Danse Petro : Woy Nou Soulaje

Biden/Harris in the White House!! A huge sigh of relief for those who worked so hard to help end the nightmare of incompetence, and usher in an era of leadership where paying attention to people, their needs and their aspirations will be the norm. With this choice, people living here in the USA are hoping for change. Immigrants in particular are looking for a change in the policies of the country they want to call home because no matter how much they love the country of their birth, this is their home. A lot of folks of Caribbean descent voted for President elect Joe Biden, with Kamala Harris as Vice President elect, a daughter from Jamaica and India, born in the USA, as Bruce Springsteen famously said. Joe and Kamala will extend TPS for Haitians and others caught in a bind, as most recipients of it want to stay here and hopefully become permanent residents, while President Trump wanted to send them packing. Thankfully Mr. Drump, as soon to be former President Trump is known to us, (dumb + Trump= Drump), is presently packing now, ready to vacate the premises.

Even though Florida did not come through for Joe Biden, Caribbean Americans in South Florida voted in the majority for Biden -Harris, especially in Broward County, which voted overwhelmingly democrat, as opposed to Miami/Dade which barely favored the democratic ticket. Haitian Americans who live in Broward really came through because they did not want four more years of a man who said Haiti is a sh.. hole. The new president will have to remember this and come through for the communities where we live by providing jobs and educational opportunities to Black and Latino people. We also need to see a change in how ICE is mistreating people who just want a better life. Let’s slow down on the mass deportations of people who have not committed any felonies. Biden/Harris needs to be more humane and provide help to people who just want the opportunity to earn a decent living. Of course, the President elect cannot allow people to break the law, and enter the country illegally, but a more humane approach is needed because after all immigrants built this country, from the days of the mayflower to present day immigration. The U.S. has always welcomed those in need, looking for a better life, so it’s time for true democracy to shine bright and be for all, not just for one group.


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