#netwayeAyiti2024: Stubborn Destruction or National Freedom

Despite being rejected by the majority of the population of Haiti, as persons in all major towns have taken to the streets, de facto Prime Minister/ Protectorate Governor Ariel Henry remains in power. He remains in hiding, watching the economy being destroyed, as businesses, banks, supermarkets and food warehouses are being looted in many places. People in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas are missing the most basic things like treated drinking water, food staples and any needed medicine, while people are not much better all over the country. Lying through his teeth, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Geneus said to the assembly at the United Nations that the situation was “under control” in Haiti. The whole population of the country knows that he told a bold face lie to the General Assembly in New York. Now do officials at the UN choose to believe him, even though through the BINUH they have a basic idea of what’s going on? Matter of fact all non essential personnel from foreign embassies in Haiti have been evacuated, so the analysts at home know what’s going on. So then, as the assembled representatives listened to the fable from Minister Geneus, many were laughing inwardly. And I’m sure some of them looked at him with pity and contempt because they know that he is not only lying, but he is a party to the destruction of his country, and the killing of his people. A sad job indeed, but some choose to do anything for money, even if it means making persons look down at them and their countrymen.

Most of the population has no choice, but to mobilize for a change in the people running the country. What is really needed is a complete rewriting of all aspects of Haitian society, so that the country can truly develop thanks to a vibrant, positive participation from the majority of the population. So much talent is wasted in the youth and most of the active, willing and able population that is kept uneducated, living in horribly inadequate conditions, with no chance for a future. With a population numbering perhaps twelve millions, over ten million persons live below or at the poverty line, with no electricity, healthcare and a decent meal every day. Many of them possess great talent, and if allowed to learn they would make the country greater, more prosperous and a great place to live in. Speaking from experience in educating young Haitian men and women, there is so much positive energy wasted within them because of a system built on exclusion, poverty for the many, and uncountable wealth for a very few. The recent mobilization is a cry from young militants wanting a decent life, which must be heard and listened to.

Little positive action can be expected from traditional politicians in Haiti vying for positions in dubious elections, more like selections, which are expected in an undetermined future. Most of the persons who have taken to the streets do not trust the majority of them. This is a movement with no leadership on the national level, but rather some regional leaders have emerged, like Jean Charles Moise in Cap Haitien, and Youri Latortue in Gonaives. They have drained large crowds as they ride the wave of discontent, while participating and leading demonstrations calling for the ouster of Ariel Henry. Jean Charles Moise has been particularly critical of the banking system, saying that persons in power in banks manipulate the exchange rate to make money. Many people believe this, and as a result a few banks have been attacked and damaged.

With stubbornness, Ariel Henry hangs on with the blessing of his constituents, the international community which put him in place. The Haitian National Police is firmly behind him, and men in uniform have shot to kill at unarmed crowds demonstrating. Many persons demonstrating were shot by police in Les Cayes and in Cap Haitien. Militants in Port-au-Prince have also accused police officers of shooting at them during the night. All of this does not discourage young people who are in the street demanding that Ariel leave. Along with his cronies and allies formerly in opposition, like Andre Michel, Rosemond Pradel and Marjorie Michel, the disgraced de facto Prime Minister has stolen enough money in reward for services, and should leave by the back door before things get too hot. Presently, the pot is boiling. It may overflow and send scalding water in all directions, in which case many innocent persons will suffer, as well as the culprits who are responsible. The ultimate ones who give the orders will remain safe abroad, but their agents and stoolies will get the brunt of the scalding bath.


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