#netwayeAyiti2024: PAP Besieged: Master Plan?

People running, carrying whatever they could carry from their besieged homes, while mothers carrying babies offer a sight to bring tears to the eyes. A mass of persons could be seen trying to get away from a battle raging near, and sometimes next to their homes. We may think this is a scene from a war movie, or maybe from a town in Ukraine. But this is happening in Port-au-Prince on the island of Haiti, less than 2 hours by plane from Miami. One week after carnival was celebrated on Champs de Mars, the main square in Port-au-Prince, home of the presidential palace, police officers are seen running for cover from high powered gunfire. Solino, a neighborhood centrally located is under attack by a coalition of gangs determined to take over the area to control most of an important area often used as a thoroughfare.

Starting on Thursday the sound of heavy gunfire, mixed with smoke rising from BelAir and Solino has transformed heavily populated areas of Port-au-Prince, like Nazon, Chris Roi, parts of Delmas, and Fort National into a war zone that is being deserted by a population in panic. These are neighborhoods where a working class population tries to make ends meet in desperate attempts to deal with a murderous inflation, which is fueled by an economy being slowly destroyed, as part of the master plan. Police officers who live in Solino are reportedly siding with individuals who are fighting the gangsters who are invading their neighborhood. As heard on Radio Caraibes, some of these persons called an open line to talk about how they are defending their home against the G9 coalition of gangsters, a group which was approved and possibly supported by Helen LaLime, the UN Chief of Mission. A Master Plan?

Many Haitians and friends of Haiti are calling for armed troops from the U.S. or Canada to come in and tackle gangs in Haiti which seem to be invincible lately. With this latest attack on a neighborhood by a coalition of gangsters, and thousands of persons fleeing their homes since the onslaught began, more are calling for foreign intervention. Is it a viable solution, or is it the master plan at work? I would say the second assertion is correct. We are faced with a master plan to reduce the Republic of Haiti into a protectorate where natural resources will be commandeered by foreign companies from the U.S., while most of the population will be reduced to starvation, with a few jobs in factories that just assemble imported components.

The past ten years, since the 2010 earthquake, the master plan to destroy the economy and agricultural production in Haiti has greatly accelerated. This descent into hell was enhanced by missions from the UN and armed intervention by The United States and France after the Coup d’Etat of 2004. Since the advent of Michel Martelly and the PHTK gangs have really grown in strength and acquired heavy caliber high powered rifles. They seem to have unlimited ammunition, while their number has increased dramatically, especially in areas surrounding Port-au-Prince and in the Artibonite region, which used to be the breadbasket of the country. Coincidence? Many see the master plan at work, with agriculture unable to feed the people, and gangs getting weapons galore from the United States.

It is possible for Haitians to take back our country from this seemingly insane situation, but it will require all out efforts from inside and outside the country. Outside the country, specifically in the United States we need to start a movement to put pressure on the U.S. and Canadian governments to stop supporting the PHTK and the government of Ariel Henry. By providing recognition to Ariel Henry and pushing persons to negotiate with him, the international community led by the U.S. is making the illegal prime minister legitimate. Ariel Henry is an illegal, illegitimate accused murderer who remains in power because the police force in Haiti refuses to obey the constitution and remove him from his post. Henry has been associated with gangs since the days when he was a minister under President Privert’s government. In any democracy that is not a sham, he would be in prison.

In Haiti, the police high command is basically under the control of the international community, which trained it and provides supplies to the force. By not helping the police to arm itself properly and have unlimited ammunition, while allowing the illegal flow of weapons and ammunition to reach the gangs with little or no interdiction, the United States is making the country a hell hole. It is not in the interests of rice growers in Arkansas and Florida to have Haiti’s rice growing return to the days before U.S. propelled governments destroyed its production. Millions of dollars are made each year in the U.S. because of rice sold to Haiti. President Rene Preval tried to increase agricultural production in the late 90s with the help of Taiwan, but ten years of PHTK and destruction from gangs in the Artibonite Department reversed the previous work, and kept the master plan going. Companies in Canada and the U.S. are salivating, waiting for the opportunity to exploit mineral resources worth billions of dollars that are under the ground. Haitians living in the U.S. and in Canada need to organize to pressure those governments to respect us.

As I said we need to pressure the U.S. to stop this macabre plan, and respect us here as an immigrant community that is working hard, and contributing to the economy. We have elected officials who are of Haitian descent in Florida, New York and other places, while others have high positions in the administration. We need to first educate them, so that they do not mistakenly advocate for direct intervention by foreign military. Then those elected Haitian Americans need to raise hell so that they help to slow the flow of weapons and ammunition to gangs in Haiti from here. By putting pressure to stop support for Ariel Henry, and slowing the flow of illegal weapons to Haiti, we on the outside can help persons in Haiti to organize and fight. Compared with how persons from Haiti have contributed to help society in the U.S. and in Canada with doctors, teachers, engineers and all kind of workers making important contributions, we should be receiving help even more than Ukraine, which has not nearly contributed to developing U.S. and Canadian society as Haitians have. Of course we know what’s going on and how they’re supporting darkness in our country.

Persons have to start talking among each other here in the U.S. and in Canada to see how we can organize ourselves to help our home country. We can’t go on living as if everything is ok, while our home is literally burning. It is not enough to talk about pride in our revolution if we refuse to continue that revolution, and recapture the spirit that led to our independence. Right now, things are just as bad as before 1791 when the colonizer used the whip from Black slaves to keep their brothers in line. Time to talk to the youth in order to have everybody realize that our house is on fire, and we need to put out the fire.

Woe to the wicked and the miscreants who eat up our bread and water.


One thought on “#netwayeAyiti2024: PAP Besieged: Master Plan?

  1. Eske gen yon plan rekonstriksyon,? Si gen yon plan konsa, fòk gen yon plan demolisyon pou sa. Si gen yon plan pou sa, fòk gen yon plan pou eviksyon. Pou sa fèt, G9 gen kontra pou li fè moun yo ale, boule kay yo, pou to ka demoli yo pou rekonstriksyon an. Eske moun sa yo ki ale a, y ap benefisye nan
    rekonstriksyon an? Selon lojik ki la Jodi a, pèdi, pèdi nèt! Se sa ki pri “rekonstriksyon an”.
    Is there a plan for reconstruction? If there is one, there must be one for demolisyon of existing dwellings. In order for this to happen, the occupants must vacate the premises. Reconstruction is a process after all.


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