Danse Petro: Burning Pavement – Plunging Roller Coaster

Jovenel Moise wants to hang on in power at all cost, even as the country crumbles around him. This Wednesday March 17 looks like a replay of this past Monday when tires burned, streets were blocked all around town in Port-au-Prince and Delmas causing schools to close rapidly and people to rush home.

This morning, many areas around Haiti have woken up with a lot of tension, with the Delmas road barricaded with tires in a couple of places creating panic. At Kafou Rezistans the intersection is blocked with barricades and tires burning, creating a huge amount of smoke. Schools have closed in the area and parents are seen running around to get their children home. Same situation in Tabarre and at the Gerald Bataille intersection where the usuallly busy area is host to tires burning and a locked area. Militants of Fos Delmas and other groups in the area have risen up to block the commune and protest because of the situation the country is in. The police is not reacting to the mayhem because their morale is low as a result of last Friday’s failed operation in Village de Dieu. Everyone in the country is starting to see that de facto president Jovenel Moise is destroying the police force, and turning the country over to the gangs in order to remain in power.

All over town, barricades with tires burning are hindering traffic causing a de facto work stoppage, as all schools around Delmas, Tabarre, Avenue Lamartiniere, Frere, National Road no. 1 around Santo and La Plaine have closed quickly. Militants are all over, demanding an end to Jovenel, and expressing solidarity to the fallen police officers. A large group of police officers gathered at the Police Academy at Frere and started a march down the Frere Road followed by a crowd of demonstrators. As of this writing a huge crowd followed them, as they were at Gerald Bataille.

Truck blocking passage

Early afternoon, and things in Port-au-Prince / Delmas and Carrefour have really deteriorated with police officers followed by a huge crowd of demonstrators taking over the police station at Delmas 33 to free some of their comrades held in cells there. They ransacked the station, breaking windows and throwing everything on the ground. After freeing their comrades, the crowd of demonstrators and police officers continued on. At the airport road fire was set inside the Universal Motors dealership after demonstrators ransacked the office. Fortunately, fire fighters showed up to extinguish the fire. No traffic on the normally busy airport road because of burning tires and a tension in the air.

Since this morning, a barricade on a bridge in the area of Grand Goave has blocked traffic from the southern departments. Persons there have set up burning tires with branches and other materials to stop traffic demanding support for the fallen police officers. In Petit Goave, further to the South, the national highway is also blocked by demonstrators; the roller coaster is plunging on a downward leap fueled by De Facto President Moise and his incompetence. All around the fake president and at key posts in the country you find incompetent fools there only to please their boss, while all aspects of the country are failing badly.

In Cap Haitien many police officers have joined a demonstration paralyzing traffic and causing all schools and businesses to close. There, they are also demanding that Jovenel stop destroying the police force. The normally peaceful town is up in arms, as militants have joined the police officers out on the pavement fighting their hierarchy and the de facto president. No one knows when the roller coaster will stop its plunge, but at present the future of the country looks bleak. Young persons all over are in despair, watching their home grind to a standstill because of a fake de facto president and thugs masquerading as politicians in the PHTK want to continue living the life, while millions starve and a whole generation has no life to speak of.

As we head toward disaster in this most important time of our history, there needs to be a rebirth among all of us. Wether in Haiti or the diaspora, all persons must look within themselves and find the strength to come together and fight for our homeland. Malevolent forces of evil are looking to take over our future in Haiti and make our birthplace a hell on earth, and only a concerted effort by all concerned will stop them. Time is short; we must act soon, or it will be too late.

Danse Petro: Crumbling Society

Today, twelfth day of March this year, all indices point to a complete decline in all aspects of life in Haiti. As if on a terrifying roller coaster, people live day by day, stressed while expecting the worse. The past couple of days persons in Petit Goave, a town reputed for the feast of Notre Dame in August and home of the world famous Dous Makos, have blocked the National Road to the South because of the kidnapping of a well known person. The demonstrators have closed all schools and businesses in town to demand the release of their peer taken near Port-au-Prince this past weekend. So goes life in Haiti these days. At the entrance of Port-au-Prince today, if you’re coming or going South, forget it. A battle is raging in Village de Dieu, a slum between the sea and the National Road no. 2, where heavily armed bandits are exchanging fire with units from the national police, the HNP, more on that later.

Last Sunday, once again, a massive demonstration gathered thousands of persons in Port-au-Prince, answering a call from workers in the medical profession who were tremendously angry about the killing of Doctor Pady, a pediatrician who was targeted by kidnappers, and the murder of a nurse. Early in the day doctors and medical personnel started gathering on Rue St Honore by the General Hospital and by 10:30 many militants were also present.on scene – “Doctors and nurses are here because Dr Pady was killed by kidnappers….we’ve had enough of this insecurity…..”, a militant was heard saying. Some of the militants usually seen on Champs de Mars joined the demonstration talking about a fellow called Matthieu who they said was Jovenel’s associate, as he has been arrested by DEA, and taken to the U.S. to face justice. Some persons put barricades of flaming tires in front of the Hospital barring traffic, as the crowd gathered peacefully. Before long many political leaders started showing up with militants bearing banners demanding respect for the constitution and many people calling for the removal of de facto president Moise the chief kidnapper with his accomplice Magalie Habitant…

Militants from Fanmi Lavals, Pitit Desalin and AAA were present to support the doctors, “down with Jovenel” they chanted.

Reporter and commentator on Radio TV Caraibes Jean M. Metellus was there. He said, “ Jovenel has to leave office…. I will always be on pavement when democracy is threatened.” Also, Emmanuela Douyon from Nou Pap Domi present for the march demanded police provide security to the population and further added that the president mandate is over.

In the afternoon Sunday a huge crowd of demonstrators met at Kafou Aeropo with the group of demonstrators led by doctors from Rue St Honore and those who had started in Delmas meeting. By late afternoon the demonstration ended in Canapé Vert, with militants and others vowing to continue mobilizing, while on Champs de Mars rocks thrown by militants and tear gas thrown by men from in uniform formed the back drop.

As we have stated in the title, all indicators are red, signaling a complete descent to unheard of poverty, famine for thousands and a complete dismemberment of the fabric of society in Haiti today. It seems that all reins of society are in the hands of bandits, criminals, amateur incompetent fools and rapacious politicians with no training. The situation is drastic because the system of disguised slavery has outlived its existence. People in the country are fast approaching the point of no return where significant parts of the population will go on a destructive rampage because there is no alternative. Today, Emmanuela Douyon of Nou Pap Domi and Rose Auguste, a cadre in the RNDDH, a militant human rights organization in Haiti, testified and told the truth to a committee in the United States Congress where elected members listened. Wether that will bring a change in policy toward Haiti is debatable, but at least some of the truth about what is going on in the country is coming to the forefront. And today violence and mobilization are in the mix.

In the Southern entrance of Port-au-Prince today a battle raged between units of the HNP and bandits from Village de Dieu and Gran Ravin. Reports from the area are sad and critical, it seems that up to five police officers were killed and their bodies defiled; there are clips of these gruesome acts circulating on social media. Bandits are seen celebrating on an armored vehicle used by police. Police officers were heard pleading for reinforcements and help, while heavy caliber gun shots could be heard in the area. It seems the operation ended with police officers retreating, leaving their comrades killed or seriously wounded in the hands of the bandits.

Police vehicle captured

This is evidence of poor planning by a police force that is more interested in gassing and shooting at unarmed demonstrators than performing serious training for operations requiring skill and intelligence. The bandits are as heavily armed as the HNP and they benefit from being home. If the police wants to defeat them they cannot just show up with no intelligence from trained observation coupled with up to date information. I will not go into details of this drama, but the rank and file in the HNP needs to think about their situation and act accordingly. Politicians with the government along with big importers and businessmen controlling the economy are the ones who give weapons and ammunition to arm groups of criminals. The police, which is tasked with controlling and defeating those criminals, is in a position where police officers are going to be victims, used as pawns by politicians and killed by criminals allied with the same politicians. With no one to protect it, the population is in the hands of legal and not so legal bandits to do as they please. Resistance is the only salvation. People need to figure out alternatives to protect themselves from criminals both in government and in their neighborhoods. The only solution to help this country avoid complete collapse is to fight for change, fight for a second independence.

Danse Petro: Programmed Selection

Corruption is the main driving force in Haiti today. It starts at the top of course, but it has permeated all aspects of social and economic life in the country. It is quasi normal to pay a public employee, or a public official, to get all kinds of services. From the president to the clerk manning a post providing services all government workers can be bought or stimulated to give preferential treatment to those willing to pay. As a throng of people stand in line to perform a transaction at the bank, those connected persons with large accounts or government jobs skip ahead of the line merrily, oblivious to the plight of the less fortunate. In the courts, many judges are there for the highest bidder. It starts with the clerk of the court who tells the lawyer how much he needs to pay to win his case. Sometimes the clerk will bypass the lawyer altogether, dealing directly with the client and bringing the money to the judge, minus his share of course. Many Haitians living abroad have lost money and land to these crooked corrupt members of the courts in Haiti. Fake deeds and ownership papers for plots of land are used to dispossess people of their property, as corruption has peaked under the PHTK regimes.

At the top, President Jovenel Moise and his wife are like cash registers, sucking in the money unabashedly. What happened to all the funds that were given to fight Covid 19 by the U.S. government back in March of last year? After the president and his wife made a grand show of going to the airport to show a couple of plane loads of medical supplies, nothing else was heard, and the money was vacuumed in quietly. As for the supplies we saw on TV, they were never heard of again, probably resold somewhere, who knows? They surely did not show up at any public hospital because last we heard the whole public health system is collapsing, even though Haiti was spared of a high number of Covid 19 cases. The University Hospital, commonly known as the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince is still not rebuilt, as millions earmarked for its rejuvenation were sucked in and laundered under President Martelly.

President Jovenel Moise started his career as a money laundering wannabe expert in Port-de-Paix back during the presidency of Michel Martelly who chose him as his successor. Both Michel Martelly and Jovenel Moise were selected as President of Haiti in succession by the U.S. State Department with tacit approval by the UN and the other countries who make up the Core Group. Under the guise of elections controlled by the United Nations Operations Section – UNOPS – in terms of logistics, Martelly was chosen by the U.S. State Department even though he came fifth or maybe lower in the first round. Jovenel Moise was appointed directly by the UN through their logistical handling of ballots and a minuscule voter turnout. As elections in Haiti have always been tainted by corruption, it was easy for the foreigners, here in the country to help, to manipulate the voting and place who they wanted in power at all levels, not just the executive. Many of the members of parliament were also selected to allow easier control of the legislative branch, with money changing hands of course.

After a week where tensions were high in the country, demonstrations are planned Sunday in Port-au-Prince and most major towns in Haiti. After the massive crowds that held the pavement last Sunday, militants are hoping the same turnout will be there to show to the world and the would be dictator that Haiti rejects dictatorship and the path that will destroy our society. During the week students demonstrated in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday and Friday near the FASCH on Avenue Christophe. In Mariani, locals shut down the National Road to the South with barricades and burning tires to demonstrate for the return of a notable person kidnapped by bandits. Resistance to Jovenel Moise and his kidnapping of the presidency of the country is continuing. It has been peaceful resistance with little violence so far, as people all over the country showed their disapproval by “bat teneb” when people banged on poles, pots and anything metallic to make noise, while drivers honked their horns and motorcycles beeped all together at noon on Friday to tell Jovenel that he must leave. Pictured above, a close collaborator of President Moise and a gang leader involved in kidnapping, so we can say another acolyte of the president and his wife, both were deported to face judicial proceedings in the United States. The fellow called Matthieu had identification which allowed access to the presidential palace and the inner office. He was often seen dealing in plantains for Jovenel Moise in his company; according to the U.S. DEA he was using exports activities associated with plantains to send cocaine to the United States. Hummm…Interesting.

It is time for things to change in Haiti, starting with the president and the rest of parliament. Then, we need to really clean the police force, and instill a new mentality in society where honesty is at the forefront. With a new beginning we can hope to rid our country of the cancer eating away at the core of our values, while forcing our youth to prostitute themselves to survive. Only a fresh wind of change can air out this cesspool of crime, rape and murder, and make us a country to be proud of. Of course, the international media is staying mum and quiet about events going on in Haiti. It is up to us to tell people that all is not well with a wannabe dictator and forty thieves corrupting the country.

Danse Petro: State Sponsored Kidnappers

The recent soap opera featuring the kidnapped citizens from the Dominican Republic and the Haitian interpreter with them shows the state sponsoring behind the kidnappings. After threats of direct intervention from the DR by special forces units the kidnapped victims were shown relaxing, bathing and drinking Prestige. It looked like they were vacationing in Gran Ravine, the neighborhood under the control of a powerful gang. According to a report from Augusma, the interpreter taken then, they were forced to look like they were vacationing by the kidnappers and given new clothes because of pressure from Dominican authorities. Why would gangsters care about that unless they have direct contact with Haitian authorities? The end of the saga featured Magalie Habitant, a supporter of the PHTK and de facto president Jovenel Moise.

Ms. Habitant picked up the released kidnapped victims after they were let go, then she brought them to “someone” who took them to the Judicial Police. There they were interrogated for awhile before being allowed to go. First, the obvious question is how did Ms. Habitant become involved with kidnappers. She claims to be helping the “someone” who contacted her to go get the victims. Second, how come she has no fear to drive and pick up victims of a kidnapping. She did not contact the police for protection, so we must assume she had no fear of being taken herself. I believe she is part of a shadow cabinet working for President Moise, just like Fednel Monchery, former director of the Ministry of Interior who is wanted for the massacre in Lasalin. Monchery also runs a cabinet in the shadows for the president. As for Jimmy Cherizier, leader of the G9, he is the muscle.

Nou Pap Domi

Militants from the grassroots organization were very active, and fully participated in the March that took place this past Sunday. Nou Pap Domi was seen on Champs de Mars, along with Reginald and the Petro Challengers, launching the demonstration. Lately though there has been some confusing news regarding the movement. First, a person claiming to represent Nou Pap Domi in the diaspora is publicizing her participation in a session talking about the upcoming attempt by the de facto president to change the constitution. The person is not someone who has been known as a member of the group, and I doubt that Nou Pap Domi would associate with this. Second, a recent report has said that Nou Pap Domi is becoming a political party. The group needs to clarify those reports and either clearly talk about this turn in their ideology, or denounce these attempts to sabotage the movement. We want to support all young militants who are fighting for justice and economic empowerment for the population of Haiti.

Danse Petro: The Ogre Hides

Photo by Patrice Douge

With this massive statement to the UN, the OAS and the other diplomats observing the situation, persons in Haiti flooded Port-au-Prince, Delmas and Petion-Ville with demonstrations that started in different places. Early on Champs de Mars, a large crowd gathered to start the march with slogans hostile to Helen LaLime, UN Representative with very little skill at arithmetic, Jovenel Moise who has usurped the presidency of the country and the international community which was so quick to disavow Nicolas Maduro, the elected President of Venezuela in favor of a right wing pretender, while supporting Moise in his illegal bid. With this massive show when the majority of the population took to the streets, not only in PAP, but also in Cap-Haitien, Les Cayes, Mirebalais and even Jacmel among other towns the message is clear that the people will not accept a dictatorship no matter what the cost. In Delmas by noon, over a hundred thousand persons had already converged at Kafou Rezistans; a crowd that would swell to over half a million people shortly after when demonstrators who had started in Champs de Mars joined them to form a multitude of persons telling Jovenel, the PHTK and allies that they must go.

Photo by Patrice Douge

Of course the de facto president stayed silent in hiding somewhere, as hundreds of thousands people were in the street, saying no to kidnapping, no to Jovenel Moise and time for a new form of governance. The country needs to move away from amateur governments bent on selling all its resources to foreigners for a few millions. The past ten years billions of dollars have gone back to international banks while less than a third was used to bribe Martelly, his clan and now Jovenel and family, all allied in crime. Those billions could build hospitals, schools, roads and housing for the population, while introducing new methods to stimulate agriculture. Instead, those billions are in banks in the international monetary system earning riches for people who own those establishments and maybe twenty percent to Ali Baba and the forty thieves in Haiti and the diaspora. Instead of seeds, tools and fertilizer to grow food and feed millions of people, guns and bullets are sent to gangsters and legal bandits in the countryside. So, instead of people fed and children being educated, fertile land is wasted, while gangsters roam, killing at will and supporting an uneducated man with little managerial experience stay as president of Haiti. Sadly, there are Haitians who agree with this state of affairs, and are willing to defend the starving of over 4 million people and the selling out of the future of a whole generation.

As usual, the international press has largely stayed silent over events in Haiti. On CNN and MSNBC the lead story on the international stage is Russia and the Navalny situation along with the saga involving Saudi Arabia. Granted, these countries are important on the world stage, but when over a million persons take to the street in all major towns of Haiti peacefully demonstrating against de facto President Jovenel Moise, the UN, the OAS and its boss the U. S. State Department, it should be among stories told to people in the U. S., Canada and other places where a lot of Haitians have migrated. It is a show of respect to our communities and we should demand that news from our homeland be broadcasted. Back when some people demonstrated against Maduro in Venezuela it was front page news and lead story in broadcasts all over, as the international press followed the wannabe president of Venezuela in his attempt to oust elected President Nicolas Maduro. Now with millions of people in Haiti demanding an end to an illegal takeover by a man indicted for money laundering, the international press is silent. I guess Haitians are black and do not deserve a better life, and coverage from the press. It is up to Haitians everywhere to take their country back and strive for our second independence. We cannot wait for other people to do our job. We must face our destiny and support the people in their search for a better life.

Danse Petro: Eleven days into anarchy

It’s the new lucrative business that is pushing the population further into rejection of the situation in Haiti now. Kidnapping starts at the top. The executive office has been kidnapped by Jovenel Moise who has arrived at the end of his legal mandate since February 7. A de facto president has kidnapped the office with the help of a rogue police chief and the Core Group of international diplomats assigned to Haiti, led by the U.S. State Department. All the other branches of government have been silenced, and at the level of the judicial branch the highest court has also been kidnapped by the de facto president who arrested one of the sitting judges despite the latter’s immunity from arrest, and illegally dismissed three of the judges in that court, the Cour de Cassation, which is Haiti’s Supreme Court. So at two of the highest level of government, the executive and the judicial, Jovenel has kidnapped the power using force, but his hold on the country is tenuous at best.

Militants at sit in before PAP U.S. Embassy

The opposition is fueling resistance to the coup d’Etat by pushing mobilization and stoking the fire smoldering beneath the surface. As of this writing calm has returned to most towns in the provinces with a few school children in the streets after a Sunday where demonstrations brought out huge crowds in the streets in many towns. That day in Port-au-Prince a battle raged on the Delmas road when police barred the planned demonstration from going past Delmas 33. The bulk of demonstrators turned into Delmas 32 to make their way to Bourdon, but rocks started to rain on police, or I should say men in uniform because they are supporting an illegal action, and they fired tear gas everywhere around. This battle lasted until it seemed that the men in uniform retreated under a hail of stones and left the area to militants who promptly lit tires, barricading the road, claiming a short lived victory.

As of this post, in Port-au-Prince students are demonstrating and setting up barricades in front of the Universite de Port-au-Prince on Rue Rivière, and the Faculte de Linguistique Appliquee on Rue Dufort because their peers have been kidnapped. For the past three days students at the Universite of PAP on Rue Rivière, a small private university, have burned tires, set up barricades and had tear gas thrown at them by police because a popular Professor at the school was taken by bandits. Since then, students from the school have braved the pavement to demand the release of the educator. As usual, men in uniform have tossed tear gas in the area, while shooting in the air.

At the Faculte de Linguistique Appliquee, a branch of the Universite d’Etat d’Haiti where I taught journalism for over six years, students are demanding the release of Ti Neg, one of their peer who was kidnapped with two citizens of the Dominican Republic, while working on a media shoot. The street in front of the Faculte is blocked with chairs, rocks and burning tires. All these young people are demanding that Jovenel Moise leave the Office of the President of Haiti because his mandate is up. Anarchy is slowly overtaking all semblance of normalcy, and Jovenel is unable to hide it from the world.

The de facto president embarrassed us Haitians once again by visibly lying to a skeptical audience of diplomats, while on a zoom session with United Nations Representatives. Jovenel tried to say that everything was going great and under control, but with some pointed questions from those attending he looked like a liar. He was made to look small. The Core Group is running the show for the government of Haiti, and this pitiful performance by Jovenel Moise only reinforces that. And this is the guy with no worthwhile skills who wants to become a dictator for the next decades; as he said before only God can take this power away from him. It is up to Haitians everywhere to prove him wrong and save what’s left of our home and of our pride.

In Gonaives, resistance to the kidnapping of the country is strong, with Raboto at the center of the rejection of Jovenel Moise. This morning men in uniform tried to enter the neighborhood to suppress the movement there to no avail. Shots were heard all morning, according to media reports, and the cops had to retreat. It is a harbinger of what will come to the persons trying to install dictatorship in the country. Whether from Gonaives and its militants, the students in Port-au-Prince hitting the pavement, as they did on Monday, or militants from the Petro Challenge on Champs de Mars, or also lawyers in towns the country, resistance to this illegal kidnapping of our country will not let up. Everyone needs to join the struggle as much as they can to form a huge movement for our second independence.

Danse Petro: Tale of Two Countries

As Haiti is entering anarchy, and people in many towns are fighting the police, de facto, illegal president Jovenel Moise escaped to Port-de-Paix, a town in the Northwest to watch carnival celebrations. In Port-au-Prince nearly a million people took to the streets to fight against the would be dictator who is starving the population, ruining the economy and allowing his allies to reap millions of dollars. Many persons in the media, like Lilianne Pierre Paul from Radio Kiskeya, and others from the political realm marched to reject the apprentice dictator. Former Senator Antonio Cheramy was proudly marching, and he said that in no way would he participate in a carnival celebration with the dictator. Petion-Ville became a war zone when the demonstrators split into groups, tossing stones, burning tires and battling police. Of course, the president hid in Port-de-Paix, while his troops fought the population in Port-au-Prince, Gonaives and Arcahaie, while the same day persons in Les Cayes voiced their rejection of Jovenel.

These are dark times in the country because almost all the population rejects the would be dictator Jovenel Moise and his band of thieves. The population is near starvation, we’re talking about over six million persons facing famine in the country, and in the meantime the vultures are plucking all the money they can steal. Social media is exploding with the news that a PHTK Senator named Ronny Celestin bought a house in Canada for four and a half million dollars for his wife and children. You have to wonder how a public servant in name only can afford such luxury, but this is only the beginning if we allow this murderous gang of thieves to continue oppressing the population. Strengthened by seemingly unwavering support from the Core Group of foreign countries with the U.S. in the lead, Jovenel Moise did not stay in the capital to try to solve pressing problems like all schools being closed since the beginning of the month because of insecurity, or kidnappings affecting persons in all walks of life, or the criminal gangs who took over two police stations in the south entrance of Port-au-Prince yesterday; no, the president went to party in carnival in Port-de-Paix, one of the poorest towns in Haiti, and clown around with his wife, while both wore golden crowns. We are talking about a man with a low IQ, and very little in terms of capacities or abilities, the perfect little puppet for those holding the strings. The UN mission in Haiti, it changes name so often, no need to use a new one; so the UN in Haiti has backed the OAS in saying that President Moise can stay until 2022. They must have voted for him if they feel so strongly about it. I was in Haiti during the election which produced Jovenel Moise and almost all members of the parliament. Most people did not vote, and of those who did very few voted for Jovenel and the PHTK. The population had little use for them, and today a huge amount of persons are ready to fight against this theft of democracy. It has gone too long, starting with the disaster of Martelly, and continuing with the nightmare that is Jovenel Moise.

Two towns in the country had carnival celebrations during these dark tumultuous times: Port-de-Paix and Jacmel; and this allowed Jovenel Moise to act as if everything was fine in the country. Former president Michel Martelly used the occasion to get on a float and embarrass persons of Haitian ancestry by reminding them that he had been President of their country, a clown on a float spewing curses, inanities and crude sexual references. This was the canvas in Port-de-Paix with thousands of people not wearing masks pressed against each other, sweating, getting drunk with no thoughts of covid 19 spreading. A week before that, in Jacmel, the same orgy of decibels, with hundreds pressed against each other mask less, spreading Covid. The worst thing about this display of blind search for enjoyment by thousands of people in both towns was the attitude of some musicians participating in the carnival. All while the rest of the country was demonstrating against the de facto dictator, and Champs de Mars was a battlefield with students and young militants fighting men in uniform who tossed tear gas and fired guns, with rocks and bottles; these artists gushed about Jovenel and his victory on the population, practically kissing his butt and bowing to the king and queen. A sad display by Fantom, Roro of Djakout, Roberto of T Vice, and even Roger Eugene, aka Shoubou, as they needlessly praised a total incompetent who is suspected of massacres and the murder of Monferrier Dorval, the Head of the Bar Association of PAP. In 2004 these same individuals refused to play in the carnival then, claiming that even though it was the bicentennial year for the country former President Jean Bertrand Aristide was bad for the country. So this year they have braved Covid 19 to suck up to Jovenel Moise since he is such a great leader developing the country. This is the kind of attitude and mentality that is allowing one of the worst dictatorship in the continent to establish itself unless the people can rally and overcome. Persons should not forget the actions of these artists who claim to represent our culture, and ensure that we stop going to their performances until they apologize at least for their actions.

Core Group, green eyes, heart from hell

Danse Petro: Rezistans

In Haiti, the would be dictator tries to strengthen his hold on the presidency, but across the nation young militants are fighting against him, vowing to resist until the end. In Port-au-Prince students from universities and militants drew a huge crowd in a demonstration that snaked through town demanding the end of the de facto regime. As the march started near the school of Ethnic Studies on Champ de Mars many persons were heard on radio talking about their determination to fight Jovenel Moise. The day before militants and students battled police once again, following a march by journalists denouncing attacks against them by police. A pick up with a few journalists riding as passengers was targeted by a guy in uniform who deliberately tossed a tear gas canister inside the vehicle. All during that march so called police attacked the journalists. As usual the press in the U.S. had other fish to fry.

Police attack journalists

Early today, people gathered on Champs de Mars to shout their rejection of dictatorship. Josue Merilien, a well known teacher and school syndicate leader said that standing against dictatorship was a duty “Never again will we allow dictatorship in our country. Everywhere people must stand up ….time for a general insurrection so that we denounce the mafia behind Jovenel.”

Heard from a militant just freed from incarceration, “I’m back on the pavement. There is no backing down, we’re hungry, tired…… too much blood. I am looking for security, a job ….”. “Down with kidnapping” the crowd chanted. The demonstration went along peacefully for hours, gathering more persons at every corner until it ended in the afternoon.

At the same time today, persons in Carrefour blocked the main road, demanding the release of Highest Court judge Dabresil and the police who were protecting him. Passage to the four departments in the South was a nightmare because of the traffic jam that resulted. All over Haiti most activities have grounded to a halt. Schools are closed all over the country, and students are home once again because the authorities cannot guarantee safety. The police can gang up on demonstrators who are peaceful for the most part, but in the meantime criminals run around free, robbing, killing and kidnapping people. People are starting to realize that only through resistance will they survive.

In Gonaives, the day before, a huge crowd started to demonstrate peacefully, demanding that Jovenel respect the constitution and leave power. After police used tear gas to break up the march things turned to violence. During the afternoon shots were heard for a long time. As you listened to the radio reporter you could hear gunfire, machine gun like near him, as he took cover. People ransacked the mayor’s office and set fire to vehicles parked in the yard of the courthouse. It appears that the fight is still going in Gonaives, as the police maintains a low profile in the face of a wild and angry opposition.

Resistance to de facto president Jovenel Moise is growing, rather than abating because the population has had enough. Too many people have been killed, put in overcrowded jails or have disappeared. Just the other day so called police officers beat a journalist so badly that he died. Romario Saintrilice was hit a a Swat team member until he developed internal bleeding and died. These kinds of murder are more fuel on the fire of resistance. The people cannot stop, or it will be mass murder before Jovenel and the PHTK are finished. Only through resistance can Haitians everywhere find respect and a better life. To the young people in Petro Challenge, Nou Pap Domi, Fos Delmas and other groups we wish good luck and fair winds. They represent the hope for a better future because they refuse to be part of a silent majority that bends down to oppression, while criticizing those that fight. Haiti deserves better, and Haitians everywhere need to get on board. As Bob said, Zion train is coming.

Danse Petro: the Ogre strikes

Tools of a Coup d’Etat!!

It’s been two days after D-day and anarchy coupled with targeted arrests and eliminations of political opponents of Jovenel Moise are the canvas displayed in Haiti today. Sunday signaled the end of the legal mandate conferred to the rogue president, but of course he is trying to stay in power in true dictatorial style. After dismantling the judicial system for years by hiring and promoting corrupt judges, Jovenel has in essence removed the county’s highest court, the Cour de Cassation, from the political equation, putting one of the judges in incarceration and locking up the building. All these acts are illegal, but the now de facto leader is hoping that by using force and showing his teeth, he will scare the opposition, and cower popular rejection of his plans.

No need to recount the abracadabra coup d’Etat claimed by the authorities, but suffice it to say it is a strong signal that repression is going to intensify. As usual, the press in the U.S. is staying silent about Haiti, and with the Drump impeachment the media has a good excuse; never mind that most persons in Haiti are black anyway. It will be up to those who care about the country to spread the word about happenings there. Many people in the population are fighting back against the latest plan for Haiti. In Les Cayes, it seems like everyday people are taking to the streets in great numbers, contesting the would be dictator. In Cap Haitien and the Northeast persons are burning tires battling police and bandits in uniform who are firing live bullets at young demonstrators. In Arcahaie, a battle is raging between militants who live in the area and the Representative from the de facto executive. The national highway is practically closed as police come repeatedly shooting to clear the road. By allying with gangs openly, providing them with uniforms, vehicles and armored cars, Jovenel and his gang are trying to stifle a population and eliminate all opposition; then it will be paradise for them, while society changes for the worse.

Yesterday once again, militants fought with men in uniform in Champs de Mars where young people armed with rocks fought people in uniform shooting at them and spreading tear gas all over. Militants rained stones on those in uniform who at one time were forced to retreat. One guy in uniform fell under the attack, and he was saved by his colleagues who fired their guns to scatter persons who had surrounded him, tossing stones. Militants fought the police, a force now on the side of illegality, into the early evening in a street battle near the Museum until members of the so called army fired at the crowd, seriously wounding two journalist. More casualties in the fight against darkness and satrapy.

An interim president has been chosen by the opposition and most associations in the civil society of Haiti. Joseph Mecene Jean Louis, a judge from the High Court is the new President of Haiti. Of course, soon after the announcement he had to hide to stay safe from the de facto authorities. In demonstrations in St Marc, Les Cayes, Miragoane and other towns, many people are calling his name as the new president. There are many barricades all over, and although some people are seen moving about, the situation is far from normal. The upcoming days will determine if a dictatorship is in place in Haiti for the next decade or more, or if the people can stop this macabre plan. In my next post I will talk about the PNH, the Haitian National Police.

Danse Petro: Two days Left

With its renewed support for President Jovenel Moise in his suicidal attempt to stay as Head of State in Haiti past his constitutional mandate, the international “Enemies” of the country masquerading as a diplomatic group are finally showing that their goal is the destruction of Haitian society. Four plus one equals five in any addition. President Moise dismissed the Parliament and cut short the mandate of ten senators by two years. According to reports, President Moise was joyful when he announced that the Haitian Parliament was destitute because their four years were up. The U.S. State Department and the other constituents who seemingly elected Jovenel Moise president of their Haiti, tossing the real results of the sham election in the trash, now say that Jovenel must stay one year past his constitutional mandate in order to finish the job of ruining Haiti, while preparing to watch thousands killed. Because make no mistake about it, the Haitian population in Haiti is not backing down, and come Sunday if Jovenel clings to power the country will be a battlefield with many casualties.

This image which was in an earlier post shows how the international community wants Haiti to be. We have to ask ourselves why so called friends are cautioning a bloodbath. The population of Haiti is mostly young and many are desperate. They look at the life that Jovenel Moise and the PHTK want them to have, and they see nothing but despair, poverty and a despicable death. So, they have nothing to lose. Most of them are tired of trying to escape the nightmare they face everyday by going abroad, but as more people are hurt in coming days people will have no choice, and some will get on boats to leave hell. As singer Samba Kessy who passed away used to sing, “a little country that could be a paradise…..but they have turned it into hell.” Now is time for Haitians to take their future in their own hands, and not expect help from anybody. We have Libya as a perfect example of a country that was progressing and trying to solve its problems, until so called friends intervened and did away with its leadership, claiming that President Kaddafi was ready to murder poor unarmed demonstrators. Now in Haiti, those same folks are supporting President Moise, as he gets ready to murder thousands, and give the country over to gangsters. This is hypocritical, and it shows that they are only looking out for their own interest. Haitians are of African descent, Black Lives must Matter there too.

Two days left and we Haitians everywhere cannot stand and watch Haiti become the Libya of the Caribbean. The population will be in the street starting Saturday, and chances are we are ready for another round of peyi lock, but this time there will be burning and looting, while many will die. All of that so Jovenel Moise stay president of the country he has ruined the past four and a half years. You have to wonder why all this, except that Jovenel will allow foreigners to mine all the wealth in the country, with nothing for the population, and the corrupted will get richer. All the wealth of the country will be given away to foreign interest by this illegal president for a few millions to him and his accomplices. This is why the international “enemies” are backing Jovenel against the Haitian people. Everywhere we need to understand that this is a critical moment, and unless we act our wealth will be gone forever. The country has enough resources, great soil and everything it needs to feed its children, and enter the 21st century head high. Are we going to choose to lower our heads instead in shame because we refused to fight?