#netwayeAyiti2024: M&M

Clearly the choice is Mobilize or Misrepresent because waiting for salvation is foolish.

Although there seems to be no respite for persons living in Port-au-Prince and it’s surrounding area from the government and Core Group sponsored gangs boldly taking over territory, while killing and terrorizing the population. There is only one path, and it is mobilization both in Haiti and everywhere Haitians have managed to live and build a community. The alternative is a fake election that will continue the de facto occupation of the country by the U.S. with its accomplices, Canada and the European Community. The alternative is the ongoing destruction of Haiti’s economy, along with its social fabric, with young persons desperately seeking to escape.

When looking at this situation we can only gather together, at least, and look for common grounds for renewed mobilization. In Haiti persons cannot continue to allow gangs to run their lives without putting up a fight. With sheer numbers, the population should be able to gather together and rid their environment of bandits by any means necessary. The de facto Minister of Justice herself said that persons should defend themselves when attacked with any weapon they can find. This should be taken to heart, and neighbors should meet and organize to defend themselves. In the countryside, farmers need to unite and fight against these thugs. I know some may say it’s easy for me to say this, as I’m not facing automatic weapons like persons there. But the reality is that unless persons fight, they will perish.

The government of de facto prime minister Ariel Henry will not help the population, rather it’s there to hurt it and please its chief, the U.S. and the rest of the Core gang. Make no mistake the Core is a de facto a gang also, except it hides behind governments. In the end these so called diplomats and advisers wind up doing the same thing as gangsters, steal your wealth by guile or by force. Persons in Haiti have to realize no help will come from either this unelected, unpopular and corrupted to the core government or from its bosses in America and elsewhere. Rather, the goal is to replace the present de facto occupation with a boots on the ground control of all aspects of life, with the puppets firmly installed to keep the master plan in place. As of now the economy in Haiti is dying, with gangs creating a climate of fear, and most businesses closing down or severely curtailing activities.

In the diaspora, we need to move toward mobilizing efforts to both support young people inside the country in their attempts to fight, and inform our youth. Of course, we cannot advocate doing anything illegal, such as sending guns or ammunition to those we want to support, because we do not want to jeopardize ourselves. We should be able to raise funds to help the mobilization efforts in Haiti. We need to spread information about this master plan, which is being implemented in the country by those who want to steal our mineral and economic wealth. Persons call it brain drain, but by creating a situation that forces an important part of the wealth of a country, its workers both skilled and unskilled, to emigrate to enrich foreign labor forces, it is theft. A form of thievery that Europe and North America has mastered with colonialism and its successive imperialism forcing migration to enrich their labor force. Haiti is a perfect example of this victimization, with engineers, doctors, nurses and educators working for the countries that ensure they will never return to contribute to their own home countries because of the situation there. In Canada, if Haiti was able to attract healthcare workers to return to help build healthcare there, Quebec would suffer greatly with big shortages in their system. So keeping Haiti unstable is critical to them.

Haiti has the potential to be the engine that propels the Caribbean region, and by extension persons of African descent everywhere in America, by revolutionizing the relationships between people united and looking out for their interest and those who presently control commerce and finance in America. This is a continent wide fight between the majority of the population of the Caribbean, which is of African descent and U.S. and Canadian imperialism. Look at the position of Haiti, in the middle of the Caribbean islands. It can be a hub for trade by being a central point to distribute all kinds of products throughout the region, with shipping and airport facilities servicing everyone. It’s no accident that the Dominican Republic is a hub for flights from Europe using it as a transit to other islands and South America. Haiti is in a better position geographically, as it’s facing both Jamaica and Cuba, while being key to the windward passage in the North.

Between our geographical location and the expertise we have in agriculture, with the possibility of further growth because of modern techniques, our country has the potential to be a driving force in the region. Since most investments from the U.S. and Europe has gone to the Dominican Republic, Haiti cannot be allowed to develop. So for us misrepresentation through sham elections is the ongoing master plan, which really started to cruise with the Duvalier regimes and has acquired Mach speed with the PHTK sham elections. With Ariel Henry, the coffin is ready for burial, as our independence is only in name. Unless we wake from this slumber, the plan will continue unabated. Mobilize everywhere we are, or allow our culture to be abolished, curtailed and replaced by mediocrity and Krizokal. In a new post I will tell you about Krizokal.


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