Art Basel in Little Haiti- A spirit of renaissance

A plethora of Haitian artists of all disciplines descended on Little Haiti during Art Basel week in Miami and provided a reminder of the vibrant nature of Haitian art and music.  It was a glorious week highlighted by the performance of T-Vice at Magic City – more on that later –   and a cozy display of art along with some inspiring poetry on Saturday night December 7 at the Haitian marketplace.  The atmosphere was pleasant and eclectic all through the week.  Many artists came from Haiti, New York and as far as the West Coast to display their talents and showcase their work.  Wagnac Bertin displayed some fantastic paintings and he was there to talk about his work and meet attendees with a smile.  Here is some of the artwork he provided IMG_3944



Wagnac has a unique style which is very detailed while his color scheme is noteworthy.

Of course Wagnac was not the only artist with work on display, there were many others and their work graced the wall of the venue.IMG_3938

A visit at Jude Papa Loko Thegenus’ gallery provided the opportunity to look at some of the fantastic work from this artist who does not need an introduction.  Jude is famous and his gallery in the Design District on 37th street off NW 2nd ave. is a joy to visit.  Papa Loko is a fervent adept of Voodo the Haitian religion which is a bedrock for the Haitian culture with its spiritual music and mystic art.  As you can see Jude who appears below depicts the Loas at their best in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and varied shapes.IMG_3896

His art comes from the soul and a visit to his gallery will surely reinforce that.  Jude is also a musician whose band Loray Mystic is an extension of his religious practice.




As you can see Jude’s work is a mixture of the mystical journey into the loas with a good dose of undeniable talent in his use of colors and shapes.IMG_3888.JPEGAfter we bathed in the spiritual journey of Papa Loko’s adobe we ventured to Little Haiti as mentioned above to view and bask in the atmosphere there.  But before that we visited some galleries in the District and saw some nice artwork.  Below is a display from a gallery near Jude’s that features work from Puerto Rican artists.IMG_3916

Little Haiti provided the summit, the perfect ending to a nice voyage.  It proved to be an enchanting evening of art and poetry as Mecca AKA Grimo Marcelin was the host of his monthly poetry night which he held especially on a Saturday to participate in Art Basel in Little Haiti.IMG_3951IMG_3946  A small but select and lively crowd remained after the fashion show which was held on the same evening.  And those that stayed were rewarded by a nice bout of entertainment featuring poetry and songs.  Tico Armand, the model, singer and poet was the co-host and she graced us with her brand of poetry.  Her message was simple yet vibrant.IMG_3969Tifane, Stephanie Rejouis, the diva and singer of renown laid out a poem about Haitian womanhood and the spirit that fills her.  She looked great in a short white mini dress that highlighted her wondrous shape, magnificent legs and creole beauty.  Unfortunately Tifane did not sing but her monologue was appropriate.  The high point of the evening was provided by Elaina the poet, a rotund, rubinesque young woman whose energy, soul and vibrant delivery kept us enthralled.  A nice evening which served as a reminder that we need to save and keep Little Haiti a Haven for Haitian of all walks.  Magic City is the bane that is swallowing our neighborhood and even though they featured T-Vice as a musical addition to Art Basel the writing is on the wall and unless we make a stand poof…..All will be gentrified.IMG_3933






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