#netwayeAyiti2024: On Fire for…

No one knows why this young man, Karl Edson Azor, decided to set himself on fire, in Cap Haitien, in front of the Vertieres Monument in an act of self sacrifice that was a powerful statement. That he chose to perish in such a painful manner willingly shows the depth and symbolism of his action. A couple of days before the emotionally charged presentation, the de facto cynical prime minister Ariel Henry had lorded over the celebration of Flag Day desecrating the very town where Azor chose to sacrifice himself. Was it a coincidence? No one can say for sure, but the presence of his wallet on our flag next to his charred remains speaks volume about the meaning of his message.

This is a message that clearly shows the despair that is affecting the majority of our youth, stuck in a country that has been at war since its beginning. Right after Haiti gained its independence it was at war against Europe and North America because our country became a battleground in the continental war between Europe and Africa, a conflict that began with the wars to conquer the continent. Make no mistake about it, this is a war that is still going on by proxy and with very little spoken about it. The meeting in Berlin where European countries sat together to carve the African continent into respective colonies is a perfect example of how Europe is at war against Africa. The coalition to murder Muammar Gaddafi and stop his plan to establish a bank for the continent is further proof proof that this is an ongoing struggle between continents. Over fifteen million persons have been killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo since it became independent in the sixties and persons are still dying violently there everyday.

Haiti sparked a revolution in 1804 that placed the country at the forefront of this continental war. By dealing a death blow to the slave trade, the African people in Haiti then became the enemy to destroy for the European colonizers and their offspring, the United States. It’s not a coincidence that Haiti’s independence was not recognized by any country until 1880, and well after the country agreed to pay a debt that ruined the country, while effectively preventing any development of an army to continue the revolution. Was it a coincidence that Jean-Jacques Dessalines was murdered, thereby stopping his military buildup, and his plans to free slaves all throughout the Caribbean? It’s all part of the plan to rein in Haiti as a free country with a majority of persons of African descent.

So, let’s not allow the sacrifice made by Karl Udson Azor to be part of current events, soon to be forgotten. This young man gave his life in a horrible manner, suffering a great deal of pain, to point the finger at despair, hopelessness and downright criminal behavior toward millions of young people whose only crime is being children of Africa. Haiti is not in this condition because of some divine plan to punish our dark complexion. It is in this condition because Europe decided to crush the revolution before it spread to other parts of the Caribbean. We have a selected prime minister / slave gang driver who only answers to his masters in foreign embassies because our people cannot be allowed to be free as children of Africa. Karl Udson set himself on fire after Ariel Henry defecated all over his hometown. The young man took his life, and gave it as a symbolic tribute to the flag, and what it should stand for. He chose to do it at Vertierres, in front of the monument which represents the battle for independence.

We are more than twelve million persons in Haiti and in the diaspora, yet we’re allowing a few thousand miscreants, sold out thieves to desecrate our heritage, and sell out our country. It does not make sense that, just like in the mother land Africa, we let divide and conquer keep us poor, destitute and near starvation. All it takes is awakening from the fear and ignorance that is stopping us from coming together to better fight this ongoing war. We are at war and our survival as a nation depends on it. This fight requires strategy and a sense of purpose, just like it was back in 1791. Until we realize the depth and breadth of this fight, we’re not going to approach it correctly. The enemy is united in a Core Group to engage the population better, and some of us are foolish enough to think it’s to help us. No other country in the world has such a mafia of diplomats, only Haiti, and it’s all done in the open, as if Haitians are too stupid to understand. And we have a mass of so called intellectuals who think that speaking French makes them intelligent. If I’m not mistaken there are many stupid, ignorant persons who live in France and speak French adequately. They’re still fools, and speaking French does not make them any smarter.

Karl Udson Azor’s sacrifice must not be in vain. We need to look within ourselves to find the strength not to let his act be forgotten. His action needs to resonate everywhere, so that patriots all over come together and act. There is too much talk, with little action. This young man did not waste time talking, he acted decisively and he deserves much respect. His act was not a BS forum for security that was embarrassing, like the unconscious and confused action by Mirlande Mannigat and her cohort. It was an act of courage, done willfully by a person whose name should be added to the place where our heroes names shine. Watching the image of Mannigat being denounced by a militant, as she sat eating, care of Ariel Henry’s clan of thieves, showed us that we need new leadership that realizes that we are at war.

No Independence
No Peace


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