#cleanupHaiti2024 #netwayeAyiti2024: once more

If it worked before, it should work again. In 2011, Michel Martelly was elected president of the Republic of Haiti after defeating Mirlande Manigat in the second round of presidential elections in April. Ancient history you might say, so why bring it up now? Well for one thing, this was the beginning of the bandi legal regime, which is continuing today, with its murderous pillage, destruction, corruption and planned theft of the rich underground and labor force of Haiti. But that’s not what I want to point out, even as despicable as this situation has gotten presently.

Mirlande Manigat is ready once again to lend legitimacy to the Core Group servants of U.S. interest in Haiti and their plan to continue abusing the country’s population. A brief recall, in 2010 President Rene Preval wanted to organize presidential elections, with the blessings and participation of the international tutors, led by the U.S. Embassy. Many of the political parties in the country wanted to boycott the elections because they felt that the contest would be rigged in favor of Preval’s chosen candidate Jude Celestin. Back then the president was at odds with the international community which did not want Celestin to win because of Preval’s rapprochement with Venezuela and its leader Hugo Chavez.

So bear with me now. I’m bringing it all together. So, we have President Preval trying to get participation and legitimacy to upcoming elections, curiously enough with help from the Core Group, which does not want his agenda. Of course, we all know how this partnership ended, with the international community refusing to recognize Jude Celestin as the rightful winner in the first round, even though he had the votes, and a second round slated with Martelly and Manigat facing each other, and Michel Martelly winning the presidency. But let us examine the role Mirlande Manigat played in this comedy or tragedy, depending on your point of view.

The 2010 presidential election was decried by a majority of possible candidates because of the mistrust, and a possible boycott by many of the political parties was looming. Mirlande Manigat, along with her party the RNDP, was part of of a platform led by Himmler Rebu’s group the GREH, which was against participation in the upcoming election. Rebu was particularly critical of President Preval, and he was leading the opposition in media appearances denouncing plans for the election. Then suddenly, as Manigat was in the U.S., news came out that she would participate in the election, with the blessing of her party. Upon her return to the country, assailed by reporters asking her about her decision, she demurred and left everyone baffled by her seeming turn. After meeting with officials at the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Manigat abandoned Rebu and the platform headed by GREH, and decided to enter the election. Was she given assurances after the meeting that she would prevail? Hummm!

Manigat had to quit the platform headed by Rebu, and as a result, following advice from her foreign handlers, she entered into an alliance with Youri Latortue and his party the AAA. After a first round that featured the selection of participants for round 2 by the international community, even though real results from counted ballots had Jude Celestin winning in the first round, Martelly and Manigat were chosen by the UN and the U.S. Embassy. Martelly was in fifth position after round one of the election and Manigat was a distant second with Celestin the winner. After threatening Preval and his political allies with everything under the sun, death included probably, the president buckled and allowed the stealing of the election by the State Department and the birth of bandi legal. Manigat was the perfect sacrificial lamb for round two because she was not the type to put up a real fight, and as opposed to Jude Celestin in 2016, she allowed herself to be manipulated to crown Martelly as president. To his credit in 2016, Celestin refused to participate in a similar masquerade to select Jovenel Moise.

Now once again, with the accord of December 21 of last year, Manigat finds herself lending legitimacy to a proposed election / selection by the international community by allying with Ariel Henry, the unelected dictator who masquerades as Prime Minister of a phantom government. Under Henry’s watch the leader of Manigat’s party Eric Jean Baptiste was killed by bandits operating in Laboule. No investigation has even started to find the culprits who can easily be identified and tried if the present government was not working hand in hand with the gangs. Police officers are ready to have a mutiny against the command structure and the government because rank and file members are getting killed almost daily, and the chiefs refuse to allow them to fight. This is the government that Mirlande Manigat wants to work with to bring elections and a return to “democracy “, more like demoncracy. What’s in it for her? Only the future will tell, but at her age she cannot be thinking about running for president. So, she is willing to become a puppet in the ring along side Ariel Henry in a play designed by the Core Group to continue with bandi legal and the path to destruction. Her job as a member of a High Council for Transition is to rubber stamp decisions made by the foreign handlers through Ariel. A cushy job to betray her people.

We all need to mobilize and help the Haitian people defeat this evil plan to continue destroying the fabric of our country, while losing our most important resource, the thousands of young persons wanting to escape the hell on earth that Haiti is becoming. All hands are needed because with this Biden immigration handout it seems that persons are more interested in leaving than fighting for their heritage. It’s another way to hinder mobilization while fostering division between persons in Haiti and those living in the U.S. Instead of concentrating on fighting this latest comic fable of having fair elections with Ariel Henry, the PHTK and the gangs in power, persons are talking about the Biden invitation of a minuscule amount of “lucky “ chosen ones who can escape. It’s time to fight, and we need everyone who cares about an independent Haiti all together working to develop our home and feed its children.

Bowing to his masters


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