Conspiracy Theory Part II – Op-ed by Jimmy Moise

The whole Story

While meeting with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Donald Trump told the American People that very soon he is going to meet Vladimir Putin after just one phone call, with no previous bilateral summit planned between the two leaders.  Why?  Is this one of the off the cuff decisions similar to the one which set up the meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?  We can also look at it from a different perspective, with a different interpretation, like what about going to meet Putin to receive new directives?  It is possible that President Donald Trump is under the control of Putin for a number of reasons which we don’t know yet have no proof of, and which Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor, may by now have a good idea of this hold Vladimir Putin has on Trump.  For instance, the American people is just learning the extent of the conspiracy on Facebook between Russian hackers directed by Moscow, The Kremlin, Putin himself and Firm called Cambridge Analytica that analyzes data.  Cambridge Analytica, a firm based in Great Britain with a branch in the USA was formed by U.S. citizen Robert Mercera, a big republican donor to the Trump campaign who is close to Steve Bannon.  His firm was hired by Jared Kushner the son-in-law and close confident of President Trump.  The correlation is that it was the chief analyst of that firm who came up with the strategy and the theory behind collecting private and personal data from over 80 million Facebook users without their consent to manipulate facts and create doubts in people’s perception of the news and the veracity of facts coming from proven media outlets, playing with people’s feelings and sensitivity by injecting fake news into the factual news outlets.  As it has been proven many times, mass fraud in an American election is virtually impossible to achieve because of the way the electoral system is compartmentalized.  So to help Trump win the 2016 election these guys from Cambridge and their associates came up with a genial trick, virtually impossible to detect, and only after a long time can you start to untangle that vicious web.  This is the reason why it’s only now more than a year after the 2016 election we are starting to find the facts which leads us to ask the question how could Trump have won fairly in 2016 without help from outside interests and even trickery.

As Putin has instructed Trump, do not be afraid to openly do all your monkey business for the American people will not understand.  There will be doubts and it’s only when you’re proven guilty that the system and the laws will punish you.  This helps to buys time because it takes a long time for a thorough investigation to convict someone of being guilty for a crime committed, especially if you scream very loud that you are innocent and you are rich and powerful.  You can proclaim loudly that it’s all fabrication used to get a witch hunt or devise a conspiracy against you.  We are living this moment now because President Trump is using the power of the presidency as a puppet microphone to cry out that he is innocent of all the sexual accusations and negative news, labeling everything as fake news.  That’s how he has confused and changed the mind of a great number of decent lawmakers.  For instance a great amount of republican congress persons and republican senators support Donald Trump simply because they believe that he is really innocent of all the accusations leveled against him, while some even look at events as a witch hunt against the president.  But on the flip side a sizable amount of these representatives is corrupted and works as enablers.  Many of them became richer recently because of Donald Trump and his so called “middle class tax cuts” which only benefited the rich, the richer and the fat American corporations (Bribery?)

Now let us connect the dots.  We told you that most of the national security agencies in the U.S. have concluded without a doubt that Russia and state sponsored Russian hackers have meddled in the 2016 presidential election in the U.S. by using a massive disinformation campaign.  We also know today that the U.S. branch of a data firm named Cambridge Analytica hired a young professor who came up with the strategy and theory of using non authorized information from over 80 million Facebook users to manipulate those private posts to collect private information and change or reinforce perceptions of facts and news.  Well, that young professor happens to be Russian born; he grew up in the USA but traveled back in forth to Russia to give lectures and frequent Russian universities.  When asked if he was a Russian spy he emphatically said NO.  But do you think he would answer differently and say Yes I am a spy who works for Vladimir Putin.  Russian intelligence has nourished these foreign sleeper agents in different countries and regions of high interest to Russia for a long time.  This looks like a classic Soviet Union era spy ring operation.

Stay tuned for part III   —    April 2018 An op-ed by Jimmy Moise, writer, President of @lepeticlub



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