Danse Petro: Song remains the same

Usually, after a Head of State is murdered, as in the case of former de facto president Jovenel Moise a month ago, there is a change in the powers in control, jails are emptied out, as political prisoners are set free, and a new regime steps in. In Haiti after the death of the former President it’s as if nothing happened. Instead of freedom for political prisoners who were against the former de facto president more opponents are packed in already overflowing jail cells, along with the patsies accused of killing Jovenel. The new man in charge, de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry is following the same script, maintaining the PHTK in power and allowing gangsters to continue terrorizing the population. In Martissant just this past week, criminals fired on a mini bus, killing many passengers and wounding others. The police is helpless facing gangs that are supported by the government. According to rumors, the prime minister used to have a relationship with the G9, the federation of thugs led by J. Cherizier, better known as BBQ. It has been sixty days since the southern entrance to Port-au-Prince is under control of gangsters, and many people have been killed during that time, their bodies eaten by dogs and pigs because the authorities have given up.

Haiti continues to slide toward anarchy and a descent toward catastrophe. The present government is continuing the same policies that former de facto president Jovenel Moise was pushing. De facto PM Henry stills depends on the Core Group to keep his job because most of the population does not back him up. He is still letting the gangs roam free, as they control their respective territory, while the police stands by divided and with little effectiveness. Elections that will probably be another round of selections are still programmed, while businesses are dying, there is no gasoline sold in service stations, crime is rampant and garbage is everywhere. In less than three weeks schools are supposed to open after summer vacation, and there are no preparations started, while parents have no money to send their children to school. Teachers who work for public schools have not been paid and they have no supplies.

With a rise in Covid-19 apparently affecting the country, people in Haiti are nervous. There is a campaign to provide vaccines to a few persons since there are less than half a million doses available for a population of nearly twelve millions. The health care system is shot because the authorities are more concerned with making money than providing service to the population. Public hospitals have no medicine, the smell in those places is enough to make you vomit, and poor people lay on the floor waiting for treatment that rarely comes. The private hospitals are just a little better, as the whole healthcare system is shot.

Resistance to the present regime is the only solution, and grassroots groups are leading the way. Militants in Champs de Mars, along with groups like Fos Delmas, Nou Pap Domi and the Petro Challengers need support from all who can help because they are the key to a better Haiti. The political opposition needs to mobilize to get freedom for political prisoners like Arnel Belizaire and all the others crammed in jail with no trial in sight. People really need to do something about this absurd situation. The judicial system in Haiti is totally corrupt and working for the PHTK, legal bandits who are driving the country to despair. Haitians everywhere must come together and fight to regain our country from those who have taken it and made it a hell hole. Time to fight or watch the country become a slave haven for thieves and foreign handlers.


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