#netwayeAyiti2024 #cleanupHaiti2024: Planned Destruction

Today in Haiti, the absence of any kind of respite from a government that is using gangs to stay in power, while also weakening the police, has many persons living there looking desperately for help abroad. On the one hand we have a majority which has been beaten and oppressed by gang violence to the point that persons are asking for military intervention from abroad. On the other hand we have thousands of young persons, men and women, fighting to get a passport, and begging for sponsorship to get to the promised land of Joe Biden. First thing we see is that this plan concocted by Biden’s administration is a good way to divide people in many different ways. Persons in Haiti are going to ask family and friends in the U.S. to sponsor their application so they can come to what they think is the promised land. While persons living in the USA are also affected in a negative way by this.

Here in the USA, the economy is on a downturn, despite all the spins about job creations. Inflation is rising, and prices are so high that persons are cutting back on groceries and entertainment. These days you can barely pay your bills, in South Florida rents are at an all time high, and even shopping at Walmart is expensive. So, on the one hand you have African Americans who are poor and need help from the government complaining about refugees getting more than they receive. They are not against their Haitian brothers and sisters coming to the U.S., but they lump them with the Cubans and Venezuelans whom they feel are getting what Americans in need should be getting. As a result, the Afro American community, of which Haitians have always belonged to and greatly contributed to as far back as the Harlem Renaissance, is divided on the issue. Progressive thinkers in the community recognize the evil divisive effect of this development in their midst, but many others only see as far as the tip of their nose, and they are calling their brothers and sisters refugees who should be sent back home. This is a time when persons of African descent should be uniting to avoid the death and destruction that is programmed for our youth everywhere, rather than fight each other for the crumbs given disdainfully.

On the other hand we have the Haitian community in the USA whose members are not doing great, just like everyone else, with rent, inflation, the price of gas, and everything climbing to the roof. Most of us can barely afford to survive, while sending something to Haiti via transfer to keep persons there afloat. To sponsor someone from Haiti requires financial stability, which few immigrants from Haiti possess. Those of us with the financial capacity to sponsor someone are U.S. citizens by and large, and most of their relatives either have visas or have been in the pipeline for years. This is a temporary measure taken by the Biden administration to slow the flow of persons trying to leave by boat, and break any momentum for mobilization within the population. Anyone with thinking must see that the international community of manipulators wants to gather people for elections / selections, but these same puppet masters do not want the same people to mobilize for any purpose. It’s clear that there will be no gathering of people to guide a transition toward elections. It’s all a sham, with an agreement blessed by Mirlande Manigat, the puppet who helped catapult Michel Martelly to the presidency, thus introducing bandi legal. (See earlier post – #cleanupHaiti: once more)

Now many persons in Haiti are calling friends and relatives in the U.S. looking to be sponsored for a visa. Only thirty thousand persons will benefit from this new policy, so with a population of over twelve million people very few will escape the hell on earth that bandi legal has turned the country into. As I showed earlier many persons from Haiti who live in the U.S. are struggling financially. Few own their own place, and with rents rising all over it is difficult to sponsor another mouth to feed and care for, even with the promises of support the government is dangling. That support is temporary at best, and the sponsor must be liable for the arriving immigrant. At the same time the Biden administration continues to deport persons from Haiti who are here illegally, or who break the law, even on a misdemeanor sometimes. As former senator Jean Charles Moise pointed out, the same folks who had horses with aggressive riders terrorize Haitian persons trying to enter the U.S.from Mexico are now seemingly welcoming them with open arms.

This situation is causing conflict between persons in Haiti and persons in the U.S. because in Haiti persons feel that persons do not want to help them with the offered sponsorship. Never mind what the person’s situation in the U.S. is many in Haiti see it as betrayal when their demand of sponsorship is not followed up on. People in Haiti say that it’s because the ones in the diaspora do not want to give them an opportunity to have the same life. It’s hard for them to understand that persons are not in a position to sponsor them because life is tough in the U.S., with persons mostly living from one paycheck to the next. So, this policy is creating division in the community, even within families, at a time when it is critical for all Haitians of good will to come together.

It is imperative that persons in Haiti realize that mobilizing is the only solution. The international community does not want us to support mobilization because it will stop their plan of making the Haitian population cheap labor in their home and abroad, while also taking away all our resources above and below ground. By putting forward a sham agreement with Ariel Henry remaining top puppet, the manipulators continue with the plan of destruction to conquer. This past week the police force has suffered from over a dozen deaths in the ranks. Because of that many police officers are in open rebellion against their bosses. Collusion between the gangs, the government and the police High Command is becoming clear to everyone after events that occurred since the start of this year. The only way to succeed is through mobilization in Haiti, with strong support from abroad everywhere Haitians live. On the anniversary of the ouster of Jean Claude Duvalier it’s time to come together and eliminate the regime that is in place to destroy our culture, while enriching crooks and thieves of all nationalities. With support from the diaspora, young persons in Haiti can build a movement to at least face the future united from a position of strength. Like the motto says

In Unity there is Strenght


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