Danse Petro: 12 Days left

With 12 days left until President Jovenel Moise’s mandate comes to an end, persons in Haiti are living through an increasingly tense situation. Yesterday schoolchildren demonstrated in front of the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince wearing their uniforms, carrying their school bags, but it was not to attend class, get the necessary learning from teachers and start to become the citizens of tomorrow. They were there to ask for an end to the nightmare and the look the other way attitude from an untenable situation. The same day in Cap Haitien tires burned on Rue L, when demonstrators came out, a small group it was true, a brief panic started. In Kafou and Delmas barricades were set, as more schoolchildren came out demanding an end to the kidnapping of their peers. In Montrouis, usually a small peaceful resort near the sea, home to some of the priciest tourist resorts left in the country, a car was torched after its occupant fired at a crowd, killing a school girl.

Remnants of the vehicle

People are constantly worried about their security, even as a few well off persons try to live and enjoy themselves. With barricades set on the roads at will, whenever a group of people suffer from the kidnapping persons in their vicinity; Delmas 40 B was closed this morning for that very reason; people are keeping movement to a minimum. Actors with influence in society, wether on President Moise’s side or against him are flexing muscle and gearing for an upcoming fight beginning in February. The president spoke on Facebook appearing tense, talking about electricity and announcing a task force to fight kidnappings. He spoke as if the people kidnapped did not matter, but politicians in opposition were his target once again, as he blamed them for all problems. In the streets, schoolchildren demonstrating, chanted that President Moise and the PHTK were the ones responsible for the kidnappings. It is hard to go against their logic because kidnappers are acting everyday, in broad daylight, with no resistance from the police. Most of the times, these legal bandits carry heavy weapons and show no fear of the police. Curiously, almost all of the persons kidnapped these days are young people of modest means. It looks and smells like a campaign of terror geared toward cowering the population into subservience. Many persons have sent the family abroad before D-day.

Schoolchildren in front of U.S. Embassy in PAP

On Champs de Mars, and on the airways, militants and political leaders are telling Jovenel Moise that it will require him killing hundreds, if not thousands of people to remain in power after February 7, when his mandate ends. Young people are posting on social platforms, warning that they will not back down. In Montrouis once again today some people barricaded the national road, and burning tires are still there as we write this post. The situation is getting out of control and we have to wonder about D-day and it’s aftermath. While all this is going on in a country less than a hundred miles from South Florida, the U.S. media is strangely silent about the ongoing situation there. Yesterday, all the news report were about demonstrations in Russia and in India, and nothing was said about thousands of persons, mainly schoolchildren demonstrating in various towns of Haiti. In Kafou, part of the metropolitan area of PAP, once again, as of this writing a large crowd were out demanding freedom for kidnapped persons. A huge traffic jam is seen on the National Road 2 as the crowd is growing blocking this vital roadway, burning tires and demanding the release of kidnap victims in the area.

The silence from the U.S. media, especially in South Florida makes us wonder if there is a news blackout imposed on Haiti by the international media in their respective countries. It seems as if no one wants to talk about the country, even as it is going through a critical period in its existence. Haitians everywhere in the U.S. and Canada, to name some places, need to demand information about their home in the media where they live. We need to call in talk shows to make people aware of this situation because some of us are not even aware of what’s going on. There are many reporters in Haiti who probably file stories about what’s going on there, but the media does not feature those stories here. They prefer to talk about India, which is miles away, while the over one million in the U.S. do not get to keep up with their place of birth. It’s time to support the population in Haiti if we can in however small way we can, as we struggle to survive here. The media needs to show respect towards people from Haiti by at least putting it in the limelight as the situation worsens. It will be up to Haitians everywhere if people are murdered in silence, or the killing will stop because of light shed on its perpetrators.

Yaya has joined us

A ton of congratulations to Angie Bell and Tico Armand, the authors of this new illustrated hard cover book, The Adventures of Yaya: Soup Joumou Lakay Grann Pola. The two young women, Angie and Tico worked together to write this wonderful book with the help of Jerry Boursicot as a graphic artist. The manual is beautiful with pictures and text intertwined into an attractive canvas. It is a story that will entertain persons of all ages, but it is designed to really entertain and excite children. It is written in both English and Haitian, so it can be enjoyed by many people of all walks of life.

The Adventures of Yaya will soon be part of the African American Library – Fort Lauderdale Reading Center on Sunrise Blvd for the enjoyment of the surrounding community. We hope it will be part of the collection of all libraries in Souther Florida because Angie Bell, one of the authors of the book, grew up in South Florida, and her achievement should be part of the literature available here in Miami and Broward County

Angie signing a book for a buyer

Both of the authors of this book are talented young women who embody the movement to empower women all over. Tico Armand is an internationally known model and artist who is adding being an author to her impressive list of achievements. Angie Bell is well known in the Haitian Community in Southern Florida as a promoter of events and more recently as an advocate of Cap Haitien and its riches in terms of sightseeing and historical monuments. She has been promoting a platform online to display the beauty of the region and help businesses in the department have a window into the world. I will advise everyone to get this beautiful book for your child and for your coffe table because it looks great. You’ll enjoy reading it, as the story is simple and entertaining.

Good luck to the two fantastic authors of The Adventures of Yaya: Soup Joumou Lakay Grann Pola. Hope you sell a million copies. We are waiting for the next adventures.

Tico and Angie with Jimmy Moise

Danse Petro: 14 days left – Threats from the Ogre

With 14 days left in his mandate, President Jovenel Moise is threatening to eradicate those he feels are funding the opposition. In a recent address to the nation, Jovenel issued strong warnings to the population, refusing to step down as the constitution states. He stated that there are a few who are giving money to persons so that they make trouble in the country. He is ready to send his storm troopers after them. He does not realize that Haiti is a boiling pot ready to spill its content, as people are mobilizing everywhere to make the president respect the constitution. Now that time is running out Jovenel is trying to cower the population into accepting his plan to stay away in power until 2022 and beyond if he has his way.

Led by the U.S., the core group of international actors in Haiti’s crisis are sending a mixed message of support for President Moise, while behind the scenes voices are creeping in demanding that he respect the mandate he was elected under. You see, President Moise set a trap for himself when he dismissed all the elected members of parliament, save for ten ineffective senators; most of them too busy raking in the little money left while they are around. With this dismissal signaling that four years had passed, the president finishes his five years a year after, according to his own calculations because four plus one equals five not six. Jovenel had one year to extricate himself out of that trap by holding whatever bogus elections he could present, with constitutional amendments allowing him to run. Time has run out, and he has 14 days left. The international friends can also add, and to them four plus one equals five. Mike Pompeo tried to warn President Moise and the PHTK back when he still had a job. Now a new man is coming in, and who knows how he will feel about a president who is not clean, while his mandate is finished.

With the latest position paper from the jesuits, as reported in the press, the gauntlet is growing in strength. They are calling for a strong resolve in order to oust Jovenel and the PHTK. The order is asking for the people to extricate the country out of a situation that will lead them to doomsday. In the streets, all kind of groups are mobilizing everyday, some starting to sporadically erect barriers and burning tires to prepare a general uprising, it would seem. Organizations like Nou Pap Domi, Petro Challengers and different grassroots groups vow that they will lead the population toward the palace on February 7. This situation has created a lot of anxiety in persons who can only wait anxiously for things to develop. At the same time you hear of the PAP Jazz festival going on with moderate success. The Nouvelliste has announced that the first edition of “Haiti: Springtime Art” has been running for more than a week. It will end at the end of the month, a week before the festivities. Many plastic artist have gathered to expose their works to a select group of aficionado. So, many people are trying to lead a normal life, it would seem. But we all know that underneath it all there is a growing fear that things may explode in unparalleled violence. We always hope that this will not happen because enough people have died already in Haiti. Last year alone we can’t even count the amount of victims from criminal violence, including persons kidnapped and killed, road accidents with many fatalities caused by poor conditions and no ambulance service on the highways, illnesses resulting in death since the healthcare system is nonexistent and those who die at sea trying to escape the hellish existence they live in. Too many people just died with no one giving a hoot.

So far the police has been able to squash most street demonstrations by using tear gas indiscriminately on any gathering. Students from a neighborhood in Kafou were demonstrating in the street a couple of days ago, asking for justice because one of their classmates had been kidnapped. Police showed up lobbing tear gas and brutally broke up the gathering. The force is under orders to break up any group of people gathered in the street. The government is nervous because it knows that if people take to the street massively nothing will stop them. In major towns like Gonaives and Les Cayes when crowds gather police officers prudently stay away waiting for departmental anti riot units. Even those specialized units are easily overwhelmed when it comes to Gonaives especially, and in other provincial towns. There is not enough police officers to adequately hold the fort, so Port-au-Prince and its metropolitan area is where they flex their muscles. And PAP is also where the opposition and grassroots leaders are gathering strength for what they call the last battle. The jesuits have likened this period as the second coming of 1804 in the recent paper they put out. Many militants had been saying the same thing in recent demonstrations, all calling for President Moise and the PHTK to leave.

14 days left to D-day.

Ak Kob CIRH la

16 Days left – Opposition Leader arrested

With 16 days left on his constitutional mandate, President Jovenel Moise is desperately trying to stay in power illegally by all means necessary. Former Senator Nenel Cassy was arrested in Miragoane today, along with Jean Timalis, a well known militant. Senator Cassy was arrested as he went to inquire about militants who had been arrested. His arrest has triggered demonstrations this evening in Delmas, Miragoane and other places. Spontaneously, a couple of thousand persons have already gathered in Delmas, demanding freedom for political prisoners and that Jovenel leave.

President Moise is playing his last cards because with this arrest he is telling the population to fight or be crushed. With the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the U.S. the PHTK regime is starting to panic. They must scare persons into accepting their illegal takeover of Haitian society. In Les Cayes demonstrations are beginning as we publish this blog. According to militants heard on RCH2000, the south is boiling, ready to lock their department.

Jovenel Moise only has 16 days left, and he has challenged the population to a fight with his latest moves. Militants are heating up the mobilization, as politicians from all sides are taking to the air to denounce this sequestration.

Canape Vert

17 Days left

As the bells were ringing, and the full pageantry was on display, Joe Biden, jr. became the 46th President of the United States, while the whole world, it seemed, watched. At the same time in Haiti, militants and political leaders fought with police, while they demonstrated once again asking for President Jovenel Moise to end his term, as mandated by the constitution. This time, led by former Senator Nenel Cassy a group made their way to the Embassy of the United States in Port-au-Prince to deliver a message to the new President of the United States. A message that demanded the end of support from the U.S. and the international community to President Moise who is trying to extend his mandate with only 17 days left.

Early in the day the Haitian National Police showed how the day would be, as they attacked a peaceful gathering in Champs de Mars, lobbing tear gas and firing their guns, ostensibly in the air, but… Later on toward noon, Nenel Cassy led a crowd of militants in front of the U.S. Embassy to deliver a message to Joe Biden. Other political opponents also spoke before the crowd dispersed. At the same time in Les Cayes, the biggest town in the South, demonstrators marched through the streets demanding that Jovenel leave power on time. As heard on radio RCH2000 “this sitting is just a taste of what’s coming” a militant was heard saying, “February 1, and February 5 we’ll be back on the pavement…… We’ve had enough of state sponsored kidnappings.”

“Feb 7 the people will be president.” A Crowd that had gathered at Kafou Fleuriot started to chant and regroup. Prior to that, police had dispersed them with liberal use of tear gas, but militants urged the crowd to regroup and start battling the police by throwing rocks and bottles. This started a running battle with cops taking cover, then shooting rubber rounds, while throwing tear gas. The demonstrators tried to gather at Kafou Aeropo, the start of the road to the airport, only to have police lob tear gas blanketing the whole area. As it happens that this was a school day, students from three schools in the area were trapped and gassed, some fainted. Parents were seen trying to pick up their children and screaming in frustration, while police continued to fire tear gas and shoot. It was a scene out of what hell probably looks like. It was as if the police were making the population pay for trying to present their message of resistance. A group of lawyers have vowed to go drop complaints in the courts asking for criminal indictment of the Director of the police and the officers in patrol vehicle 100-365 who will be accused of brutality and attempted murder.

In Arcahaie, people also demonstrated against President Moise, asking him to step down. As a person was heard saying, they had gathered early and made the rounds of the town, demanding an end to kidnappings and unemployment. The national highway to the North was blocked, while the population peacefully marched chanting slogans against Jovenel.

With 17 days left until he leaves office, Jovenel is rejected throughout Haiti. The few in the middle class who did not want troubles to start are disgusted with all the kidnappings. They are ready for the departure also because the population is tired. As the police were brutally suppressing demonstrations in Port-au-Prince and Delmas, schoolchildren in Diquini were in the streets screaming and crying because one of their peer, a young girl, had been kidnapped. Those children were in the street asking for the police to help them; cops came all right, only to beat some of them and break up their sit in. Makes you wonder if they are in it too. Those police officers have had some of their peers kidnapped, recently it was a police inspector who was taken. Even though, police officers use tear gas and beat up children looking for justice and freedom for their comrade. 17 days left.

Ak Kob CIRH la tou

Danse Petro : Aba Jovenel – End is Near

Banner in front of march – 01/15/21

With the launch of a new round of demonstrations, opponents of the government of Jovenel Moise are signaling that time has come for him to leave peacefully on February 7. With 20 days left in his mandate, President Moise is trying to extend his mandate, while most of the population is ready to boot him out by force, if necessary. In Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Gonaives, St Marc, Miragoane, Cap Haitien and other major towns militants led demonstrations that sometimes turned into fights with the police, especially in Port-au-Prince where burning tires blocked roads early in the day.

In Cap Haitien militants from grassroots organizations took the pavement in defiance of the rapacious and illegal government heading the country. With this show of angry rejection, the whole society was represented in their wanting Jovenel Moise to be gone from the palace on February 7. As most persons in the population say, it’s the end of his constitutional mandate and he must respect it. The people are supreme and their will must be respected. Jovenel is heading down the wrong path if he thinks he will prevail in his attempt to stay in power until 2022, and beyond if allowed. Judging from the resistance shown so far it will take the killing of many persons, some of them well known political figures, and the jailing of hundreds of militants in prisons already overflowing with political prisoners.

The new administration of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris will not agree to murder en masse in Haiti, if it comes to that. There was a time when they could look the other way, but militants in the media and in the population of the USA will not allow this. Already some persons marched in Miami and New York to show support for the movement for a free society in Haiti. They will continue to support the ouster of President Moise and the PHTK come February 7, and it will be good riddance. This day of January 15 signals the start of a new mobilization to bring fresh air in Haiti, and remove the stench of theft and ineptitude.

Police brutalizing a militant during demonstration on January 15

The police themselves are planning demonstrations to get support for the syndicate they’re trying to make official. For awhile the rank and file has been trying to get the high command and the presidency to accept the incorporation of the syndicate they have organized. Since their efforts have not had success, wether peaceful or violent, they continue to look for support from the population. So the police, which is main support for the government, is far from dependable, and that is one of the reasons Jovenel uses the gangs to hold the population down. This can only get him so far, before too many people take to the streets and force the gangs to retreat. The Prime Minister seems to want action against the gangs as well, and word of the death of a major gang leader in Artibonite lead the news reports lately. But people are skeptical because too many in the government have direct contact with known gangsters.

The end is near for the nightmare Haiti has lived under the past ten years. The international club composed of “Friends of Haiti” needs to step back and take care of their own problems, like covid, unemployment, poverty, racism…… Let Haitians take care of their own problems, and stop interfering. This will be the best aid we get.

Ak kob CIRH la?

Happy Birthday Ashley Xochilt

Happy 19th birthday to my daughter Ashley Xochilt Montas. Today, January 14 is her day to celebrate coming into this world. She is intelligent, strong willed and just a beautiful person. As her father, I’m proud of her accomplishments as a student, budding author and a photographer. She has had pictures displayed in the Coral Springs Museum of Arts, while a student at JP Taravela High School where she graduated last June. Presently, Ashley is a first year student at Hofstra University in New York.

Ashley with her Mom and Dad

I wish the best for Xochilt, as I like to call my brilliant daughter. Health, success in all her endeavors and happiness in all her choices.

Ashley Xochilt and her brother Jean Philippe

Happy Birthday, last year as a teenager.

Failed Coup, Failed Support

Final Destination

While those crazed, primed for murder Drumpeteers were ascending walls, breaking down doors, toppling barricades (which looked kind of flimsy, considering) and rushing into Congress, in Haiti PHTK leaders allied with President Jovenel Moise started celebrating, busting out the champagne. As these folks are used to seizing and holding on to power against the will of the people, they cheered and applauded Donald Trump’s rather foolish attempt at stealing the presidency. Jovenel is worried that elected President of the United States Joe Biden will not provide support to his government, the murderous band of thieves and the support of gangsters he relies on to stay in power in Haiti. The incoming President of the U. S. is not like Drump and he may not want to continue providing support vital to President Moise staying in power. It is said that Joe Biden will not continue to openly attack Venezuelan President Nicola Maduro, and will favor dialogue and peaceful pressure, rather than aggression. So President Moise of Haiti who voted against Venezuela in the Organization of American States on orders from Washington loses importance and may not be needed anymore.

As we write this blog today, the streets are heating up in Port-au-Prince, Gonaives and it seems all over the country. A sizable portion of the population is fed up with President Moise, kidnapping, murders and all the mayhem brought by gangs who support his presidency, or enjoy the free reins he allows them to enjoy. People are tired of living in fear, not knowing what the future will bring, as they lose their jobs and watch the economy go down the tubes. Beginning with education, continuing with the justice system, healthcare, the availability of electricity, the list is endless, Jovenel Moise’s presidency and his government has failed at everything. Between his tremendously failing government and the previous catastrophic failures of the presidency and government of Michel Martelly ten years have been wasted with nearly 15 billion dollars stolen or misappropriated from the country. Along with the stealing of money by the two Ali Babas and their eighty thieves, they presided over the destruction of the agricultural system and the justice system, all while they have also ruined whatever remained of an education system that was lacking to start with. Ten years of criminal ineptitude, thievery and internationally supported governments that suppressed the population have bankrupt the country; yet with all this in mind, those blood thirsty legal bandits want to stay in power by arranging bogus elections to select officials funded by drug dealers and gang leaders. Guns are coming in the country everyday by land, by sea and in containers to prepare for the election. With that, let the party continue, while millions starve, die and try to escape by leaving the country by any means available.

As February 7 nears, the people are mobilizing, preparing to resist dictatorship once again. It almost seems like 1986 never took place when you look at the arrogance Jovenel Moise shows, as he spews out his message. The PHTK is trying to cower the population so that they can gain control of parliament and change the constitution to favor their foreign bosses in the quest to control mining and other wealth that Haiti possesses. So, as you never know how people act, U.S. policy may remain SOS with the new administration and the Haitian people will have to take matters in their own hands. Nou Pap Domi, the Petro Challengers and other youth movements must lead the population in their quest for liberty and survival. The political opposition needs to unite in a single front to not only lead the fight, but also help rebuild the fabric of the country by forgetting ambition, and put country first. It’s not something most of them want to do, but the population has had enough with false prophets and leaders who lead from the rear. Starting on the fifteenth of this month, demonstrations are planned in all major towns to let Jovenel know it’s time to go along with the PHTK and their allies. What is needed is concerted action that lets everyone who is positive contribute. Dark days are ahead for Haiti, and as I said in a previous post the waiting game is on, only a couple of weeks left until…………………….

Drump Action

A l’assaut

President Donald Trump really earned his nickname Drump with his latest attempt at a coup d’etat this past Thursday. With a hoard of rabid fans storming the Capitol building the plan was to take over once the verifying vote was derailed. It was not a smart decision, and you can be sure that it will carry bad consequences for Drump (dumb + Trump = Drump). He will feel the heat in coming days, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to pressure him to resign or face another impeachment. But seriously, has there ever been such a piss poor attempt at changing the course of history. Did Drump really think that he could reverse the election outcome by having his fans storm congress? As delusional as it seems it appears to have been the plan. Simplistic and stupid because that did not stop the vote from happening later on. You can be sure that whoever came up with the idea is not the smartest person around. Maybe Baron did because it was childish at best. I predicted something like this in previous posts, but I thought with Putin’s help it would be something serious. Well it does not look like Vladimir was involved, too amateurish.

After the episode with the fly on his pristine white hair during the debate with VP elect Kamala Harris, the assault on Capitol Hill will remain with Mike Pence forever. While the black fly on the white hair was the black intruder in the white party, the assault could be the opportunity for the Republican Party to save itself from Drump. This has allowed previous stalwart defenders of Drump to do a complete 360, like Lindsey Graham did by waving his arm and declaring he was through. Ted Cruz, another who became a Drump minion, declared that he was not following the president anymore. This is the perfect opportunity for the Republican Party to move away from President Trump without fear of retaliations from those who voted for him because he messed up. With this dumb move Drump is allowing a mass exodus from him and his platform because as people realize the extent of his stupidity they will move away from him. So this will allow the party to try to resurrect itself and find a new champion after four years of darkness when they thought life was great. Even those dumb enough to risk their freedom on that day will start to think for themselves.

Georgia on My Mind

As of this post, Raphael Warnock has won the race and is the new senator for the State of Georgia. Big time congratulations to him and his team because this would not have happened without everyone involved. The other race, which will shift the balance of power in the United States Senate, is almost over with Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in the lead. It looks like he will also win the seat and join Warnock in a sweep of this special election by the Democratic Party to gain a tenuous majority in the senate. Georgia has always been a bastion of Republican policy makers. They have always controlled most of the major elections by making sure African Americans voted in small numbers. So this victory is doubly satisfyingly, and it may signal the decline of the Republican Party.

Stacey Abrams is directly responsible for this important victory in both cases because it was her effort to register and encourage thousands of people to vote that allowed Joe Biden to win Georgia in the presidential election back in November, and both democratic candidates to sweep the races for senator. After her defeat in a rigged election for governor, she rolled up her sleeves and showed those racists repulsivecans that next go around she would still be there. A woman to be reckoned with who deserves much respect, or RE-spect as we Caribbean folks say.

With this victory in the senate, Joe Biden will be able to push his agenda through congress with a friendly majority in both chambers. Of course, now starts the real work of both healing a country battered by covid, unemployment, widespread poverty, racial inequality, an opioid epidemic that people have forgotten with covid being the star, Russian sabotage; there is so much. Just this morning as I was driving past Oakland Park Blvd in Broward County, FL, I noticed a line of vehicles over two miles long waiting for free food being handed out. People are having a hard time keeping themselves fed, while jobs are scarce and money is tight.

At least Georgia is peachy, with news from both races for senator looking bright. After reconstruction, this is the most organized effort by African Americans in that state to unite their efforts and vote for candidates they believe in. Stacey Abrams was a key player, as I’ve said before, and she deserves a lot of credit. We hope that she will not be forgotten by the party after the celebrations. For now let’s party, boogie down with the Ohio Players, Fi’’’’’re …….Fi’’’’re, the way you move………really shoot your shot, feel dynamite!