#netwayeAyiti2024: Mobilization Seeks New Results – An nou Ranmase figin 3

In Haiti presently, a new round of mobilization just began on Monday this week, and this time conditions in the living conditions are driving persons to take the streets in search of some quality in their life. Nowadays what we refer to as quality of life is nonexistent in most if not all towns in the first Black Republic of the nineteenth century. Starting with basic security from criminals and continuing with health care, electricity, gasoline for private use, schooling for many children, noise at all hours in some places in the capital, garbage collection, traffic flow, all these things which are regarded as basic in most countries in the world have disappeared in the life of Haitians, especially those living in and around Port-au-Prince. Prices demanded for most food items and home supplies whether bought on the street or in stores have more than doubled over the past few months. Persons who had problems eating a decent meal each day are now unable to even eat once every two days, with a snack on the off day. Others are made to starve little by little, victims of all kinds of opportunistic diseases.

With all these problems in the country, persons are truly exasperated, and this new round of mobilization shows this. Even though thousands of persons hit the pavement following Jean Charles Moise in Cap Haitien, in all other towns, especially in the capital, Port-au-Prince, politicians were notably absent, and not welcomed by militants who were very combative. Reminiscent of the late eighties when the population was fighting the military, persons threw rivers of stones and bottles at cops and at stores on Delmas and other places, while a food warehouse belonging to an NGO was pillaged by a crowd of demonstrators. Not to advocate violence but this mobilization, which is still in progress today, is driven by despair, extreme poverty and a sense of being abandoned by the government, those in power, and an elite which is only that in name only. Presently in Haiti, the middle class has disappeared, and there are only two classes left, the ones who are making a lot, about five percent, and those who do not have the opportunity, the rest of the population. Persons who belong to the former middle class are barely making ends meet, while putting a decent meal on the table, while those in poverty starve. There you have all the ingredients for revolution, save for leadership, one of the main ingredient to success. Most Persons have lost trust in the all talk no action politicians who only show up on the pavement for a spell, and can’t wait to join the crew. The few who are honestly vying for change have lost most of the people’s trust because of the actions of their peers.

In Jeremie, on the tip of the southern peninsula, persons have to pay nearly the equivalent of ten to fifteen dollars USD for a gallon of gasoline in the informal market, the street ok, while the price at the pump is still officially under three dollars give or take a few gourdes. Today there were barricades all over town because persons in town refuse to continue paying these prices. They are rising in indignation because the price of rice, meat, and most food has risen in proportion. As in all the other movements, politicians are again not leading the population. It looks like a spontaneous reaction to the conditions, and in all cases persons are demanding that de facto prime minister Ariel Henry leave office and retire somewhere far. As usual, no reaction from him or members of his crew, can’t call that a government.

To restore the beauty of our simplicity

We hope this round of mobilization does not fizzle out like the past monster demonstrations and peyi lock of the past three years. This time the people need to put pressure so intense that the crew resigns, and takes cover, or is incarcerated, like it happened in the Sudan and in Sri Lanka. Of course, in both of these countries matters are not settled, but a step in the right direction has been taken. In Haiti, it is time for those looking for a better future for our country to come together and help the mobilization go right. To restore the beauty of our simplicity.


#netwayeAyiti2024: Annou Ranmase Figin 2

2024 is just around the corner, and judging from recent events in Haiti it is of utmost importance that those of us who want to see our country survive in a dignified manner come together. Time is not on our side because the situation is deteriorating in our homeland due to the master plan concocted by our so called friends. The murder of former senator Yvon Buissereth along with his cousin and the burning of their bodies by gangsters in Laboule signals a new phase in the horror that has gripped the country. De facto prime minister Ariel Henry proclaimed his just condemnation of the horrible act, but his words are empty since he is the main culprit in the deterioration of security in Haiti, especially in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. He has usually remained silent and aloof when other persons have been kkilled; for example he stayed silent after the massacres in Croix-de-Bouquets and Cite Soleil a couple of weeks ago and last week respectively, but since the former senator is a public figure Henry felt compelled to speak out. The hundreds of persons who died in Cite Soleil do not count for the de facto Prime Minister because he is on a mission to reduce the country to a colony of the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. Let us not forget that Haiti’s agriculture is being destroyed so that Dominican products become the main supply of food, along with rice imported from the United States, while the population becomes cheap labor for the DR and other islands where the U.S. controls the economy. Murder and mayhem have become normal to bring the country to its knees.

We hear a lot of talks about agreements and platforms, but the reality is that the vast amount of persons in Haiti do not trust any of the politicians involved. The so called Montana Accord is a reflection of the mistrust the population and most militants share toward these public figures who are always ready to talk about a Haitian solution, while under orders from the Core Group. The different groups that used to be in the opposition are cooperating with the de facto government of Ariel Henry, making money and acting as if things are getting better, while they are actually worsening. Former opposition leaders like Andre Michel, Marjorie Michel and Mrs. Beauzil are participating in Henry’s government, shamelessly greasing their palms. Aside from Lavalas, a few other groups and former President J.B. Aristide all the other political parties are cooperating. They have all been summoned by Core Group representatives for instructions. There were rumors of the foreign tutors choosing former President Aristide to lead the transition, but it appears that it was a test to see if Aristide still had popular support. As their fear proved correct, with huge crowds coming out in support of former President Aristide, the tutors, led by the U.S. Embassy and the French, quickly backed away. The plan is to drive the country to direct or indirect occupation, like when the UN took over in 2004. A leader who is popular and shows independent thinking is not what they want

In a recent statement, the Catholic Church is practically asking for the international community to occupy Haiti once again. They falsely claim that most of the population wants that. Of course, the majority of the population, mostly poor persons in the country, do not trust these foreign “friends” who want to steal all the country’s resources and reduce the population to quasi slavery. After 2004, the UN occupation allowed a lot of weapons to fall in the hand of gangsters. Under former president Martelly, the gangs became stronger, with the help of the international community, which selected and fully supported the bandi legal. Another occupation will only make matters worse, and people in the ghetto see that. They understand that a genocide is planned and they are ready to fight for survival. Leadership is what is sorely lacking, and this is where we need to step up and participate. We have a beautiful island, which we need to keep in the face of powerful enemies with many Haitian bandi legal working for them.

Naomi is ready

Naomi Osaka is gearing toward a successful run at the U.S. Open in New York at the end of August. After winning her first round match against Qinwen Zheng in three hard fought sets at the open in San Jose, California Naomi lost to rising star Coco Gauff in two sets 6-4, 6-4. Although she lost the match, her comeback in the second set from 5-1 down showed grit and was a positive step in her return from her injury in the French Open. As a Haitian-Japanese Naomi Osaka whose father was born in Haiti seeks to represent both cultures with pride. She has already won four major tournaments at the U.S. Open and the Australian Open and we have high hopes for her in the upcoming U.S. Open in New York this year. Go Naomi.

Naomi Osaka is not just a super star in the tennis world, she is also an international business leader with stakes in many successful ventures in different fields. She is now being represented by her own agency, which is also starting to represent other athletes in major sports. She has partnered with Lebron James in a newly formed company that seeks to explore new products. Naomi is also boosting designs and projects that her sister Mari is involved in as a way to keep it in the family. Lately, her father Leonard Francois has returned to her side as coach, so it is definitely a family affair. Haiti needs a respite from all the negative things lately, and Naomi Osaka is ready to shine on the world stage this summer.

#netwayeAyiti2024 : Annou Ranmase Figin from Moral Turpitude

After a year of holding on to power or we should say to follow orders from his tutors, de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry continues to lead Haiti in deterioration and lawlessness. What is the reward he is earning worth in terms of selling his soul? Of course there is a sizable sum harvested everyday in this haven of corruption from the coffers of the state, along with the monthly contribution from his tutors. But as he is leading the destruction of the fabric of the country, we have to wonder about his plans for the future. Probably after mission accomplished he may retire in Panama, like former strongman Cedras did, or cross the border to the Dominican Republic where Namphy spent his last years. Henry is supervising the removal of sovereignty and mineral wealth from Haiti following orders from those who put him there in the first place. He probably intends to put together a nice bundle, then retire somewhere in style.

A year into the Ariel Henry government things have never looked so bad for Haiti, as the economy, the justice system, the political situation and life in general are deteriorating on a daily basis. Presently in Cite Soleil, an unhealthy slum which is home to thousands of poor people, a fight between gangs has left nearly three hundred persons dead, a couple of thousand others homeless and many wounded victims. All during the days during which the fight took place, the police never came to help and rescue members of the population trapped by gunfire. Many homes were destroyed, as persons fled the carnage. The de facto Prime Minister did not even acknowledge the death and destruction occurring under his watch. He was more concerned with expressing his condolences to the Japanese people for the death of their former prime minister. This government has no moral integrity and the leadership only cares about stealing and getting paid by the highest bidder. Kidnapping is at an all time high, with the population living in fear since anyone can be taken. Yet, there is very little done by the authorities to protect the population and punish perpetrators.

More persons from Haiti will take to the sea to escape the concentration camp which the country has become. Today, the media in Miami has all eyes riveted on a boat full of passengers which has been intercepted at sea near the Florida Keys. There will be more trips like that because the Core Group in Haiti is leading Ariel Henry’s mission of destruction of Haiti’s social and economic fabric. The gangs that are terrorizing the population and pushing the deterioration of the country have been set up, and are provided weapons and ammunition by the PHTK, the legal bandits and the foreign friends who act more like enemies. Many in the population do not see a future for them in the country, and most are trying to leave by any means available. The country is beginning to look like a concentration camp for most of the population, with no end in sight. The government has shown moral turpitude in all aspects.

#netwayeAyiti2024. Time to mobilize

Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas: Leadership with “A New Vision for Broward”

Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas Candidate for Broward County Commissioner District 9

A fresh, new voice in the race for Broward County Commissioner for District 9, Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas will bring expertise in building, organizing, managing, implementing and improving existing legislation as well as new and existing programs to benefit residents in the district. As a skillful and result oriented professional Guithele will use her extensive experience as a management expert, which she gained serving in many leadership positions in Broward County.

Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas was born in Haiti, and she went to New York City at age 11. In 1986 she moved to Florida, where she became deeply involved in community affairs after witnessing the mistreatment of Haitian immigrants coming by boat. From this experience she realized that many people in the community, and not just Haitian immigrants, need someone to voice their concerns. She has served as the President of the Haitian American Democratic Club and was the Vice President of Hispanic Unity of Florida. So, as we can see Guithele wants to foster unity among all hard working people with diverse cultural background. She wants to bring together the various ethnic groups which comprise South Florida in general, and particularly District 9, a community with many different cultures and personalities, to bring unity and better conditions for people in need.

Guithele is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida with a Masters Degree in public administration and a Bachelor of Arts from Pace University. She also has a Leadership Broward Class IX and a Leadership Hollywood. As a well educated mother, a wife and a sibling in a large family she has developed and practiced family values which are essential in weighing all factors in making decisions. Guithele also has extensive experience in many organizations and groups like :

• Current Chair of the Steering Committee for the University of Miami Translational Sleep and Circadian Sciences

• Current City of Plantation Sustainability and Resiliency Advisory Board

• President of the Haitian American Democratic Club

• School Board of Broward County Diversity Committee Broward County Commission on the Status of Women

• Community Access Center Board of Directors

• First Call for Help (211) Board of Directors

• Vice President, Hispanic Unity of Florida Board of Directors

• Broward Sheriff Professional and Standard Committee

• The State of Florida Minority and Women Business Certification Task Force

• the Red Cross of Broward County Board of Directors

As a result of her extensive experience and of her vision, which she developed from the strength and courage she got from her life experiences, Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas will represent the people in District 9 with honor and steadfast responsibility. We should all vote for her because she will get the job done. For believing in herself and being ready to answer the call for public service, Guithele will represent you earnestly and tirelessly. In these uncertain times we need someone with a proven record that will also display the human empathy she has nurtured in life. A vote for Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas is a vote for progress, integrity, experience and enlightened leadership. She is striving to serve in a better and brighter future for South Floridians. Do not forget to vote on August 23, 2022 and do not hesitate to vote for Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas Broward County Commissioner for District 9.

#netwayeAyiti2024 #cleanupHaiti2024: Lies, Lies and More Lies

Helen Lalime, UN Head of Mission who applauded the G9 as Good For the country

Nowadays in Haiti lying has become the trademark of everyone involved in the county’s affairs. The UN Head of the Mission has lied so often that it seems she’s incapable of telling the truth. Anytime she speaks her words are so untruthful it is a good bet to ignore them. Mostly only harm comes from paying attention to the propaganda she utters, starting from when she applauded after gangsters federated themselves in Port-au-Prince into a group, the G9, to today when she’s claiming that the mission she heads has done a good job, and merits to be renewed. More money allocated, a longer “Tourista” styling, the beach house in a secure isolated spot, a fat bank account are the perks associated with the renewal of the BINUH, as this paradise mission in the middle of hell is called. Here you have folks who are government employees assigned to a high level post in Haiti and who lived on a comfortable salary at home, but nothing to boast about. Now these folks find themselves enjoying maids, cooks that serve them meals they wouldn’t dream of enjoying at home on a daily basis, with a variety of fresh fruit and natural juice along with chauffeurs to take them around. They have all kind of security, riding in armor plated cars, like rappers in L.A., and live a life akin to a movie. It is in their interest to lie, cheat and fabricate reality to keep living large. The worse the situation, the more they can continue to enjoy the perks. Lying will keep the harvest growing.

Lying will keep the harvest growing

We Haitians, wether in the country or abroad live our daily lives as if everything is ok at home, even though the opposite is the reality. For example today there is a shortage of gasoline in all towns in Haiti, and drivers, as well as motorcycle taxis are forced to pay twice the regular price on the street, if they’re lucky, while gas stations are all closed. Depending on where you are you pay twice or three times the price set by the government to people on sidewalks or side of the road. This is illegal, according to a recent law, but even police officers buy it from the street. The Minister of Commerce lies by saying gas is available even though all stations are closed. Instead of taking action, any kind of action, drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers meekly pay the ransom to dealers in the street. That kind of gasoline is not always trustworthy, so many have had to do costly repairs from bad gas.

A population held hostage

Persons are being killed and kidnapped daily in Haiti, while the Minister of Justice and Public Security lies all the time saying that measures are being put in place to control the territory. In Torcell, in upper Delmas, gangs are terrorizing the population, the same in Pernier, near the Police Academy, yet nothing is being done by the authorities who should be tending their resignation in a normal country. We are allowing persons with no legitimate mandate to drag our country down to a level never seen before. Young persons who are the future of the nation are being killed daily, as joining a gang is the only way they can make a living.

Kidnapping is a business, with politicians working with gangs to fill up their war chests in anticipation of selection/elections that will be held sooner than we think. The population does not need that right now because only harm to the nation will be the result. Crooked persons tied to gangs or drug dealers will be selected in a sham election, while the very few politicians who can be considered honest will mostly abstain, and the few who participate to make a little dough and enhance their resume will lose. They will make the selection legitimate by participating with lies and promises from “friends” who will make them believe they will win. The case of Mirlande Manigat comes to mind when analyzing the emergence of bandi legal Martelly. The former president was a distant 5th in the voting count after the final count. Manigat entered the second round full of lies and promises from core group embassies, only to lose a rigged selection when her own camp curiously ran an inefficient campaign. The UN has lied repeatedly about its role during elections in Haiti, usually providing logistics in order to control how ballots are handled.

Today most of the accords reached the past months are null and void because persons lied about their intentions. It was to be expected since a lot of the persons who signed and represented their groups did not trust each other, and also said all the right things, while not being ready to follow up and fulfill their promises. Most of the participants in the Montana Accord receive advice and funding from members of the Core Group, so the idea that it was a solution that Haitians came up with and would control is at best naive. The only path to survival is reconciling the middle class and the masses in a true mobilization to reclaim our heritage. The majority of the population is poor and most do not trust anyone in the shrinking middle class where most politicians come from. Many militants have had to hide from gangsters sold to the PHTK, so the movement needs help from abroad, as well as inside the country. In a future post I will lay out how trust can be established once again, so we can unite and take action.

#netwayeAyiti2024 : Restitution vs GNB

Back in mid 2004, there was a movie called GNB vs Attila which really depicted the brainwashing that prevailed during and in the aftermath of the Coup d’Etat against then democratically elected former President of Haiti Jean Bertrand Aristide. The wildest rumors became truth in a campaign orchestrated by French and U.S. agents, with the help of Haitians politicians, civil society leaders and members of the leadership in a majority of universities. All to sabotage the bicentennial in 2004 and the demand for restitution made by then President Aristide.

Nowadays, the Haitian civil society, as it is called, is leading the Montana Accord, the coalition in opposition to the government led by de facto prime minister Ariel Henry in an attempt to lead a period of transition. First, this so called civil society represents only themselves and their respective associations and organizations, which account for very little in terms of leadership of the population. These so called leaders only lead their friends and a few persons looking for an opportunity to make some money, similarly to most politicians in Haiti. Second, the majority of these leaders of civil society are funded by foreigners in the form of grants, which can be traced to governments in the United States, France, and the rest of the Core Group of friendnemies. With the funding there is advice from the purse holders that gives direction to those “soldiers of the cause”.

Back in 2003 at the height of GNB, I remember participating in the meeting of the civil society parliament of the Caribbean countries, which gathered representatives from different civil and non government groups from the region. The representatives from the other countries like Trinidad, Dominica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and some of the others could not understand why all the members of organizations and groups from Haiti repudiated the call for reparations from France made by then President Aristide because they claimed that the money would be stolen. Most of the people from other countries participating in the meeting were from progressive organizations which fully supported the concept of reparations, which was a novel idea then, but the Haitian participants were adamant in their opposition to the demands for restitution and the celebration of the bicentennial of Haiti’s independence. They claimed that both of these things would benefit Aristide whom they said was a dictator, even though he was democratically elected. None of the civil society groups in Haiti organized anything to celebrate the bicentennial. They were more interested in destroying anything that was organized to commemorate the achievements by the Haitian revolution. As for the demand for reparations and restitution, they were quickly forgotten once Aristide was overthrown. Today, these same demands are at the forefront because of articles by The NY Times. Leaders of associations in Haiti did not bring up the role France played back in the 1840s and later in pushing our country in poverty. It was reporters from the U.S. publication who wanted to highlight the robbery of the century.

De facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry is once again talking about elections, while planning to represent Haiti in the meeting of Nations of the Americas. This guy acts as if he was elected by a majority, not selected by Core Group ambassadors in a tweet. Haitians everywhere should be up in arms because of the disdain, contempt and belittling of our sovereignty by those who have put Henry in power. While representatives from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, all countries with elected governments, are given problems Ariel Henry is welcomed as our leader. We should not accept such an insult to our dignity. There was a time when Haitians took control of the financial district after shaking the Brooklyn Bridge in New York to declare that we did not have AIDS. We need to recapture that spirit. It is inconceivable that Haitians everywhere are going about life as usual, while our sovereignty is being soiled by those who are making a mockery out of our country with the help and participation of our sold out politicians and so called civic leaders. The youth in Haiti deserves better and it needs all the support that dignity can garner. We have a beautiful country, rich in resources and natural scenery waiting to feed and embrace all Haitians.

#netwayeAyiti2024 #cleanupHaiti2024 : Beyond Contempt

With each day bringing a new crisis, the Haitian government, led by de facto prime minister Ariel Henry, has chosen to remain silent as if everything is fine in a country that is disintegrating. As of today it is very difficult to travel outside of Port-au-Prince safely wether you’re traveling North, South or even East for that matter because of gangs ruling the road, while fighting each other. Inside the under siege capital of the country, persons are getting kidnapped everyday, and held for ransom, while many are killed for no apparent reason as was the case of Osny Zidor, the medical student from Petit Goave. She was killed while riding a motorcycle taxi near Canapé Vert. Her death sparked an outcry for justice from the university students and professors, mainly from the School of Medicine where she was studying to become a doctor.

Prime minister Henry who has taught at the school stayed silent, just like he said nothing after nearly two or maybe three dozen persons were killed in the areas north and east of the capital when two gangs, Mawozo and Chen Mechan started a rumble to see who is top dog in the Plaine area, north and east of the capital. Most of the victims were innocent persons living in the areas where heavy fighting occurred, with constant shootings from heavy caliber guns. Many persons left the areas, while gangsters set fire to their homes in Butte Boyer and Marin. Both gangs have suffered losses from the battle, while the government has remained silent, save for the police which seems to have attacked Mawozo in Croix des Bouquets.

Nothing seems to faze the authorities who don’t even try to solve any of the pressing problems affecting the country. Presently, there is a shortage of gasoline in all towns in the country, as well as in the capital, the minister of commerce claims that there is gasoline in gas stations, but they remain closed these past few days. In the street, in full view of police, persons are selling the precious liquid at six to seven times the official price, wether in Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien or Les Cayes. Coupled with that is the severe rationing in electricity that has left the whole country in the dark. Businesses are suffering because they have no electricity and cannot run generators because gasoline and diesel fuel is scarce and super expensive.

Haitians everywhere need to come together to solve problems we are facing. Even if you live in the diaspora you’re affected by the deterioration of our home, which reflects on our identity as a people. The situation we are going through is the result of years of maneuvering by forces inside the country led by the U.S., France and to lesser extent Canada, which have led us to the present. Unless we identify and neutralize those who are puppets and soldiers for foreign enablers the situation will get worse. As Dr. Frantz Large said recently, the Core Group of foreign rulers want to take effective control of Haiti to exploit our mines and oil. Gold, copper, silver and oil are present in the ground, and foreign interests, mainly from the United States want all of it. By selecting corrupt leaders, they ensure their take over of all natural resources and our labor force, while only paying pennies to the crooks they select. In the meantime Haitians everywhere will remain poor and destined to work hard abroad for measly salaries, except for a few.

Only worldwide mobilization will allow us to restore our half of the island to its natural beauty, with plenty for all to eat and live in dignity. There is no time to waste because 2024 is around the corner. We must clean our environment and rid ourselves of negative thoughts and actions that are hindering us from coming together. We are all brothers and sisters wether in Port-au-Prince or in the countryside, and only by respecting and paying attention to each other’s needs will we succeed.

Danse Petro: Murder for Hire

In a shameful display of human rights violation, men dressed in uniforms of the Haitian National Police fired on a crowd of peaceful demonstrators yesterday, killing a journalist, Lazarre Maxilien, who was covering the march organized by factory workers in Delmas, as they were demanding fair wages.

We can only call this murder on a member of the press. There have been many attempts to control how the news is reported, and how commentary is offered also. The PNH was looking bad when reports showed members of the force brutalizing women who are peacefully demanding a raise so they can live decently. The factory owners also looked bad because everybody knows they pay the police to breakup demonstrations. So the answer is to fire on a group that included some journalists to intimidate the press. Most journalists working the street are not paid a lot of money, and they receive little in terms of benefits. It’s a job that demands courage and dedication because there is danger, as was seen yesterday when police officers riding in an unmarked pickup shot at the demonstration, killing Lazarre and wounding others. It looks like the PNH is working to suppress persons trying to exercise their lawful right to protest, especially workers demanding a better salary and benefits for their labor. As of today, aside from a vague statement talking about investigating the shooting, the police has not said anything to inform the public about their reprehensible actions.

Ariel Henry wants to install a police state on the population, while gangsters control a lot of neighborhoods, including parts of national roads allowing persons to travel in and out of Port-au-Prince in the south and the east. Roads in Martissant and Croix-des-Bouquets are controlled by gangs who shoot at persons and vehicles anytime they want. These gangsters make money charging money to allow safe passage through their territory for individuals and merchandise in trucks going south or heading to the border with the Dominican Republic. The de facto Prime Minister is not concerned with reigning in criminals and gangs, concentrating instead on repressing demonstrations and intimidating political opponents. Crime is exploding with kidnappers running freely, while persons are shot daily by robbers and assassins. On Wednesday this week some criminals shot at the Petit Seminaire, College Saint Martial, one of the oldest school in Haiti, forcing students to hit the floor, cowering from bullets. And through all this the authorities have done very little, throwing tear gas and shooting at demonstrators who are demanding a chance to live like human beings.

There is so much beauty in our country, and we need to come together to stop the destruction of our culture. The Core Group allied with the persons making a fortune selling imported food and supplies, while running factories and businesses are putting together a plan to eliminate a good part of the population through famine, diseases and crime, and take control of all resources, including labor. It is not a coincidence that a lot of members of universities have been targeted by kidnappings and murders. Just the other day an eminent university Professor was murdered. He was also an expert on computers who worked for the central bank which controls and regulates banking in the country. By destroying education you ensure that there is no one to fight in the future.

Persons are slowly mobilizing to take control of their lives. The factory workers and militants allied to their cause are demonstrating again today, raising the consciousness in the population which will eventually realize that they hold their future in their hands. Also the Protestant sector has started to demonstrate against kidnappings because pastors have been victims. A well known pastor, Remy Lochard, was taken by kidnappers over a week ago, and this has brought out many persons who are demanding his release. As usual, the police has done nothing to investigate and pursue the bandits who took the pastor. People have realized that help is not coming, and they must organize to defend themselves.


With all the problems in the country, persons in Jacmel still organized carnival celebrations to mark the occasion. As usual, the colors were vibrant with costumes, musical groups and people partying. My friend Patrice Douge, a great photographer provided some beautiful photos which I’ll display a few.