Leading by Example

In the upcoming elections of November 3 the choice is clear and we need to act on it. On one side Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have chosen to lead by example; on the other side Donald Trump has chosen bluster and wild, unfounded accusations. Leading by example means protecting yourself, and those close to you from COVID-19 by always wearing a mask, keeping social distance, at least six feet, and avoiding crowds. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have done that by focusing on avoiding mass meetings that could serve as foyers for covid, while also ensuring protection for their immediate collaborators. Their campaign has focused on a positive message of having a plan to fight the corona virus, and providing support to working class families, while working to heal problems brought by racial inequities. Kamala Harris, as an offspring of immigrants will undoubtedly use a more humane approach when dealing with immigration, TPS for example with those in need being at the forefront of issues to be taken into account.

On the other hand we have Donald Trump and Mike Pence, a team that exemplifies Same Old Sh.t for us minorities.

Lest we forget Dumb + Trump = Drump.

President Trump and Mike Pence lead by bluster and cheap cliches, like Joe Biden is a socialist. For 47 years Biden has participated in national political affairs with no one ever accusing him of being a socialist, and suddenly Drump makes the wondrous discovery that Joe is a socialist. Joe, a man who has always valued a centrist agenda in the Democratic Party. So Drump is leading by not presenting a plan to guide the country out of the crisis it’s facing, but by belittling scientific efforts from experts to fight Covid-19, sabotaging the messages that they put out, while encouraging mass gatherings to spread the deadly virus. Drump is losing ground and that is bringing out the worst in him. Wild accusations, posturing, unfounded achievements, all staples for a man drowning in ineptitude. Now, we need to be wary and watch for the Russian factor, that is manipulation similar to what helped the President win in 2016; expertise from KGB trained operatives with the most advanced hacking at their disposal. President Trump said it awhile back, that he will not refuse information and help from Russia, so if push comes to shove we all know what he will do. Drump is also stoking the fires of white supremacy by calling on racists organizations to “stand ready” on Election Day to create mayhem if he loses. There is a strong possibility that violence will occur if Joe Biden wins.

This is why supporters of Biden- Harris need to vote early and make it an overwhelming victory, so that the ones that would contest the results look foolish. Racist groups are ready to pounce if results are not clear and definitive, so early voting, mail in ballots and all out efforts to ride the donkey to victory, not only in the presidential race, but in local elections too is the motto. Let this time be the moment Republicans go down in flames by losing both the presidency and Congress. So this election is key for a better future. Recently, I interviewed two persons in Florida who want Biden -Harris in office. Edna Laroche and Linda Joseph. Edna is the Executive Assistant to Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam, and a passionate advisor of empowerment for women. She is presently supporting Mary Woodson in her quest for a seat in the House of Representative in South Florida. Linda Joseph is the other person I interviewed; elegant and well informed, she is the Democratic Party District Committee woman for District 06 in Miami. She is a fantastic person who holds an important function with a vital mission. She is adamant that Biden – Harris must prevail, she says that not only as an official of the Democratic Party, but also as a woman of Haitian descent who understands the plight of the marginalized downtrodden. Linda is also leading Ayisyen for Biden, a group of voters of Haitian descent who have embraced Joe Biden for president. Here is a link of our recent interview that aired on Face the Election on Tokay TV

October interview: Face the Election

As you can see Linda is passionate and well informed, so we’re hoping to sit and talk to her and Edna again for Tokay or Deyemoncom because they both have a lot to say, and we want to hear more.

This election is upon us. The choices are clear, either we support a new approach in governance or we stay with SOS. We are not from a sh.t hole, and people of African descent need to come together and vote for the ones who will represent us best. White Americans need to realize that racism and marginalized policies for minorities will bring doom to the country. So much needs to be done to solve covid-19 and bring needed respite to people, President Trump has been at the helm for the past four years and life has only gotten worse. I was in New York City recently, and there I watched the death of a group of small businesses on Jamaica Avenue in Queens. Rows of stores that hired young Black and Latino workers were all closing. The life line of whole communities near the avenue, all shuttered because of covid. It’s the same in inner cities all over the U.S. with people losing their jobs, with nothing to give them hope. This December, we are facing one of the largest crisis in housing in history, as thousands of people will face eviction, or will be forced to move to cheaper abodes. Couple that with lines for free food increasing it is becoming more urgent that the right man be in the right place, leading by example.

It is imperative that the country adopt a more humane approach to governance, with people and their well being being most important, as opposed to the numbers in the stock market, which do not represent how people are living. If elected, Joe Biden should listen to all sectors of society in the United States in order to build an effective coalition to solve all the problems Trump will leave behind. Haitian Americans must be taken into account when policies are made because much needs to change in regards to programs, opportunities and the need for better conditions in our communities. Only a leader who leads by example will understand and take the necessary steps to allow our community to progress.


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