#netwayeAyiti2024: Destruction, Diversion, Just Mobilization

Ariel Henry is hiding from the furor of the population of Haiti, while sending police officers on a hunt for militants, hoping to break the spirit of the ongoing mobilization against his leadership. Sadly, police officers, and in some cases bandits wearing police uniforms, are shooting at demonstrators and young militants, especially in Petion-Ville and the capital Port-au-Prince to force persons to stay inside, away from the streets. Taking advantage of the unrest and lawlessness, criminals have broken into warehouses, schools, hospitals, private homes, government offices and a few banks so far, and they have destroyed what they could not steal. These criminals are not the people mobilizing against this unjust and illegal government and the socioeconomic system that bred it. These looters are part of a master plan to continue with Henry in power by saying that the just struggle of the population against a government that has been imposed by foreigners is led by thieves and bandits. During the looting the Haitian National Police held back and allowed targeted businesses and organizations to be targeted. From there, just as it happened after the George Floyd murder in the USA, persons with an agenda that had nothing to do with the just mobilization of young people fed up with a failing system took to the streets and looting spread. Gangs started to demonstrate, as if they were not part of the problem, on a mission from Ariel and his supporters. The police made sure they stayed away from these armed groups.

The majority of demonstrators are young people looking for a decent future in their country. They are fighting for a future in a country free of crime, garbage and incompetence at all levels. After de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry and UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres said that the demonstrators were all criminals, it gave the police carte blanche to hunt militants down and shoot at legal demonstrations. Earlier today in Les Cayes, police fired at groups of young people gathered to peacefully march and express their rejection of Ariel Henry. Before the people even gathered they were fired upon by persons in police uniforms. We’re they real police officers? Where were they when persons attacked businesses to steal materials? No one knows, but police officers are paid a pittance, with no social benefits at all. They are being used to repress the population which is fighting for better conditions for them too. After the attempts by rank and file officers to form a syndicate were repressed by this government to fight for it with this repression is stupid. Of course, as I said not everyone in uniform is a sworn defender of the law. Or has the police force become so infiltrated by gangsters in uniform that all units have become murder inc.?

There is a semblance of routine returning to Petion-Ville and some of the major streets in Delmas and upper Port-au-Prince, but Ariel Henry cannot drive anywhere far from Bourdon and Musseau where he is hunkered down. As for the rest of the population barricades keep anyone from traveling north or south. In Les Cayes, after being fired upon the population there has erected barricades everywhere, and locked the town down. In Petit Goave, the National Highway is shut down with barricades blocking the road. And getting in Cap Haitien from the south is an adventure.

Until Ariel Henry abdicates and takes the PHTK with him, there will be no peace in Haiti. These persons are kept in place by the Core Group and their Haitian minions to allow foreigners to take our wealth, and corrupt and exterminate the youth. Politicians keep talking about a need for them to begin a dialogue with all parties, especially those in opposition, but even they know this is impossible. First, there are too many politicians who take orders from foreign embassies, mostly Tabarre. Second, there is too much bad blood between some of the parties, we can safely say that Lavalas has many enemies who will never talk with them truthfully. Third, militants who are fighting in the streets do not trust the majority of politicians, and few of those party leaders have a real mass following. The solution can only come from continued mobilization by those who really want change and a fair opportunity for the majority of a population that is young and rich in inspiration, willingness and imagination. Pressure needs to continue until the government collapses because to stop now would be mass suicide by the population.

Too many take orders from foreign embassies


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