#netwayeAyiti2024: Talk, Talk, Talk no Action

As usual, this past weekend I listened a bit to talk radio programs about the situation in Haiti. Sadly, you get a bunch of analysis and blame shifting, with no concrete plan to solve the crisis affecting the country. On Kiskeya, Sunday morning featured the usual bla, bla with the moderator, cracking jokes and acting as if the media is above reproach.

Two topics dominated the usual weekend talk shows: the Wagner Group and election/ selection planned by the illegal and illegitimate government of Ariel Henry. I’m not going to waste time on this rumor about the presence of the Russian paramilitary group in Haiti because it’s a ludicrous idea. I believe this is a topic floated to divert attention away from something ominous, which will come out soon. As usual, the media is ready and willing to spread disinformation from interested parties to fill airtime and print columns. I’m not saying all media in Haiti is there to be part of the propaganda machine fed by embassies and politicians on payroll, but a good majority fit the bill. Very few media in Haiti now are willing to directly call out the nefarious role of the U.S. State Department along with the rest of the Core Group. Sure, recently some commentators alluded to the messed up elections of 2011, and the selection of former president Martelly by the UN in a fake election where true results were tossed in the trash. But right after the selection, none of the major media organizations denounced the outrageous way Martelly became president, even after Mirlande Mannigat said the results were fake when she lost the second round.

I remember being in Port-au-Prince when Martelly began his mandate. Back then most of the media was firmly in his corner, and he bragged that the editor of Le Nouvelliste was a follower who was there at his beck and call. Who can forget Gary PP Charles fawning over the Bandi Legal, and being an in-house cheerleader. The PHTK was born then, as Martelly turned his back on the party that sponsored his election, Repons Peyizan. Again our esteemed journalists did not even mention that, just like they failed to talk about the former president’s drug habit during the selection campaign. As Gil Scott said, The Revolution will not be Televised, at least not on Haitian television.

In Haiti, persons are mobilizing against insecurity and a puppet government as the only path out of the crisis. The population needs to come together through real syndicates, student organizations and grassroots organizations for a giant mobilization campaign. This has already started, and we in the diaspora need to do our part. The media both in Haiti and in the diaspora will not talk about person’s mobilization efforts because there is no money for them there. Rather, they get rewarded for helping the master plan through the propaganda they spread everyday. It was not the major media that denounced the YouTube channel of known criminal Izo, it was a commentator online, Fernando Estime who first brought attention to the arrogant display of crimes by the gang leader. The mainstream media said nothing until YouTube sanctioned and removed the offending account. It is up to Haitians themselves to spread information about positive events happening in terms of real opposition to the destruction of our home.

It’s time for action, not living room revolutionaries talking endlessly, with sterile denunciations that lead nowhere. Action begins in Haiti, but support must come from abroad. The Biden mirage will only help a few, while the vast majority will remain in the country to suffer from inhuman conditions. We need to present a unified front to rally behind mobilization in the country. All of us need to look at what we can do to help, in whatever capacity we can muster. First objective needs to be a removal of the illegitimate government in favor of honest persons leading the transition. The HCT is a waste of time, and Mirlande Mannigat is there only to fool the gallery into thinking a real transition is under way. She needs to return to retirement, and allow real militants to come deal with the bandi legals who are fronting for the Core Group.


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