Happy Birthday Ashley Xochilt

Happy 19th birthday to my daughter Ashley Xochilt Montas. Today, January 14 is her day to celebrate coming into this world. She is intelligent, strong willed and just a beautiful person. As her father, I’m proud of her accomplishments as a student, budding author and a photographer. She has had pictures displayed in the Coral Springs Museum of Arts, while a student at JP Taravela High School where she graduated last June. Presently, Ashley is a first year student at Hofstra University in New York.

Ashley with her Mom and Dad

I wish the best for Xochilt, as I like to call my brilliant daughter. Health, success in all her endeavors and happiness in all her choices.

Ashley Xochilt and her brother Jean Philippe

Happy Birthday, last year as a teenager.

Failed Coup, Failed Support

Final Destination

While those crazed, primed for murder Drumpeteers were ascending walls, breaking down doors, toppling barricades (which looked kind of flimsy, considering) and rushing into Congress, in Haiti PHTK leaders allied with President Jovenel Moise started celebrating, busting out the champagne. As these folks are used to seizing and holding on to power against the will of the people, they cheered and applauded Donald Trump’s rather foolish attempt at stealing the presidency. Jovenel is worried that elected President of the United States Joe Biden will not provide support to his government, the murderous band of thieves and the support of gangsters he relies on to stay in power in Haiti. The incoming President of the U. S. is not like Drump and he may not want to continue providing support vital to President Moise staying in power. It is said that Joe Biden will not continue to openly attack Venezuelan President Nicola Maduro, and will favor dialogue and peaceful pressure, rather than aggression. So President Moise of Haiti who voted against Venezuela in the Organization of American States on orders from Washington loses importance and may not be needed anymore.

As we write this blog today, the streets are heating up in Port-au-Prince, Gonaives and it seems all over the country. A sizable portion of the population is fed up with President Moise, kidnapping, murders and all the mayhem brought by gangs who support his presidency, or enjoy the free reins he allows them to enjoy. People are tired of living in fear, not knowing what the future will bring, as they lose their jobs and watch the economy go down the tubes. Beginning with education, continuing with the justice system, healthcare, the availability of electricity, the list is endless, Jovenel Moise’s presidency and his government has failed at everything. Between his tremendously failing government and the previous catastrophic failures of the presidency and government of Michel Martelly ten years have been wasted with nearly 15 billion dollars stolen or misappropriated from the country. Along with the stealing of money by the two Ali Babas and their eighty thieves, they presided over the destruction of the agricultural system and the justice system, all while they have also ruined whatever remained of an education system that was lacking to start with. Ten years of criminal ineptitude, thievery and internationally supported governments that suppressed the population have bankrupt the country; yet with all this in mind, those blood thirsty legal bandits want to stay in power by arranging bogus elections to select officials funded by drug dealers and gang leaders. Guns are coming in the country everyday by land, by sea and in containers to prepare for the election. With that, let the party continue, while millions starve, die and try to escape by leaving the country by any means available.

As February 7 nears, the people are mobilizing, preparing to resist dictatorship once again. It almost seems like 1986 never took place when you look at the arrogance Jovenel Moise shows, as he spews out his message. The PHTK is trying to cower the population so that they can gain control of parliament and change the constitution to favor their foreign bosses in the quest to control mining and other wealth that Haiti possesses. So, as you never know how people act, U.S. policy may remain SOS with the new administration and the Haitian people will have to take matters in their own hands. Nou Pap Domi, the Petro Challengers and other youth movements must lead the population in their quest for liberty and survival. The political opposition needs to unite in a single front to not only lead the fight, but also help rebuild the fabric of the country by forgetting ambition, and put country first. It’s not something most of them want to do, but the population has had enough with false prophets and leaders who lead from the rear. Starting on the fifteenth of this month, demonstrations are planned in all major towns to let Jovenel know it’s time to go along with the PHTK and their allies. What is needed is concerted action that lets everyone who is positive contribute. Dark days are ahead for Haiti, and as I said in a previous post the waiting game is on, only a couple of weeks left until…………………….

Drump Action

A l’assaut

President Donald Trump really earned his nickname Drump with his latest attempt at a coup d’etat this past Thursday. With a hoard of rabid fans storming the Capitol building the plan was to take over once the verifying vote was derailed. It was not a smart decision, and you can be sure that it will carry bad consequences for Drump (dumb + Trump = Drump). He will feel the heat in coming days, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to pressure him to resign or face another impeachment. But seriously, has there ever been such a piss poor attempt at changing the course of history. Did Drump really think that he could reverse the election outcome by having his fans storm congress? As delusional as it seems it appears to have been the plan. Simplistic and stupid because that did not stop the vote from happening later on. You can be sure that whoever came up with the idea is not the smartest person around. Maybe Baron did because it was childish at best. I predicted something like this in previous posts, but I thought with Putin’s help it would be something serious. Well it does not look like Vladimir was involved, too amateurish.

After the episode with the fly on his pristine white hair during the debate with VP elect Kamala Harris, the assault on Capitol Hill will remain with Mike Pence forever. While the black fly on the white hair was the black intruder in the white party, the assault could be the opportunity for the Republican Party to save itself from Drump. This has allowed previous stalwart defenders of Drump to do a complete 360, like Lindsey Graham did by waving his arm and declaring he was through. Ted Cruz, another who became a Drump minion, declared that he was not following the president anymore. This is the perfect opportunity for the Republican Party to move away from President Trump without fear of retaliations from those who voted for him because he messed up. With this dumb move Drump is allowing a mass exodus from him and his platform because as people realize the extent of his stupidity they will move away from him. So this will allow the party to try to resurrect itself and find a new champion after four years of darkness when they thought life was great. Even those dumb enough to risk their freedom on that day will start to think for themselves.

Georgia on My Mind

As of this post, Raphael Warnock has won the race and is the new senator for the State of Georgia. Big time congratulations to him and his team because this would not have happened without everyone involved. The other race, which will shift the balance of power in the United States Senate, is almost over with Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in the lead. It looks like he will also win the seat and join Warnock in a sweep of this special election by the Democratic Party to gain a tenuous majority in the senate. Georgia has always been a bastion of Republican policy makers. They have always controlled most of the major elections by making sure African Americans voted in small numbers. So this victory is doubly satisfyingly, and it may signal the decline of the Republican Party.

Stacey Abrams is directly responsible for this important victory in both cases because it was her effort to register and encourage thousands of people to vote that allowed Joe Biden to win Georgia in the presidential election back in November, and both democratic candidates to sweep the races for senator. After her defeat in a rigged election for governor, she rolled up her sleeves and showed those racists repulsivecans that next go around she would still be there. A woman to be reckoned with who deserves much respect, or RE-spect as we Caribbean folks say.

With this victory in the senate, Joe Biden will be able to push his agenda through congress with a friendly majority in both chambers. Of course, now starts the real work of both healing a country battered by covid, unemployment, widespread poverty, racial inequality, an opioid epidemic that people have forgotten with covid being the star, Russian sabotage; there is so much. Just this morning as I was driving past Oakland Park Blvd in Broward County, FL, I noticed a line of vehicles over two miles long waiting for free food being handed out. People are having a hard time keeping themselves fed, while jobs are scarce and money is tight.

At least Georgia is peachy, with news from both races for senator looking bright. After reconstruction, this is the most organized effort by African Americans in that state to unite their efforts and vote for candidates they believe in. Stacey Abrams was a key player, as I’ve said before, and she deserves a lot of credit. We hope that she will not be forgotten by the party after the celebrations. For now let’s party, boogie down with the Ohio Players, Fi’’’’’re …….Fi’’’’re, the way you move………really shoot your shot, feel dynamite!

Desperate Measures

Drump refuses to face reality, so he resorts to base, crass attempts at bribing or threatening Georgia’ s Secretary of State to try to steal the election. The man is unhinged; he has lost his marbles. As if he doesn’t know that everything you say on the telephone is recorded, he blabs on for all to hear. Seriously now, if you use a cell phone Big Brother is listening, tracking your whereabouts and figuring all your patterns, like what you like, where you go, what you do, when you do it, how you do it, even what position you use to do it. You just don’t realize it. They call it cookies, an innocent name to catalog every touch you apply. So don’t worry, Big Brother is watching. I’m going to talk about this more in a future blog, but suffice it to say your cell phone is watching you all the time. The NSA and various other government agencies from the U.S. and other countries that possess electronic listening programs are always listening and watching our every moves, and they use all the commercial communication companies, like T Mobile, AT&T and Verizon to name a few to catalog data. They also plug into HBO, MTV and other entertainment outlets to further keep an eye on us through data gathering. Make no mistake about it, almost everything we do can be monitored if the need arises. So Drump is leaving a trail that may land him in Leavenworth.

So back to the soon to be out of office President Donald Trump, or Drump to his friends, and acquaintances who know him best. Drump seems to have lost support from Poutine who has seen the writing on the wall. He knows he lost a key agent at the heart of U.S. policy. Drump used to call him a friend, and even said that he trusted Poutine more than his own people in CIA and NSA. During his time in office the president probably put in some people working for Poutine at the Russian’s orders. The guy probably has something on Drump who seems to look at him through rose colored glasses. Strange right. But not if one guy is holding on to the other’s nuts in gloved hands, dictating the play of the day to him.

As the days drag on to inauguration the Republican Party is going through painful times. Some elected Republicans still stand with Drump in his suicidal roller coaster toward a crash on January 21. Many are trying to use their post to mount futile challenges never seen in U. S. history. No loser in the race for president has ever tried to change the outcome as much as Drump has. He refuses to see the reality, and this is dangerous for the democratic system where two parties dominate the political power alternatively while accepting the outcome of elections. On January 6, 2021 the Trumpeteers, or I should say the Drumpeteers will try some desperate measures both in congress and in the streets. We have to be careful that Drump doesn’t use the mayhem his supporters will create to try to use emergency powers to delay the inauguration. Then we will have real mayhem and destruction across the country. Let us hope that the party that once featured Abraham Lincoln can stop following Drump in order to survive this moment.

J & P Show on Tele Anacaona: A Night with Tico Armand

On a cool evening in North Miami, Deyemoncom.blog, Le P’ti Club and TA TV, aka Tele Anacaona presented the Lifetime Achievement Award for her great contribution to Art and Culture to Tico Armand the famous Model, Show Host, Author, Singer, Artist, Activist and Influencer who is a beacon leading young women to empowerment. There is so much that can be said about Tico who despite being a genuine mega star has not lost her simplicity and friendliness. She was beautiful, graceful and so friendly and approachable that all present were touched and happy to share the evening with her.

North Miami Beach Commissioner McKenzie Fleurimond, Jimmy Moise, Tico Armand, Florida State Rep Dotie Joseph, Tayo Ishola and Philippe Montas
Photo by Ashley Montas

Tico received the award which was presented by Jimmy Moise, Host of the J & P show for her great contribution and advancement of Haitian Culture.

Jimmy Moise presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Tico Armand with Florida State Representative Dotie Joseph. Photo by Ashley Montas

The evening served as the introduction of the J & P Show on Tele Anacaona and the presentation of the new headquarters where the Miami branch of TA TV will produce and air an exiting brand of television. So, you want to know, what is the J & P Show? Well it’s a variety show devoted to Art, Culture, especially related to the Caribbean, along with some advice on business and investment. The J & P Show will be hosted by Philippe Montas, author of this blog, and Jimmy Moise, President and CEO of Le P’ti Club of Miramar, Florida. This dynamic duo will be joined by Tayo Ishola, a model, a fashion designer, and a Television host, a fantastic and energetic woman who hails from Nigeria, and will conceive and produce a segment of the show. The show will air on Tele Anacaona, Channel 18.7 digital tv every Sunday, starting in January.

Philippe Montas, the author of this blog, is a graduate of Hofstra University with a Master of Arts in linguistics and a Bachelor’s degree from the City College of New York in journalism; while Jimmy Moise is a graduate of the School of Air Traffic Control in France, and a promoter of music and the arts in South Florida and Haiti for the past 17 years, as the CEO of Le P’ti Club of Miramar Florida. Together with Kirby Leveille, Director of Tele Anacaona in Miami, Jimmy and Philippe organized this event to honor Tico Armand, launch their show and welcome everyone to the new TA TV site in North Miami.

North Miami Beach Commissioner McKenzie Fleurimond, Kirby Leveille and a friend
Photo by Ashley Montas

Kirby was invaluable, as he was the producer of the event, which was broadcasted live on Tele Anacaona. All afternoon he was seen moving around, ensuring that all was going fine with the entertainment and the production.

A select group of guests attended the event, with few invitations sent because of COVID 19. We wanted to ensure that everyone who was there really had to be there because we had some important guests to protect. North Miami Beach Commissioner McKenzie Fleurimond was there early, as he was the official sponsor of the event; when called upon he accepted the mission with enthusiasm. Commissioner Fleurimond is a two term elected official who has been in office since 2018. He is also the liaison for the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Economic Development Committee while serving on the Police and Fire Pension Board.

North Miami Commissioner McKenzie Fleurimond with Philippe Montas
Photo by Ashley Montas

Florida House of Representative Member Dotie Joseph was really pleased to participate in the event, and she made a special effort to attend after receiving the invitation. Here she is seen being interviewed by Tayo Ishola who conducted the live interviews. Dotie Joseph represents District 108 as a Democrat in the Florida House of Representatives as a two term elected official.

Florida State Rep Dotie Joseph with Tayo Ishola and a model
Photo by Ashley Montas

Newly elected Coral Springs Commissioner Nancy Metayer enjoyed herself though roughly, and even though she was away from her turf she was happy to participate. The J & P Show hopes she will be a guest on the show soon because of the many new initiatives she hopes to sponsor like the Green Iniative for Coral Springs. Nancy just won the election after a hard fought contest, and she will definitely use her experience as leader of the Florida Disaster Preparedness Plan and her expertise as an Environmental Scientist. She is poised to have a fantastic career in the political arena.

Coral Springs Commissioner Nancy Metayer Photo by Ashley Montas

Commissioner Metayer is part of a new generation of elected officials who are going to make their mark.

Commissioner Metayer being interviewed Photo by Ashley
A bit of humor
Photo by Ashley
Philippe Montas, Commissioner Nancy Metayer and Jimmy Moise
Photo by Ashley

Nadia Assad was also present, as she was a vision of loveliness as usual. Nadia recently ran for the post of Commissioner in the City of Lauderhill, seat # 3 where she was unsuccessful. She is an active resident of Lauderhill who has worked as Director of Community relations for the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce and for the City ifNorth Miami Mayor and Council Office. We hope her next attempt for office will be successful.

Nadia Assad with Philippe Montas
Photo by Ashley

Judge Lody Jean who presides over the eleven District Court of Miami got lost on her way to the venue, unfortunately, so she was unable to attend. Her presence was missed. Also Mary Woodson, the newly elected member of the Florida House of Representatives was invited, but she called and expressed her regrets for not attending.

Nelda Augustin Jean who will be a guest on the J & P Show was an enthusiastic guest. Nelda is the publisher of “Weekdays I love you : Time with Granma”. She was gracefully chic as usual, a woman with charm and intellect whom we were glad to have present.

Tico Armand with Nelda Augustin

This event was a success because of the many entertainers, guests, caterer, DJ and so many we may not have space to mention them all. A special mention to the best dressed person, aside from Tico of course, of the evening the incomparable Miss Charlotte Grace Vericain who at five years of age is a budding artist with some of her work exposed for 2020 as a young artist in Broward County. Charlotte’s mother Katiusca Vericain was gracious enough to prepare a beautiful spread of appetizers for the guests.

Charlotte with Le Nubian Dance Group
Photo by Ashley
A feast by Katiusca Vericain
Charlotte with her mother Katiusca along with Philippe and Jimmy
Photo by Ashley
Beautiful smiles
Works of Art by Charlotte Grace Vericain

The entertainment came through wonderfully even though the audience in attendance was small because of Covid. The rapper and activist Bennchoumy Yeya Mysyk performed a vivacious brand of rap reminiscent of the great deceased rapper G Bobby Bon Flow. He sounded just like G Bobby with his delivery and style. He was accompanied by a dancer who followed his words with moves and gestures. A good show.

Bennchoumy in Action

The music accompanied the rapper with gusto; the DJ Pam Dous was spinning and providing beats.

International recording artist Leslie Dalencour, aka Boom Boom was in the house, but he was under the weather, so he could not perform his usual brand of lively entertainment. We all missed his singing, next time Boom Boom.

Boom Boom Dalencour congratulating Tico
Boom Boom with Commissioner Fleurimond and Nadia Assad
Photo by Ashley

The dance group Le Nubian Dance Group, what can we say? They provided color, energy and Joie de vivre unmatched. The pictures tell the story.

Le Nubian Dance Group

A show that really rocked.

Along with the music and dance Tayo Ishola came with some models from her group, they accompanied her during her interviews.

Tayo Ishola and her friends. Beauty and Style
Tayo with Commissioner Metayer and the models
Photo by Ashley

The Fountain Gallery owners Wilces Riziere and his wife Nadege Richmond provided the art works that were displayed, as they were gracious enough to show some of their collection.

Nadege Richmond
Photo by Ashley

Early in the afternoon a display from TB Butterflyeffex with Taicha. Very colorful and entertaining. She came at the behest of Leila Jessica Jean-Jeune, a talented model and community activist who heads the Sickle Cell project in Miami.

Leila Jessica with Bennchoumy
Taicha and the TB butterflyeffex
A lovely smile

Beautiful table!

The evening featured a few friends. Among them Elie Nicoleau made sure he was present. Ana Candioti, an artist and a painter from Argentina came to support Le P’ti Club, as she is a long time contributor of the organization where she shared many moments early in her career. Marie Tricide Montas, wife of J & P Show host Philippe Montas was present, but she chose to remain discreet. Philippe and Tricide’s daughter Ashley was the photographer for the event, and all the pictures in this post were taken by her. Good job Ashley!!

Ashley with Tico
Philippe with Ashley Montas and Elie Nicoleau
Philippe Montas with his Wife Marie Tricide and his daughter Ashley Xochilt
Leila Jessica Jean-Jeune and a friend

But the star of the evening was The illustrious Tico Armand in all her glory.

Tico with photographer Ashley Montas

And to top it all off a shot of the two hosts of the J & P Show Philippe and Jimmy.

Tune in to Tele Anacaona every Sunday at 2:00 PM

Happy Holiday and a Great New Year

I wish everyone a happy new year. Have a great time and let the spirit of the creator guide all your actions in the year coming. We can only hope that the travails of the past year will lessen if not be gone for some. People in The USA, in Haiti and in many parts of the world, if not all of it need a respite from a particularly bad year and we need a change in health, the economy and a better approach to human relations from those that lead. After the ravages of the Covid 19 pandemic, workers need more respect, better benefits especially in terms of health and retirement, and a salary that will allow people to live decently, and save a little in case of being out of work.

A new era

In the USA, a new president is a sign of better days ahead for the average worker. After the days of Drump, I mean Trump, we need a breath of fresh air, with more going to people that work, and less going to those that rake in millions. President Joe Biden will have to change the script and provide help to a workforce that has been battered this past year.

As far as Haiti is concerned, well the new year can’t be worse, and our leaders need to retire to pasture. That’s all I will say for now.

Happy new year everyone, enjoy and have a great 2021. May all your endeavors be fruitful and successful.

Danse Petro: Waiting Game

As the year comes to an end, Haiti is playing the waiting game. On the one hand everyone is waiting to see what will happen in February next year, on the other hand President Jovenel Moise is waiting for the opportunity to organize elections that will be acceptable to his handlers in the State Department, while terrorizing the population into acceptance. The majority of the population is not interested in participating in elections because between fear of bandits and the rising cost of living people don’t want to waste time voting in a contest where the winner has already been decided. President Moise needs to hold elections to satisfy the international community and establish a stronghold on power. As we have said many times the president needs to have a selected parliament to change the constitution to serve both his megalomaniac plans, and give foreign access to all the country’s natural resources. By promising access to mining and possible exploration of oil wells offshore Moise hopes to get a sizable personal fortune from the foreign companies which will pay him a few millions to rake in the billions in resources.

The political opposition to the president of Haiti and his allies, the PHTK and groups of gangsters, is also waiting. Pitit Desalin with Jean Charles Moise, Andre Michel, Lavalas with Maryse Narcisse, Nenel Cassy and Shiller Louidor; Youri Latortue and his political party the AAA, Edmonde Supplice Beauzile and her party the Fusion of Social Democrats, the MOPOD and a host of other politicians, all members of the opposition are some of the actors waiting for February of next year, since this is D day for either the departure or the indefinite dictatorial stay of President Jovenel Moise. Andre Michel, the activist lawyer, is calling for a general mobilization the week before D day. The waiting game has all the population in a watching mode in expectation of the worst, as people navigate around garbage strewn all over the street.

Usually, I do not like showing garbage and negative images of my beloved country, but sometimes we must show the degrading reality that present officials in charge have allowed. This is what the population is facing, along with the rise in kidnappings and armed robberies. Every day is a struggle and tis not the season.

Although they are staying active by educating and pushing mobilization, members of Nou Pap Domi and other groups of young activists are waiting for the opportunity to make a contribution to change in the country. For them February will represent an opportunity to help the population in its quest for better living conditions and improvement in their quality of life. These young people represent the future, as they struggle everyday to survive with dignity. Their movement is what people in Haiti need to support because it can help develop new leaders that can make the country better. These young activists need to avoid having their movement taken over by agents from other countries who claim to want to help, while only looking destroy their home. Too often politicians and so called civil society groups are used by foreign embassies to thwart their original goals and further destroy the country. So, Nou Pap Domi and the others need to be careful, and stay away from money with strings attached, like many of the politicians usually get. Fundraising should be done in a grassroots manner where Haitians in the diaspora can be very useful. Just some advice, for I do not have the ability, nor the inclination to tell these young warriors what to do. Just want to help them, as much as I can.

The Prime Minister of Haiti Joseph Jouthe is also waiting. He is waiting for the police to follow his orders and attack the gangs who are controlling large neighborhoods near major towns, while also preying on travelers on the national highways. The PM was seen in a spirited address declaring war on the gangs, I think it was before or maybe after he was seen dancing with a pretty policewoman in uniform in a clip that is circulating online. Jouthe warns the gangs that he “has the population behind him” in the battle he promises to begin against them. It seems like a reach, since most people do not trust neither him, nor the police. Most police officers listened to that declaration skeptically because the conditions are not there to take control of the gangs. Weapons are entering the country illegally almost every day, most of the time to feed criminals terrorizing the population. In a recent police operation in Village de Dieu scores of people were killed and many homes destroyed, but no definite report was issued to show positive results. For days people heard heard gunfire and many persons were seen running away from the area. There are unconfirmed reports that a well known gang leader was killed along with many of his associates, but nothing definite is being said, while the operation is still ongoing.

Vegan Marie’s: A Slice of Afro-Haitian Culture in Little Haiti

Vegan Marie’s juice bar in Little Haiti

As you wander around in Little Haiti, the famed neighborhood in Miami where Haitians have established a foothold, you must make a stop at Vegan Marie’s place on NW 54th Street near NW 2nd Avenue. The store sells many different items like African clothing, Haitian sandals and hand made jewelry from leather and beads, as well as healthy products for the hair and for treatment of the skin and the face. Personally I made sure to get a bar of African soap that is great treatment for acne and blackheads. Marie also makes natural juices from sugar cane, passion fruit and other specialties of the house. You will be able to taste the various juices made naturally with no artificial ingredients, as you decide on that special item you want to get for a friend.

A display of colorful clothes

Vegan Marie possesses this aura of simplicity, coupled with a sense of cultural belonging. Once you enter you will be greeted by Marie and her husband Shiller who will make you feel right at home. It is also the home of Chire Pantalet.

Chire Pantalet at Vegan Marie’s

What is Chire Pantalet ? You are probably asking. First, it is an expression in Haitian which means tear off the panties. Let’s add no more. It is not a call for rape, which is one of the most despicable acts in existence, but the description of an act of love on the night of the honeymoon. So, Chire Pantalet is an alcoholic beverage made from a secret recipe, jealousy guarded in the archives of Vegan Marie’s, which includes kleren, the Haitian spirits made from sugar cane, and ginger. According to the maker, once you drink it you’ll want to go home to your girl. Ask for a taste, and you will be rewarded, but careful, you may want to go home after.

Chire Pantalet and other spirits

If you are looking for a nice gift for the upcoming season take a stroll to NW 54th street, three doors from the famed Haitian restaurant Chef Creole, near the corner of 54th street and NW 2nd Avenue and browse through what Vegan Marie has to offer. You will be amazed at the offering.

From Haiti with Love

Vegan Marie is inviting everyone on Saturday, December 19 to a night of spiritual music with the Makaya Nest Festival starting at 8 PM. The celebration will be in the backyard of Vegan Marie’s in open air, with all necessary precautions observed, so wear your mask. There is a charge of $10 to attend.

Danse Petro : Boiling Pot

In Haiti everyday is a challenge as all are waiting for February of next year. Will Jovenel Moise be forced to leave because of popular pressure, or will he ride the waves of discontent by unleashing the police on demonstrations with tear gas, bullets and mass incarcerations? So far, militants from the opposition vow that come February 7 the president will vacate the palace; some of them go as far as saying that Jovenel and his wife will be in the penitentiary answering for their crimes. The president still holds many cards, notwithstanding the support of the “Blanc”, led by the self titled Core Group of policy makers masquerading as diplomats. With the gangs of criminals still supporting the government and stifling militants in the overcrowded shantytown neighborhoods, and units of the police breaking all public gatherings against the president, Jovenel Moise is looking forward to staying in power until 2022. He has the gall to set up a committee to change the constitution, so that he can acquire more power, while ensuring his re-election. The population seems to be willing to allow all excesses, for example the change in the criminal code has been forgotten, and all the declarations that followed the code have died down. As far as we know the government has not made any changes to the proposed code of justice, so it will be official soon if not already. There is a lack of continuity in actions from the opposition that allows the president to move forward with his dictatorial plans. Recently, students from the School of Law vowed to keep the pressure until they found justice for Monferrier Dorval the lawyer killed near the president’s home. But after days of demonstrations and barricades near the university the students have stopped and returned to their routine.

In Gonaives the water has reached the boiling point, as thousands of militants took to the streets last Thursday demanding the ouster of President Moise and his clan. Militants there are daring President Moise to come deliver the January 1 address to the nation, as accustomed. In Cap Haitien militants allied with Jean Charles Moise, the leader of Pitit Desalin, a political party opposed to Jovenel and the PHTK, are mobilizing daily waiting for February to start actions to destabilize the government. And in Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital, groups like Nou Pap Domi are agitating, fostering dissent and educating the people. As the voices of the movement Pasacale Solages and Emmanuela Douyon are at the forefront of a new attitude by young women and men to live rather than survive. Nou Pap Domi represents a new way of thinking, where young people are concerned about each other and about what the future holds. We need to help them spread their message of hope and resistance all over, especially in the U.S. so that public opinion there begins to see the truth.

The Haitian National Police is imploding because of low morale, dissension, the lack of benefits and low pay for the rank and file. While the top brass gets all kinds of advantages, from paid housing in large well maintained homes to large, daily cash benefits for gas, food and extras, the police men and women working the streets are paid little and live in substandard housing in poverty stricken neighborhoods. Their children struggle in poorly equipped and managed schools that their parents afford with great sacrifice, and if a police officer is killed in action his surviving family gets next to nothing after months of waiting. The officers would like to have a syndicate to lead them to better conditions, and they have come together to convince the leadership to accept the union, but the high command is not listening. Between the HNP director and the President the police officers have no support, but that is not stopping them from fighting for the syndicate. The government depends on the police to quell dissent in the population and help it stay in power beyond February, but it foolishly allows low morale and resistance within the rank and file, to the point that many officers have lost respect for their leaders. One of the main support for Jovenel and his allies of the PHTK is eroding, and they are helping that.

Resistance is mounting in the country, especially in towns in the provinces. Even though gangs in those towns are supporting the president, they cannot stem the tide of masses of people marching and demanding the ouster of Jovenul. The President may be able to hide and hunker down in Petion-Ville or somewhere, but the rest of the country will become a burning field where his allies will run for cover. February will be the beginning of the end.