#netwayeAyiti2024: Help or Occupation?

In Haiti, the population is facing a great dilemma. Vicious gangs have been given license to acquire territory on the main highways in and out of the capital, Port-au-Prince, to fight each other for territory with high caliber guns, terrorizing persons living in those areas; and to rob, kill, and kidnap persons at will. The police seems helpless to fight those criminals, and military occupation disguised as humanitarian help is the solution offered by the de facto illegal and inefficient government seemingly responding to cries of help from the population. Okay let’s break this down, so we can make some sense out of this. For starters, it is not a coincidence that the situation has suddenly reached this level of desperation when a majority of the population is out in the streets clamoring for the ouster of wannabe dictator Ariel Henry, and more importantly demanding change in their socioeconomic lives.

At a time when the de facto government and the PHTK are on the verge of collapse, the very instances who are propping up these sham leaders want to have their troops come in to supposedly save Haiti from mayhem, murder and famine. Purposely, the PNH, the Haitian National Police, has been weakened, so that police officers cannot provide security to the population. Not only is the force not provided adequate weapons and ammunition to properly wage a campaign to eliminate most of the gangs, and have the rest under control. There is also no clear strategy being implemented by the top hierarchy to attack the gangs one by one. All over the world police use the ability to outnumber all groups of bandits by concentrating their forces in one place to subdue opposition. The PNH needs to tackle gangs by using their advantage in manpower and tactical training to overwhelm the criminals who do not possess the same capacity. This is an approach which requires the support of the persons in charge, and adequate supply of weapons and ammunition by the international friends or I should say so called friends, more like enemies if you ask me. The PNH coupled with the small army group has the manpower and training to eradicate, or at least keep gangs under control.

The majority of the Haitian population is against the return of foreign troops in the country, especially from the UN. If the International Community wants to help it can send a few helicopters equipped for combat with trainers to teach how to operate them. The armored cars which were bought from Canada should be delivered with a load of high powered guns and plenty ammunition so the PNH can train, and then plan operations. The gangs can be tackled effectively because they are not made of trained soldiers or paramilitary forces with strategic training. Most of these guys walk around in sandals and little body armor, so any trained force can take them. There are plenty of Haitian American veterans and police officers with SWAT training who can provide training to the PNH right away, and help eradicate any gang in Haiti.

Ariel Henry and the PHTK will not support any approach to fix problems in Haiti because they have no place in a country where the law and economic progress is the norm. Most of the leaders of the PHTK are drug dealers, pimps and thieves making a living stealing from the people. They do not want any change in the way things are going, least of all any effort to stop the big money being made through the fake gasoline crisis. The population is hostage the a two fold fake problem. The weakness of the Haitian currency, the gourde, coupled with no gas at the pump. Those two problems created by those in control have allowed for big cash being made by a chain of persons, starting at the top with the importers and all the way down to dudes selling the precious liquid on the sidewalk. Only a complete change in the way the country is run, along with real participation of the majority of the population in planning the future and sharing of resources will solve our problems. It sounds simple, but it requires truly strong honest commitment. The gasoline problem and the currency changing are the tip of the iceberg. This system has run its course because it is so corrupted that only a true revolution can change it. No “Accord” can change the greed that even it’s own participants share secretly. Military occupation is not the answer.


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