personal crusade to fade after my energy level diminishes. It is an idea that needs to be owned by everyone who cares about the health and appearance of Haiti. Listening to the morning news roundup this morning on Zenith FM, once again I heard a reporter talk about piles of garbage around Delmas 31, the smell was overpowering. Another reporter in Carrefour Feuilles said that a huge pile of trash blocked the sidewalk and threatened to block the street.

Pedestrians are really affected by all the garbage, animal and human excrement, and the various other obstacles hindering their movement. If you travel on foot in Port-au-Prince you have to negotiate a path carefully to avoid being as dirty as the street you’re traveling on. Between the trash, the mud and standing water with floating trash, and the cars that will splash you if you’re not watching, walking around is an ordeal. As The J & P Show highlighted on its last broadcast, the problem is getting worse day by day, with our historical sights soiled and used as garbage dumps. Our health is affected because the air carries particles from the mounds of trash which get into our lungs with each breath, and under our fingernails, which become dirty at the end of the day. Something must be done about this situation before it’s too late, and our environment becomes polluted forever.

#cleanupHaiti2024. An idea that needs to become viral wherever Haitians live. Like I said before it is not a project, but a starting point; an idea that will fuel many projects by many different groups all over the world. Anyone can take the idea, let’s clean our home, so that by 2024 it does not look soiled and dirty. The idea needs to be owned by everyone in every neighborhood, small town and eventually all over the republic. Recently, I spoke to a comrade who has similar concerns about how Haitians are living. Ashley Toussaint is working with a group that is doing a clean up job in Little Haiti before the annual May 18th celebration of Haiti’s flag. Toussaint and his comrades are cleaning up areas of Little Haiti that are notoriously dirty and used by some as dumping ground. They want the neighborhood to be clean and show a proud face for flag day. This should become an effort done all year round, or perhaps 3 or 4 times a year to maintain our face, as it is said.

We need to instill the need to have a clean environment everywhere we live, and especially in our home. #cleanupHaiti2024 is the idea that will serve as fuel for all groups that want to help keep our environment clean. I want to urge all who want to participate in getting Haiti and everywhere we live beautiful again to begin talking with friends, and those in your network to see what can be done. Like the internet, each project will work on its own, with its own members dedicated to help within their capacity and willingness. We should all look toward January 2024 as date that is key. Let’s hope that by then we have accomplished enough to make the country attractive enough to invite persons to come with no shame about how we look, smell and operate, cleanly like people should be.

#cleanupHaiti2024 sounds unattainable to some if we just look at obstacles to this idea becoming a reality. Insecurity is one of the main things detractors have mentioned. My good friend Alix said he would need a war helmet, a good bulletproof vest and protection to go clean up in Haiti these days. Of course to implement the idea you will have to start in areas that are not dangerous, with persons living there. The Grande Anse would be the best place to start. Abricots, Dame Marie and small towns in the department could be the starting point. Using young people who live there we can begin to spread the pride and sense of belonging that used to be there before. We will have to provide them tools and resources to begin on a small scale, cleaning streets and squares where people gather, and identifying an area to be used to begin a form of recycling. This is where experts from the diaspora could provide help in providing a plan for garbage disposal that will include making compost, recycling rubber and plastic along with proper handling of toxic waste like car batteries, cell phones and other stuff that pollute the environment. The compost will be used to help agriculture and money will be made selling it along with what will be made from recycling. All this can become reality, by starting to spread the idea we will bring it to fruition.

Let’s begin by making #cleanupHaiti2024 become a viral message all over the world, so everyone please share it, share this simple message:



Danse Petro: State of Siege

Last week was an ordeal for many persons in Haiti, from the actual state of siege that affected Petit Goave to residents of Lalue and Avenue Lamartiniere in Port-au-Prince being subjected to thick clouds of smoke from burning tires not only blocking traffic, but causing persons all kinds of problems trying to breathe. In Cite Soley, guns seemingly woke up from a short slumber to terrorize residents who had to take cover, refraining from normal day to day activities. All areas of the country continue to suffer from large mounds of garbage, hindering traffic and smoldering in some cases causing all kinds of problems breathing. Champs de Mars has been in a virtual state of siege, with militants battling police, cars getting damaged by rocks thrown at them and people having to scurry around because of the violence and the tear gas. Ti Blan, a militant from the group on Champs de Mars was assassinated and his fellow militants are accusing the government and they promise retaliation. Drivers have learned to avoid the area around the School of Ethnology because of barricades and frequent rock throwing incidents.

Haiti is in a state of siege because ordinary people are trapped between kidnappings, demonstrations because of those kidnappings and bad governance, and gangs ruling vast areas with no police to counter their actions. De facto president Jovenel Moise recently told the UN that he had dismantle 64 gangs out of the one hundred active criminal groups he had catalogued. It was a blatant lie because even the police had not made such an announcement and no gang leader had been arrested. Rather the opposite because as part of the ransom they received, the gang called Mawozo, which operates between the capital and the border with the Dominican Republic, got some of their members who were in jail released in exchange for the priests and the nuns kidnapped a couple of weeks earlier. This kidnapping was a warning to the Catholic Church hierarchy to stay out of politics and stay away from joining forces with the opposition and the captive population. Churches, schools and activities of the church stopped in protest, as many other schools joined in the closure all last week. Finally, the priests and nuns were released when a ransom was paid and gang members were released from jail.

So the de facto president tried to blame the kidnappings on opposition leaders by saying that the taking of persons was 80 % political in essence. First, how does he know that, since the police has not arrested anyone, and the courts are paralyzed from a recent strike anyway. We have to ask if Jovenel has direct contact with the kidnappers in order for him to have such information. Second, we have to ask why those political leaders who are sponsoring the kidnappings are not facing justice, or at least in jail for nearly two years without being tried, like former Depute Arnel Belizaire. Third, maybe Jovenel is just saying that to have an excuse to put more opponents in jail without a trial, like Arnel Belizaire and some militants from Champs de Mars, busted in the war going on there.

The police seems powerless in the face of the increase in kidnappings of persons in the population. All over Haiti persons are taken and ransoms are paid, causing financial ruin for those taken along with their friends and family members, especially those living abroad who must contribute to free a loved one. Curiously, in the vast majority of cases only Haitian persons of modest means have been taken. Back in the days of Martelly, kidnap victims were mostly well to do business persons with businesses who could afford to pay big money. Nowadays even poor street merchants are taken by gangsters who demand astronomical amounts of money for their release. A driver who is working for the Tax Office – DGI – was kidnapped this week, and because of that enraged fellow employees staged a strike, while they barricaded Avenue Christophe where the main office is located. In a curious and somber anecdote heard on the radio, many witnesses related that there was an attempted kidnapping in their neighborhood. The kidnappers got spooked when persons in the area started to stop them from taking the person, so they escaped in their car. Two brave citizens gave chase on a motorcycle, but a police squad composed of members of the specialized unit BOID gunned down the chasing citizens on the bike, allowing the bandits to escape escape. More than three persons who were there testified the same thing, and the reporter graphically described the victims laying in a pool of blood. Were the police acting as cover? Or was it a mistake? The police issued no statement about the incident, and two more people died trying to fight against kidnapping. It is an example of not only the police not fighting the kidnappers, but perhaps being in cohort with them, working together to keep de facto president Jovenel Moise in power by terrorizing the population. So, as he said, the kidnappings are politically motivated by those in power.

Change needs to happen because conditions are worsening and persons are becoming desperate in the face of the Ogre. Life in Haiti nowadays is a struggle to just survive because no one is truly living there, just surviving in almost all cases.