#netwayeAyiti2024: Ariel Henry must go

After an incredibly misguided speech Sunday night by de facto illegal Prime Minister Ariel Henry who has unilaterally proclaimed himself dictator of Haiti, the population has vomited its anger once again. It’s as if those arrogant words, spoken from a pulpit as if he was preaching, brought on a spontaneous rejection of both the speech and Ariel’s leadership. All over the island today the fires of insurrection have once again been stoked for the population. Peyi lock started anew and once again streets are empty, most persons are hunkered down at home, save for the few brave souls scurrying around to buy food and drinking water. In Petion-Ville major streets are empty, banks and stores are closed, while street merchants are staying away.

On Saturday in the evening, in Delmas the police tried to clear the streets of barricades with the help of heavy equipment from the CNE, an agency that has bulldozers and engineering equipment. After the speech from the oracle on Sunday, barricades are sprouting all over today, while gasoline remains scarce at five or six times the legal price at the pump.

Henry said the population is following gangsters and bandits in the current insurrection. Misguided, he did not say anything that would convince the population to stop demonstrations and barricades. Of course, due to lawlessness looters and criminals have infiltrated the movement to steal and destroy businesses, schools and food depots, trying to divert attention away from just demands for basic living conditions. The population is suffering, and a lot of people have decided that the leadership in power must go. Ariel Henry and the PHTK must go away and allow for a change in the way the country is managed. This is not only about the price of gas and Ariel Henry’s lack of a mandate and his illegal control of government. This mobilization is about persons wanting a better life than living in squalor, fearing for your life daily, and barely being able to afford to eat. This government allows gangs to do as they please in neighborhoods they control. Rather than fight criminals who are terrorizing the population and protect persons in neighborhoods police officers are trying to stifle mobilization by shooting live rounds and lobbing tear gas indiscriminately.

The days ahead look somber, with barricades sprouting again, while demonstrators are being shot at by unknown armed civilians, as happened in Morne Lazarre. It is unfortunate that people’s homes were attacked in Montrouis. This problem dates back awhile when bandits from the hills across from the beaches have garnered strength and are trying to take over in cahoots with crooked politicians. Thugs are trying to divert the struggle by targeting businesses and persons, following orders at times, and using the unrest to steal and attack political enemies. Militants who are fighting for a just cause must distance themselves from the criminals like Jimmy Cherizier, aka BBQ, who are taking attention away from the real persons fighting satrapy and the stealing of a nation and its riches.

Henry and the PHTK must step down, so that we can recuperate the over 15 billion dollars stolen from the CIRH funds and the Petro Karibe thefts. This is the only way this mobilization will succeed because the result cannot be a transition led by the international community. Another puppet of the international like G. Latortue is the last thing Haiti needs. A new leadership must emerge from youth groups and militants who are at the forefront of this fight. Anything else will lead to more strife and disaster, while the Core Group of friendnemies needs to disband and return to acceptable diplomatic representation of their respective countries. We need to recuperate all that was stolen from us in order to rebuild the economy and repair the damage of the past.

Ariel’s funeral

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