Deye Mon & Tokay TV

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Deye Mon and Tokay TV have embarked on a fruitful partnership to air shows in the South Florida region, mainly Miami Dade and Broward counties. The first show we are collaborating on, Face the Election, airs every Wednesday at 8 PM on channel 18.6 digital TV, and it runs one hour, with a replay at 11 PM. For now, we are concentrating on the upcoming November election, but after we will adopt a different format, focusing more on issues. Although Tokay TV is non partisan, and the show focuses more on informing and educating voters has always presented President Donald Trump in his true colors since its beginning and will continue to do so. Of course we all know Dumb + Trump = Drump The man who listens to Putin, but for now we just want to talk about this positive step in terms of being Host of different shows on Tokay TV.

Tokay TV is the offspring of Pierre-Richard Armand, better known nowadays as Richie Tokay. He is the executive producer of Face the Election. I’m the Host and presenter, and Fritz Vertyl is the Program Director at Tokay. This endeavor was made possible by Jimmy Moise, CEO of Le P’ti Club and Public Relations Director at Tokay. As you well know Le P’ti Club has recently celebrated promoting the arts and helping artists and entrepreneurs in South Florida for seventeen years. Nowadays Jimmy is taking his organization in a new direction with Public Relations as a new asset at Le P’ti Club. During taping Jimmy also serves as floor manager, keeping the pace and relaying messages from the booth.

photo by Ashley

With this association we are hoping to bring the true grit of life. Tokay TV is starting to take a new turn where we’re looking to attract young viewers of Haitian and Caribbean descent who live in our market. Face the Election is part of that new direction where with this association, we will make an impact in South Florida, and through our online presence all over the internet. There is much to talk about in our community and with our grass root approach we hope to help viewers understand the things that are affecting them, while also keeping them entertained

Soon and Le P’ti Club will cooperate in another show on Tokay TV, but for now stay tuned to Face the Election on Tokay TV, channel 18.6 digital 📺 TV every Wednesday evening at 8 PM, with a replay at 11 PM, with your Host Philippe Montas, author of this blog, presenter of the show. Remember to watch if you’re in South Florida or on line at on the web.


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