End of Nightmare in sight

Tis a sweet morning, the Keystone State and the Peach are racing each other for the honor of being the vote that brings Biden – Harris home, while sweeping Donald Trump out the White House. Both states are racing each other to see which one will bring this ray of sunshine in the USA. It’s a tight call and the final verdict will be in soon.

This is the end of Drumpism, the reviled ideology of white supremacy allied with the evangelical rabid zealots. The final throbs of what was also an open door for the kkk and white militias to start riding again because their man was in the White House. Of course this is not the end of Winter in America, the famous song by Gil Scott Heron which spoke of the many problems in this country. Biden – Harris will be confronted with a litany of them, starting with a divided country and continuing with Covid, health care, justice for all and rising poverty.
Speaking of the rising poverty, it’s the main issue affecting so many people, Blacks and Latinos in particular. A housing crisis is looming as people are starting to get eviction notices from cash strapped landlords. The Covid-19 crisis is coming at a particular bad time for the U.S. economy because President, or should I say former president Donald Trump favored the super rich with a huge tax break that came on the back of lower middle class and poor people. As they were the first to lose their jobs when the economy shut down, poor people in the service industry and working for small businesses, including retail stores, are joining the growing lines for food handouts and losing their homes. Had Donald Trump won the election we would have had an explosion in poverty and public strife.

The USA was the land of opportunity to many who came from places that did not provide it. People have come here from all over to work and build a new, more stable life. Sure, you work like a beast of burden, while suffering countless indignities because of the color of your skin and your culture. But in the end you manage to survive, while paying tons of bills and getting high interest when applying for credit. Nowadays, even young whites are taking to the streets in search of an escape from poverty. With the cost of a college education rising, many people cannot support sending their children to the halls of higher education, so young whites have to join the unskilled labor pool where poverty is a step away. White folks are not standing for this because the U.S. has always allowed them to live comfortably, while black people toiled in the fields. This situation is creating heightened frustration among young whites who are facing the kind of life that only black people and hillbillies suffered in the past. So as the votes are being counted, we are hoping for a new era of increased opportunities for those who have been denied too long, while those new to the game of marginalization can find their bearings once again. A warm welcome to Biden – Harris taking over, hope they lead us out of the nightmare.


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