#netwayeAyiti2024: Massacre in Sous Matelas

Murderers are still in control of an area in the West Department near Cabaret, killing people and terrorizing the population free of any response from the authorities. The night before, the gang of government sponsored assassins, it would appear, came into the communal section of Sous Matelas to murder some young people who had decided to mobilize to defend their homes. According to a report on Radio Caraibes, the thugs came in three mini buses in the evening, and started by killing all the young persons who were manning a barricade on the road leading into the area . Today, a day later, the police still has not come to help people living in the area, despite frantic calls for help from many. According to reporters dozens have already been killed, while others wounded by bullets fired indiscriminately are stuck inside their homes, calling for help.

The crisis in Haiti has reached a level of cruelty where the government of Ariel Henry is showing that it is working hand in hand with the most violent gangs. People are being killed by thugs everywhere, everyday, as the police stands by under orders to do nothing. While the bandits come in groups to attack towns with impunity, the police never interferes with task forces made of many officers, as is usually done by any police force that cares. Since Ariel Henry has taken over the country by tweet from the Core Group, his government has stood by as a few thousands persons have been killed during the twenty months of ripping of the money that should be used to provide services to the population. With no qualms, this unelected, illegitimate government is collecting money and shoving it in their deep pockets, and little is being done to stop them. Some of the ministers in the government have even been accused of theft and collusion with kidnappers.

The present situation is clearly showing the greed and incompetence of politicians in Haiti, along with the cynical contempt that diplomats in the Core Group display, under orders from their respective governments. As terror grips the population concerned persons act as if this is normal. The population needs to fight by coming together in greater numbers to overwhelm the bandits and their allies. Twelve million persons cannot allow a few thousands to control them, starve them and force them to leave their homes. All that is needed is concerted action with no fear. The time has come for the population to defend their homes and their children. There is no time left, and more will die unless people come together.

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