#netwayeAyiti2024: M&M

Clearly the choice is Mobilize or Misrepresent because waiting for salvation is foolish.

Although there seems to be no respite for persons living in Port-au-Prince and it’s surrounding area from the government and Core Group sponsored gangs boldly taking over territory, while killing and terrorizing the population. There is only one path, and it is mobilization both in Haiti and everywhere Haitians have managed to live and build a community. The alternative is a fake election that will continue the de facto occupation of the country by the U.S. with its accomplices, Canada and the European Community. The alternative is the ongoing destruction of Haiti’s economy, along with its social fabric, with young persons desperately seeking to escape.

When looking at this situation we can only gather together, at least, and look for common grounds for renewed mobilization. In Haiti persons cannot continue to allow gangs to run their lives without putting up a fight. With sheer numbers, the population should be able to gather together and rid their environment of bandits by any means necessary. The de facto Minister of Justice herself said that persons should defend themselves when attacked with any weapon they can find. This should be taken to heart, and neighbors should meet and organize to defend themselves. In the countryside, farmers need to unite and fight against these thugs. I know some may say it’s easy for me to say this, as I’m not facing automatic weapons like persons there. But the reality is that unless persons fight, they will perish.

The government of de facto prime minister Ariel Henry will not help the population, rather it’s there to hurt it and please its chief, the U.S. and the rest of the Core gang. Make no mistake the Core is a de facto a gang also, except it hides behind governments. In the end these so called diplomats and advisers wind up doing the same thing as gangsters, steal your wealth by guile or by force. Persons in Haiti have to realize no help will come from either this unelected, unpopular and corrupted to the core government or from its bosses in America and elsewhere. Rather, the goal is to replace the present de facto occupation with a boots on the ground control of all aspects of life, with the puppets firmly installed to keep the master plan in place. As of now the economy in Haiti is dying, with gangs creating a climate of fear, and most businesses closing down or severely curtailing activities.

In the diaspora, we need to move toward mobilizing efforts to both support young people inside the country in their attempts to fight, and inform our youth. Of course, we cannot advocate doing anything illegal, such as sending guns or ammunition to those we want to support, because we do not want to jeopardize ourselves. We should be able to raise funds to help the mobilization efforts in Haiti. We need to spread information about this master plan, which is being implemented in the country by those who want to steal our mineral and economic wealth. Persons call it brain drain, but by creating a situation that forces an important part of the wealth of a country, its workers both skilled and unskilled, to emigrate to enrich foreign labor forces, it is theft. A form of thievery that Europe and North America has mastered with colonialism and its successive imperialism forcing migration to enrich their labor force. Haiti is a perfect example of this victimization, with engineers, doctors, nurses and educators working for the countries that ensure they will never return to contribute to their own home countries because of the situation there. In Canada, if Haiti was able to attract healthcare workers to return to help build healthcare there, Quebec would suffer greatly with big shortages in their system. So keeping Haiti unstable is critical to them.

Haiti has the potential to be the engine that propels the Caribbean region, and by extension persons of African descent everywhere in America, by revolutionizing the relationships between people united and looking out for their interest and those who presently control commerce and finance in America. This is a continent wide fight between the majority of the population of the Caribbean, which is of African descent and U.S. and Canadian imperialism. Look at the position of Haiti, in the middle of the Caribbean islands. It can be a hub for trade by being a central point to distribute all kinds of products throughout the region, with shipping and airport facilities servicing everyone. It’s no accident that the Dominican Republic is a hub for flights from Europe using it as a transit to other islands and South America. Haiti is in a better position geographically, as it’s facing both Jamaica and Cuba, while being key to the windward passage in the North.

Between our geographical location and the expertise we have in agriculture, with the possibility of further growth because of modern techniques, our country has the potential to be a driving force in the region. Since most investments from the U.S. and Europe has gone to the Dominican Republic, Haiti cannot be allowed to develop. So for us misrepresentation through sham elections is the ongoing master plan, which really started to cruise with the Duvalier regimes and has acquired Mach speed with the PHTK sham elections. With Ariel Henry, the coffin is ready for burial, as our independence is only in name. Unless we wake from this slumber, the plan will continue unabated. Mobilize everywhere we are, or allow our culture to be abolished, curtailed and replaced by mediocrity and Krizokal. In a new post I will tell you about Krizokal.


#netwayeAyiti2024: PAP Besieged: Master Plan?

People running, carrying whatever they could carry from their besieged homes, while mothers carrying babies offer a sight to bring tears to the eyes. A mass of persons could be seen trying to get away from a battle raging near, and sometimes next to their homes. We may think this is a scene from a war movie, or maybe from a town in Ukraine. But this is happening in Port-au-Prince on the island of Haiti, less than 2 hours by plane from Miami. One week after carnival was celebrated on Champs de Mars, the main square in Port-au-Prince, home of the presidential palace, police officers are seen running for cover from high powered gunfire. Solino, a neighborhood centrally located is under attack by a coalition of gangs determined to take over the area to control most of an important area often used as a thoroughfare.

Starting on Thursday the sound of heavy gunfire, mixed with smoke rising from BelAir and Solino has transformed heavily populated areas of Port-au-Prince, like Nazon, Chris Roi, parts of Delmas, and Fort National into a war zone that is being deserted by a population in panic. These are neighborhoods where a working class population tries to make ends meet in desperate attempts to deal with a murderous inflation, which is fueled by an economy being slowly destroyed, as part of the master plan. Police officers who live in Solino are reportedly siding with individuals who are fighting the gangsters who are invading their neighborhood. As heard on Radio Caraibes, some of these persons called an open line to talk about how they are defending their home against the G9 coalition of gangsters, a group which was approved and possibly supported by Helen LaLime, the UN Chief of Mission. A Master Plan?

Many Haitians and friends of Haiti are calling for armed troops from the U.S. or Canada to come in and tackle gangs in Haiti which seem to be invincible lately. With this latest attack on a neighborhood by a coalition of gangsters, and thousands of persons fleeing their homes since the onslaught began, more are calling for foreign intervention. Is it a viable solution, or is it the master plan at work? I would say the second assertion is correct. We are faced with a master plan to reduce the Republic of Haiti into a protectorate where natural resources will be commandeered by foreign companies from the U.S., while most of the population will be reduced to starvation, with a few jobs in factories that just assemble imported components.

The past ten years, since the 2010 earthquake, the master plan to destroy the economy and agricultural production in Haiti has greatly accelerated. This descent into hell was enhanced by missions from the UN and armed intervention by The United States and France after the Coup d’Etat of 2004. Since the advent of Michel Martelly and the PHTK gangs have really grown in strength and acquired heavy caliber high powered rifles. They seem to have unlimited ammunition, while their number has increased dramatically, especially in areas surrounding Port-au-Prince and in the Artibonite region, which used to be the breadbasket of the country. Coincidence? Many see the master plan at work, with agriculture unable to feed the people, and gangs getting weapons galore from the United States.

It is possible for Haitians to take back our country from this seemingly insane situation, but it will require all out efforts from inside and outside the country. Outside the country, specifically in the United States we need to start a movement to put pressure on the U.S. and Canadian governments to stop supporting the PHTK and the government of Ariel Henry. By providing recognition to Ariel Henry and pushing persons to negotiate with him, the international community led by the U.S. is making the illegal prime minister legitimate. Ariel Henry is an illegal, illegitimate accused murderer who remains in power because the police force in Haiti refuses to obey the constitution and remove him from his post. Henry has been associated with gangs since the days when he was a minister under President Privert’s government. In any democracy that is not a sham, he would be in prison.

In Haiti, the police high command is basically under the control of the international community, which trained it and provides supplies to the force. By not helping the police to arm itself properly and have unlimited ammunition, while allowing the illegal flow of weapons and ammunition to reach the gangs with little or no interdiction, the United States is making the country a hell hole. It is not in the interests of rice growers in Arkansas and Florida to have Haiti’s rice growing return to the days before U.S. propelled governments destroyed its production. Millions of dollars are made each year in the U.S. because of rice sold to Haiti. President Rene Preval tried to increase agricultural production in the late 90s with the help of Taiwan, but ten years of PHTK and destruction from gangs in the Artibonite Department reversed the previous work, and kept the master plan going. Companies in Canada and the U.S. are salivating, waiting for the opportunity to exploit mineral resources worth billions of dollars that are under the ground. Haitians living in the U.S. and in Canada need to organize to pressure those governments to respect us.

As I said we need to pressure the U.S. to stop this macabre plan, and respect us here as an immigrant community that is working hard, and contributing to the economy. We have elected officials who are of Haitian descent in Florida, New York and other places, while others have high positions in the administration. We need to first educate them, so that they do not mistakenly advocate for direct intervention by foreign military. Then those elected Haitian Americans need to raise hell so that they help to slow the flow of weapons and ammunition to gangs in Haiti from here. By putting pressure to stop support for Ariel Henry, and slowing the flow of illegal weapons to Haiti, we on the outside can help persons in Haiti to organize and fight. Compared with how persons from Haiti have contributed to help society in the U.S. and in Canada with doctors, teachers, engineers and all kind of workers making important contributions, we should be receiving help even more than Ukraine, which has not nearly contributed to developing U.S. and Canadian society as Haitians have. Of course we know what’s going on and how they’re supporting darkness in our country.

Persons have to start talking among each other here in the U.S. and in Canada to see how we can organize ourselves to help our home country. We can’t go on living as if everything is ok, while our home is literally burning. It is not enough to talk about pride in our revolution if we refuse to continue that revolution, and recapture the spirit that led to our independence. Right now, things are just as bad as before 1791 when the colonizer used the whip from Black slaves to keep their brothers in line. Time to talk to the youth in order to have everybody realize that our house is on fire, and we need to put out the fire.

Woe to the wicked and the miscreants who eat up our bread and water.

#netwayeAyiti2024 #cleanupHaiti2024: Planned Destruction

Today in Haiti, the absence of any kind of respite from a government that is using gangs to stay in power, while also weakening the police, has many persons living there looking desperately for help abroad. On the one hand we have a majority which has been beaten and oppressed by gang violence to the point that persons are asking for military intervention from abroad. On the other hand we have thousands of young persons, men and women, fighting to get a passport, and begging for sponsorship to get to the promised land of Joe Biden. First thing we see is that this plan concocted by Biden’s administration is a good way to divide people in many different ways. Persons in Haiti are going to ask family and friends in the U.S. to sponsor their application so they can come to what they think is the promised land. While persons living in the USA are also affected in a negative way by this.

Here in the USA, the economy is on a downturn, despite all the spins about job creations. Inflation is rising, and prices are so high that persons are cutting back on groceries and entertainment. These days you can barely pay your bills, in South Florida rents are at an all time high, and even shopping at Walmart is expensive. So, on the one hand you have African Americans who are poor and need help from the government complaining about refugees getting more than they receive. They are not against their Haitian brothers and sisters coming to the U.S., but they lump them with the Cubans and Venezuelans whom they feel are getting what Americans in need should be getting. As a result, the Afro American community, of which Haitians have always belonged to and greatly contributed to as far back as the Harlem Renaissance, is divided on the issue. Progressive thinkers in the community recognize the evil divisive effect of this development in their midst, but many others only see as far as the tip of their nose, and they are calling their brothers and sisters refugees who should be sent back home. This is a time when persons of African descent should be uniting to avoid the death and destruction that is programmed for our youth everywhere, rather than fight each other for the crumbs given disdainfully.

On the other hand we have the Haitian community in the USA whose members are not doing great, just like everyone else, with rent, inflation, the price of gas, and everything climbing to the roof. Most of us can barely afford to survive, while sending something to Haiti via transfer to keep persons there afloat. To sponsor someone from Haiti requires financial stability, which few immigrants from Haiti possess. Those of us with the financial capacity to sponsor someone are U.S. citizens by and large, and most of their relatives either have visas or have been in the pipeline for years. This is a temporary measure taken by the Biden administration to slow the flow of persons trying to leave by boat, and break any momentum for mobilization within the population. Anyone with thinking must see that the international community of manipulators wants to gather people for elections / selections, but these same puppet masters do not want the same people to mobilize for any purpose. It’s clear that there will be no gathering of people to guide a transition toward elections. It’s all a sham, with an agreement blessed by Mirlande Manigat, the puppet who helped catapult Michel Martelly to the presidency, thus introducing bandi legal. (See earlier post – #cleanupHaiti: once more)

Now many persons in Haiti are calling friends and relatives in the U.S. looking to be sponsored for a visa. Only thirty thousand persons will benefit from this new policy, so with a population of over twelve million people very few will escape the hell on earth that bandi legal has turned the country into. As I showed earlier many persons from Haiti who live in the U.S. are struggling financially. Few own their own place, and with rents rising all over it is difficult to sponsor another mouth to feed and care for, even with the promises of support the government is dangling. That support is temporary at best, and the sponsor must be liable for the arriving immigrant. At the same time the Biden administration continues to deport persons from Haiti who are here illegally, or who break the law, even on a misdemeanor sometimes. As former senator Jean Charles Moise pointed out, the same folks who had horses with aggressive riders terrorize Haitian persons trying to enter the U.S.from Mexico are now seemingly welcoming them with open arms.

This situation is causing conflict between persons in Haiti and persons in the U.S. because in Haiti persons feel that persons do not want to help them with the offered sponsorship. Never mind what the person’s situation in the U.S. is many in Haiti see it as betrayal when their demand of sponsorship is not followed up on. People in Haiti say that it’s because the ones in the diaspora do not want to give them an opportunity to have the same life. It’s hard for them to understand that persons are not in a position to sponsor them because life is tough in the U.S., with persons mostly living from one paycheck to the next. So, this policy is creating division in the community, even within families, at a time when it is critical for all Haitians of good will to come together.

It is imperative that persons in Haiti realize that mobilizing is the only solution. The international community does not want us to support mobilization because it will stop their plan of making the Haitian population cheap labor in their home and abroad, while also taking away all our resources above and below ground. By putting forward a sham agreement with Ariel Henry remaining top puppet, the manipulators continue with the plan of destruction to conquer. This past week the police force has suffered from over a dozen deaths in the ranks. Because of that many police officers are in open rebellion against their bosses. Collusion between the gangs, the government and the police High Command is becoming clear to everyone after events that occurred since the start of this year. The only way to succeed is through mobilization in Haiti, with strong support from abroad everywhere Haitians live. On the anniversary of the ouster of Jean Claude Duvalier it’s time to come together and eliminate the regime that is in place to destroy our culture, while enriching crooks and thieves of all nationalities. With support from the diaspora, young persons in Haiti can build a movement to at least face the future united from a position of strength. Like the motto says

In Unity there is Strenght

#netwayeAyiti2024: Political Impasse

The elusive agreement between politicians and civil society leaders looking to come up with a plan to solve some of Haiti’s pressing problems is a dream that is often spoken of, but never actually realized. That a gathering of forces is needed and probably is the only way out of this hellish situation seems logical. But many forces are at work to ensure that this magical “Konbit” never happens, while those persons who possibly could spearhead such a movement are constantly discouraged by the negative propaganda spread constantly by “useful fools” on social media and news personalities on payrolls.

With our brothers and sisters getting brutalized and kicked out of the Dominican Republic and the United States because of their status as illegal immigrants, the national identity of all of us Haitians is being humiliated. Those of us who migrated legally and believe that our achievements put us in a different category are fooling ourselves. The harsh treatment given to our compatriots is not because they’re special, or represent a minority in our country. It’s because they’re Haitians from a country that is being colonized, while a significant part of its population is reduced to quasi slavery. There is a division within the Haitian population which not only prevents us from coming together, but also allows for bad treatment of citizens in Haiti and abroad. Looking at how we allow the majority of the population in most towns to live in substandard housing and in neighborhoods filled with garbage and despair, persons from other countries duplicate the same treatment. Of course, in the Dominican Republic there are extreme measures of repression and genocide toward our compatriots because of the color of their skins and the despair that forced them to leave their country. But in Haiti also the repressive regime, coupled with bloodthirsty gangsters is oppressing and killing members of the population, and nothing is being done, only militants and demonstrators are trying to bring a change.

The educated members of the population who read and write French consider themselves superior to the majority of the population, which mainly communicates in Haitian – the native language incorrectly called Creole. A significant part of the population is made of peasants and folks who live in the hills with no electricity just like it was back in the 18th century. With the population divided along social lines that are difficult to overcome, the political system does not allow for union or agreement among politicians. Most of them use that division to recruit followers among the most uneducated, and the few honest persons who side with the masses are vilified and ostracized by the intelligentsia whose members listen or follow orders from foreign tutors.

In Ouanaminthe, a town on the border between Haiti and the DR, citizens closed passage from the bridge which allows traffic between the two countries. Because of this, trucks bringing products and agricultural harvest from the DR cannot cross into Haiti. As a result of the blockade, Dominican wholesalers are losing money since the products they do not sell are perishable. As of this writing, even though Haitian authorities, along with the police have forced the persons to allow opening of the gate barring traffic, demonstrators have paralyzed traffic both in Ouanaminthe and in Cap Haitien with barricades and burning tires. A significant amount of food and products which are consumed in Haiti are sold by businesses in the Dominican Republic, so as one of their main clients Haitians have the power to hurt them economically.

Persons in the Dominican Republic do not realize that their country is dependent on Haitian consumers on the one hand, and Haitian labor on the other hand to produce the goods sold over the border. What makes matters worse for Dominicans is that a lot of businesses are owned by persons in the United States mostly, and Europe in terms of the tourist industry. Because of that a significant part of profits garnered by the large agricultural businesses are repatriated to the U.S., and there isn’t a lot left as savings in case of economic down times, like is happening now. The average citizen of the DR is suffering because unemployment is high and many persons are in debt. Many jobs are taken by Haitians because the pay is too low to allow the average Dominican to survive. Making matters worse, many Haitians with some means have come to the Dominican Republic to escape crime and despair in Port-au-Prince. They rent homes and are living there, and many Dominicans are not happy about that because to them Haitians are all the same, poor and dirty; so they don’t belong in housing that many Dominicans cannot afford. This is an explosive situation that is only getting worse. Racist politicians there are stoking the fires, and many Haitians are getting beaten and a few are killed by mobs. Of course, Ariel Henry and his de facto illegal government is saying nothing about this. Haitians cannot wait for a subservient government to do something; we need to respond to this somehow.

People need to mobilize and come together to rid the country of Ariel Henry and politicians from the PHTK and their allies. We need to understand the roots of the divisive nature within our social environment, and learn to accept each other, wether we live in towns or in the hills. We must embrace all aspects of our culture with no attempts to belittle the African base that makes us what we are. Only by coming together can we reclaim our heritage.


#netwayeAyiti2024: PNH Rendered Useless

Haiti’s National Police force, the PNH has been rendered useless to the population by a de facto illegal government bent on staying alive, even if it destroys the country. No police force in the world allows bandits to do what recent events show. Police stations have been attacked by gangs in Martissant first, then in various other locations where police officers ran away leaving station and equipment behind for the attackers. Many of the stations victimized are still closed, looking abandoned with debris from fire inside, proof that the high command of the PNH is incompetent and a large part of the problem. Everything done by the police seems to allow the gangs to grow, while taking away the capacity of the force to react decisively. With the advent of Bandi Legal, not only the judicial sector but also the police force have both been rendered useless by direct action of both the national government and the international tutors.

It took months before armored vehicles bought and supposedly paid for by the de facto government of Ariel Henry arrived in the airport in Port-au-Prince. Had these vehicles arrived sooner with supplies for the PNH, possible actions could have been taken against the gangs already. The international community which funded and trained the PNH ensured that the force would not be of service to the population. The high command answers to politicians rather than to the judicial system. All members of the high command receive funds and living expenses far above salaries of the rank and file officers and of most judges. Members of the police are paid a pittance, and if they are killed their family has to wait months before receiving any help, which is not enough to care for them.

Just like in all countries Haiti has always had its share of criminals, but they never had the power and the guns they have had under the PHTK regimes of Martelly and Moise. After dictator Jean Claude Duvalier fled the country in 1986, there was an organized criminal group called Zenglendo that terrorized Port-au-Prince and the metropolitan area there. But while these Zenglendos seem to have blessing from the authorities, they never challenged the police like the gangs are doing today. This is reminiscent of how crime increased greatly in Mexico after Native groups in Chiapas challenged the government while fighting for their rights. Right after the Zapatista movement came out in force, criminal elements started to take over towns and regions close to the uprising. It’s not a coincidence that in Haiti criminals are taking over when the population decided to get involved in fighting for a future. It’s a tried and true formula that has been used in many places by the CIA and others. The Coup d’Etat of 1991 was funded in part by drug dealers who also provided muscle. In 2004, President Aristide was overthrown by a coalition led by Guy Philippe, a convicted drug dealer. So the rise of Jimmy Cherizier, Lanmo San Jou and others is part of the same scenario.

A militant from Petion-Ville, Jean Denis was killed last night supposedly by men in uniform riding a police cruiser, according to witnesses. Jean Denis was shot, and his body was removed by his killers. He was involved in chasing Magalie Habitant, a supporter of PHTK and Martelly who was reportedly associated with the murder of former de facto president Jovenel Moise. She provided a house for the Colombian mercenaries who are incarcerated in Haiti for the murder of the former de facto president. Of course, we’re not saying Habitant ordered the killing, but it is a strange coincidence that after she condemned her attack during a demonstration in Petion-Ville, one of the militants who chased her is killed.

This fight for freedom is turning violent, militants and demonstrators need to change their approach. Stop the music and dancing, and start defending yourselves by being ready to fight. Just like the people of Sri Lanka did, it’s time to look for those politicians, like Ariel and his ministers who are sold out to U.S. and other people interest, and force them to step down. Just like people to in the Sudan acted, take all of them to jail, and start building the country again. Petro Caribe and CIRH need to be investigated, and until then the mobilization must continue.

#netwayeAyiti2024: Help or Occupation?

In Haiti, the population is facing a great dilemma. Vicious gangs have been given license to acquire territory on the main highways in and out of the capital, Port-au-Prince, to fight each other for territory with high caliber guns, terrorizing persons living in those areas; and to rob, kill, and kidnap persons at will. The police seems helpless to fight those criminals, and military occupation disguised as humanitarian help is the solution offered by the de facto illegal and inefficient government seemingly responding to cries of help from the population. Okay let’s break this down, so we can make some sense out of this. For starters, it is not a coincidence that the situation has suddenly reached this level of desperation when a majority of the population is out in the streets clamoring for the ouster of wannabe dictator Ariel Henry, and more importantly demanding change in their socioeconomic lives.

At a time when the de facto government and the PHTK are on the verge of collapse, the very instances who are propping up these sham leaders want to have their troops come in to supposedly save Haiti from mayhem, murder and famine. Purposely, the PNH, the Haitian National Police, has been weakened, so that police officers cannot provide security to the population. Not only is the force not provided adequate weapons and ammunition to properly wage a campaign to eliminate most of the gangs, and have the rest under control. There is also no clear strategy being implemented by the top hierarchy to attack the gangs one by one. All over the world police use the ability to outnumber all groups of bandits by concentrating their forces in one place to subdue opposition. The PNH needs to tackle gangs by using their advantage in manpower and tactical training to overwhelm the criminals who do not possess the same capacity. This is an approach which requires the support of the persons in charge, and adequate supply of weapons and ammunition by the international friends or I should say so called friends, more like enemies if you ask me. The PNH coupled with the small army group has the manpower and training to eradicate, or at least keep gangs under control.

The majority of the Haitian population is against the return of foreign troops in the country, especially from the UN. If the International Community wants to help it can send a few helicopters equipped for combat with trainers to teach how to operate them. The armored cars which were bought from Canada should be delivered with a load of high powered guns and plenty ammunition so the PNH can train, and then plan operations. The gangs can be tackled effectively because they are not made of trained soldiers or paramilitary forces with strategic training. Most of these guys walk around in sandals and little body armor, so any trained force can take them. There are plenty of Haitian American veterans and police officers with SWAT training who can provide training to the PNH right away, and help eradicate any gang in Haiti.

Ariel Henry and the PHTK will not support any approach to fix problems in Haiti because they have no place in a country where the law and economic progress is the norm. Most of the leaders of the PHTK are drug dealers, pimps and thieves making a living stealing from the people. They do not want any change in the way things are going, least of all any effort to stop the big money being made through the fake gasoline crisis. The population is hostage the a two fold fake problem. The weakness of the Haitian currency, the gourde, coupled with no gas at the pump. Those two problems created by those in control have allowed for big cash being made by a chain of persons, starting at the top with the importers and all the way down to dudes selling the precious liquid on the sidewalk. Only a complete change in the way the country is run, along with real participation of the majority of the population in planning the future and sharing of resources will solve our problems. It sounds simple, but it requires truly strong honest commitment. The gasoline problem and the currency changing are the tip of the iceberg. This system has run its course because it is so corrupted that only a true revolution can change it. No “Accord” can change the greed that even it’s own participants share secretly. Military occupation is not the answer.

#netwayeAyiti2024: They died in silence

Nicholson Pierre “Bab”

As opposed to over 100 prisoners who died of starvation, dehydration and sickness, Nicholson Pierre got to walk out of jail in Haiti recently because militants and attorneys working with the ongoing mass uprising in the country intervened. With hundreds of persons massed in front of the Port-au-Prince parquet, as the prosecutor’s office is known, Pierre was freed by concerned instances who reacted to the mobilization in front of their door. A well known militant who swears by Jean Charles Moise and Pitit Desalin, the party headed the former senator, Pierre aka Bab, usually hangs out in Champs de Mars, part of a group of intractable opponents of the government. These street militants held a memorable battle against the police a few months ago during the “Battle of Champs de Mars, which was chronicled here on Deye Mon.

Unfortunately for hundreds of prisoners packed like sardines in prisons throughout Haiti, they do not get to walk out free. Persons in jail in the National Penitentiary, the prisons in Petit Goave, Arcahaie and other centers in the country are dying of hunger, thirst and otherwise preventable diseases. AIDS and Cholera are rampant in all these jails, and there is little and more than often no medical treatment provided by prison guards who don’t get to eat that well themselves due to low salaries. Persons in the jails suffered because of the unrest that is spreading all over, and also because corruption and neglect keep the authorities from feeding prisoners and providing them with proper drinking water. Imagine being locked in a crowded cell with no food and little water that is unsanitary any way, and no opportunity to bathe or receive basic health care. If life for persons living outside in the ghetto is hell on earth, what can you call this suffering by those persons in jail today?

While some of those prisoners are dying every day, few people seem to care. In Petit Goave in the beginning of the week, some street merchants who sell vegetables and food staples decided to pitch together and feed the persons in the local jail. This is an exception, as in most cases in other prisons in the country, persons go days with no food and no treated water. In the U.S., especially New York and Miami, there is no outcry from the Haitian diaspora. People are going to nightclubs, attending events, and generally living life as if everything back home is ok. In communities with a large population of Ukrainian immigrants there are no parties or celebrations. Everyone there is concerned about war in their country. Well, there is kind of a war in Haiti too, and prisoners are dying in the jails. We should all be clamoring for this information to be reported on the news, and proper attention given to this horrible murder of people incarcerated, with no way to feed themselves. The vast majority of these prisoners, over eighty percent of them, have not seen a judge, or been condemned for a crime. Many are persons arrested after a demonstration in arbitrary fashion, while others are there for petty crimes. Most hardened criminals arrested in Haiti are freed by corrupt judges and police officials. Persons left in jail are the ones that are too poor to buy their freedom. Gangs are taking over whole areas of the country, encircling Port-au-Prince, while mostly innocent persons are arrested.

We need to have a campaign to bring attention to the brothers and sisters who are suffering in crowded jails, which have become death traps. Those men and women do not deserve what is happening to them. Even worse, they do not deserve to die in silence and in incognito because only their family members are aware of this injustice, persons condemned to die without trial. I refuse to post images of these wretched persons, but those images are on social media, and looking at them I wonder about our humanity. Since many of our compatriots are starving while not in jail, for those in jail it’s normal and accepted. Something must be done quickly to help those people, and those of us in the diaspora cannot just sit and watch while doing nothing. Let’s begin by publicizing this ignominious information all over where we live.


#netwayeAyiti2024: Stubborn Destruction or National Freedom

Despite being rejected by the majority of the population of Haiti, as persons in all major towns have taken to the streets, de facto Prime Minister/ Protectorate Governor Ariel Henry remains in power. He remains in hiding, watching the economy being destroyed, as businesses, banks, supermarkets and food warehouses are being looted in many places. People in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas are missing the most basic things like treated drinking water, food staples and any needed medicine, while people are not much better all over the country. Lying through his teeth, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Geneus said to the assembly at the United Nations that the situation was “under control” in Haiti. The whole population of the country knows that he told a bold face lie to the General Assembly in New York. Now do officials at the UN choose to believe him, even though through the BINUH they have a basic idea of what’s going on? Matter of fact all non essential personnel from foreign embassies in Haiti have been evacuated, so the analysts at home know what’s going on. So then, as the assembled representatives listened to the fable from Minister Geneus, many were laughing inwardly. And I’m sure some of them looked at him with pity and contempt because they know that he is not only lying, but he is a party to the destruction of his country, and the killing of his people. A sad job indeed, but some choose to do anything for money, even if it means making persons look down at them and their countrymen.

Most of the population has no choice, but to mobilize for a change in the people running the country. What is really needed is a complete rewriting of all aspects of Haitian society, so that the country can truly develop thanks to a vibrant, positive participation from the majority of the population. So much talent is wasted in the youth and most of the active, willing and able population that is kept uneducated, living in horribly inadequate conditions, with no chance for a future. With a population numbering perhaps twelve millions, over ten million persons live below or at the poverty line, with no electricity, healthcare and a decent meal every day. Many of them possess great talent, and if allowed to learn they would make the country greater, more prosperous and a great place to live in. Speaking from experience in educating young Haitian men and women, there is so much positive energy wasted within them because of a system built on exclusion, poverty for the many, and uncountable wealth for a very few. The recent mobilization is a cry from young militants wanting a decent life, which must be heard and listened to.

Little positive action can be expected from traditional politicians in Haiti vying for positions in dubious elections, more like selections, which are expected in an undetermined future. Most of the persons who have taken to the streets do not trust the majority of them. This is a movement with no leadership on the national level, but rather some regional leaders have emerged, like Jean Charles Moise in Cap Haitien, and Youri Latortue in Gonaives. They have drained large crowds as they ride the wave of discontent, while participating and leading demonstrations calling for the ouster of Ariel Henry. Jean Charles Moise has been particularly critical of the banking system, saying that persons in power in banks manipulate the exchange rate to make money. Many people believe this, and as a result a few banks have been attacked and damaged.

With stubbornness, Ariel Henry hangs on with the blessing of his constituents, the international community which put him in place. The Haitian National Police is firmly behind him, and men in uniform have shot to kill at unarmed crowds demonstrating. Many persons demonstrating were shot by police in Les Cayes and in Cap Haitien. Militants in Port-au-Prince have also accused police officers of shooting at them during the night. All of this does not discourage young people who are in the street demanding that Ariel leave. Along with his cronies and allies formerly in opposition, like Andre Michel, Rosemond Pradel and Marjorie Michel, the disgraced de facto Prime Minister has stolen enough money in reward for services, and should leave by the back door before things get too hot. Presently, the pot is boiling. It may overflow and send scalding water in all directions, in which case many innocent persons will suffer, as well as the culprits who are responsible. The ultimate ones who give the orders will remain safe abroad, but their agents and stoolies will get the brunt of the scalding bath.

#netwayeAyiti2024: Destruction, Diversion, Just Mobilization

Ariel Henry is hiding from the furor of the population of Haiti, while sending police officers on a hunt for militants, hoping to break the spirit of the ongoing mobilization against his leadership. Sadly, police officers, and in some cases bandits wearing police uniforms, are shooting at demonstrators and young militants, especially in Petion-Ville and the capital Port-au-Prince to force persons to stay inside, away from the streets. Taking advantage of the unrest and lawlessness, criminals have broken into warehouses, schools, hospitals, private homes, government offices and a few banks so far, and they have destroyed what they could not steal. These criminals are not the people mobilizing against this unjust and illegal government and the socioeconomic system that bred it. These looters are part of a master plan to continue with Henry in power by saying that the just struggle of the population against a government that has been imposed by foreigners is led by thieves and bandits. During the looting the Haitian National Police held back and allowed targeted businesses and organizations to be targeted. From there, just as it happened after the George Floyd murder in the USA, persons with an agenda that had nothing to do with the just mobilization of young people fed up with a failing system took to the streets and looting spread. Gangs started to demonstrate, as if they were not part of the problem, on a mission from Ariel and his supporters. The police made sure they stayed away from these armed groups.

The majority of demonstrators are young people looking for a decent future in their country. They are fighting for a future in a country free of crime, garbage and incompetence at all levels. After de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry and UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres said that the demonstrators were all criminals, it gave the police carte blanche to hunt militants down and shoot at legal demonstrations. Earlier today in Les Cayes, police fired at groups of young people gathered to peacefully march and express their rejection of Ariel Henry. Before the people even gathered they were fired upon by persons in police uniforms. We’re they real police officers? Where were they when persons attacked businesses to steal materials? No one knows, but police officers are paid a pittance, with no social benefits at all. They are being used to repress the population which is fighting for better conditions for them too. After the attempts by rank and file officers to form a syndicate were repressed by this government to fight for it with this repression is stupid. Of course, as I said not everyone in uniform is a sworn defender of the law. Or has the police force become so infiltrated by gangsters in uniform that all units have become murder inc.?

There is a semblance of routine returning to Petion-Ville and some of the major streets in Delmas and upper Port-au-Prince, but Ariel Henry cannot drive anywhere far from Bourdon and Musseau where he is hunkered down. As for the rest of the population barricades keep anyone from traveling north or south. In Les Cayes, after being fired upon the population there has erected barricades everywhere, and locked the town down. In Petit Goave, the National Highway is shut down with barricades blocking the road. And getting in Cap Haitien from the south is an adventure.

Until Ariel Henry abdicates and takes the PHTK with him, there will be no peace in Haiti. These persons are kept in place by the Core Group and their Haitian minions to allow foreigners to take our wealth, and corrupt and exterminate the youth. Politicians keep talking about a need for them to begin a dialogue with all parties, especially those in opposition, but even they know this is impossible. First, there are too many politicians who take orders from foreign embassies, mostly Tabarre. Second, there is too much bad blood between some of the parties, we can safely say that Lavalas has many enemies who will never talk with them truthfully. Third, militants who are fighting in the streets do not trust the majority of politicians, and few of those party leaders have a real mass following. The solution can only come from continued mobilization by those who really want change and a fair opportunity for the majority of a population that is young and rich in inspiration, willingness and imagination. Pressure needs to continue until the government collapses because to stop now would be mass suicide by the population.

Too many take orders from foreign embassies

Le P’ti Club: Celebrating Nineteenth Year with Art, Class and a Big Gun

To celebrate nineteen years of existence, Le P’ti Club, inc of Miramar hosted a gala art exhibition and personal appearance by three major artists of Haitian origin, Philippe Dodard, the internationally acclaimed painter, sculptor whose works have been featured in major exhibitions in Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia,Africa and the American Continent, Jean Jacques Stephen Alexis, a well known painter in South Florida who is the director of the Jacques Stephen Alexis foundation named after his famous father, and last but not least Claudia Apaid, an upcoming artist who draws inspiration from her native culture, and showed an infectious enthusiasm all through the event.

Philippe Dodard
Jean Jacques Stephen Alexis

Held on Friday, sixteenth day of September 2022, Le P’ti Club’s anniversary brought out the beautiful people to witness a display of art works, all hosted by the Island SPACE Caribbean Museum of Plantation Florida. Jimmy Moise, President and CEO of Le P’ti Club, inc. of Miramar, an organization that promotes the arts, music, literature and entertainment in South Florida says “to properly celebrate the anniversary I brought “The Big Gun”, as Jimmy referred to Philippe Dodard, the superstar of Haitian Art, who is presently Director of ENARTS, the University for Plactic Arts, music and dance in Haiti. Philippe has done an outstanding job under dire circumstances, as he has led the school during these turbulent times.

Claudia and Jean Jacques also displayed some of their works, lending the inspiration that guides them.

Manicotex by JANJAK II
Claudia’ s Athena in Lazuli
By Claudia
Arag… by JANJAK II

Trans Caraibes by Philippe Dodard

Some beautiful paintings on display. Guests were also invited to visit the Island SPACE Caribbean Museum, located in Plantation, Florida at 8000 Broward Blvd in the Broward Mall. It is a fantastic place that is a hub for culture from the islands of the Caribbean. Jimmy Moise partnered with Calibe Thompson and David Muir, two of the directors of the museum to hold the anniversary celebration of Le P’ti Club in a well attended event, which was covered by reporters from the Miami Herald, Island TV, Sonny Bel Anfom, famed social event reporter, Philippe Montas, author of Deyemoncom.blog, and others. Miramar Mayor the Honorable Wayne Messam came and congratulated Jimmy. Mayor Messam came with his assistant, the lovely Edna Laroche who introduced him.

Mayor Messam with Jimmy Moise
The pageantry

Philippe Montas served as the MC, with a sober and unassuming mien he was able to keep the program moving to allow guests to mingle with the artists. With the presence of Miss Haiti Universe 2022 Mideline Phelizor and Miss Pan-American Haiti 2022 Josephine Lentner, the beautiful people were in attendance.

Jimmy surrounded with beauty
Claudia, Mayor Wessam, Jean Jacques and Philippe

The audience really enjoyed the presentation and provided acclamation and hearty applause.

Josephine Lentner, Miss Pan-American Haiti 2022
Jimmy with Leslie Dalencour

Wine tasting invited itself to this gala event when Leslie “Boom Boom” Dalencour co-sponsored the event on behalf of the Dalencour Group. Boom Boom brought some wine from his vineyard, and persons relished the many bottles of white, red and rose. Take my word, the bar was also a star in the event, compliment of Leslie.

A beautiful crowd

On a personal note, on behalf of Le P’ti Club, Jimmy presented certificates in association with the MINTO Family Foundation to Philippe Montas, Serge Moise, Calibe Thompson, and those who contributed to make the event a success.

As all good things must end, Wooly Saint Louis sang some Haitian songs, while strumming his guitar. Food and dessert was provided with the help of Ti Paul Moise, Jimmy’s wife who is always there away from limelight which she does not seek.

Happy Birthday Le P’ti Club