Drump : A Dynasty Repeat

Let the sound of the Conch flow.

As you remember from my earlier post, Dumb + Trump is Drump, the proper name for the fool mascarading as President of the United States, while his Russian acolytes school him in oligarchy. The Republican, or should I say Repulsivecan, National Convention is an example of a rerun of ABC’s old drama Dinasty, with the Drump family mimicking the Carringtons. It all looks like a contrived vaudeville for paying customers who whoop and holler at every opportunity. Trump, or should I say Drump, is standing in the middle in all his narcistic glory, stealing the show every day with the same platitudes. He has surrounded himself with fawning family members acting like an imperial Dinasty ready to transform America, using the White House and tax payers money to promote his show illegally.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin we witnessed the America Drump wants, armed white supremacy believers shooting at unarmed demonstrators while police officers watch, looking like back ups. Demonstrators have flooded the streets in response to the shooting of an unarmed African American once again. Eric Garner, George Floyd, now Jacob Blake, all black men killed or seriously wounded by the police with no particular reason. Oh yeah, they are black, that’s a good enough reason in today’s United States, especially with the Republican Party ruling. Drump is leading the way to a Dinasty and the U.S. is heading toward disaster if he is able to steal the election again. By pushing the agenda toward white supremacy, Drump is securing a large portion of white voters whom he has brainwashed into believing he can make White America great again, like in the days of slavery, when they think it was great to be white. Like, if it had been that great why did they have a civil war during which freed slaves helped the North win at the expense of slave owners in the South? But then again he is not called Drump for nothing. Russian Mitch and all the other fools backing him will live to regret their blind allegiance because this Dinasty will lead to disaster, Winter in America, as Gil Scott Heron so aptly put it. Go check it out, it’s a great song whose words are up to date now.

If Drump is re-elected, or should I say if the Russian factor comes into play again, the Republican repulsives will go down in flames because local elections will punish them. People are getting poorer while the Covid 19 is ravaging the economy and killing more and more individuals. The federal government is null and void and it has been left to each state to swim or perish. From The top the CDC and the health department have received poor leadership, misinformation and attempts to minimize the disease. Drump has not shown any inclination to be a leader in the face of Covid. He has attempted to wistfully make the problem go away while doing nothing. Poor leadership which has killed many people.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will do a much better job, so they need to stay on course, keep leading, and bring the team home. People here need a leadership that will renew trust in government, while promoting change in race relations and opportunities for Blacks, Asians and Latinos. It is not enough to talk about change, we the people need to come together locally and nationally to get behind candidates who care, and push an agenda of peace and development. Drump is pushing the old tired agenda of feeding the rich at our expense with tax breaks, low wages and deregulation. They want people to believe that wealth is on the way as more and more are getting poor and medical costs are eating away whatever savings people have, and sending them into debt. Public health is close to zero, as Drump has gutted any attempt to provide health care free of charge, or at low cost. Education is losing our children because Drump and his clan have glorified spending money and showing it off, so who needs school? We are heading toward destruction, and only a 180 degree about face will help us.


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