Le P’ti Club: Celebrating Nineteenth Year with Art, Class and a Big Gun

To celebrate nineteen years of existence, Le P’ti Club, inc of Miramar hosted a gala art exhibition and personal appearance by three major artists of Haitian origin, Philippe Dodard, the internationally acclaimed painter, sculptor whose works have been featured in major exhibitions in Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia,Africa and the American Continent, Jean Jacques Stephen Alexis, a well known painter in South Florida who is the director of the Jacques Stephen Alexis foundation named after his famous father, and last but not least Claudia Apaid, an upcoming artist who draws inspiration from her native culture, and showed an infectious enthusiasm all through the event.

Philippe Dodard
Jean Jacques Stephen Alexis

Held on Friday, sixteenth day of September 2022, Le P’ti Club’s anniversary brought out the beautiful people to witness a display of art works, all hosted by the Island SPACE Caribbean Museum of Plantation Florida. Jimmy Moise, President and CEO of Le P’ti Club, inc. of Miramar, an organization that promotes the arts, music, literature and entertainment in South Florida says “to properly celebrate the anniversary I brought “The Big Gun”, as Jimmy referred to Philippe Dodard, the superstar of Haitian Art, who is presently Director of ENARTS, the University for Plactic Arts, music and dance in Haiti. Philippe has done an outstanding job under dire circumstances, as he has led the school during these turbulent times.

Claudia and Jean Jacques also displayed some of their works, lending the inspiration that guides them.

Manicotex by JANJAK II
Claudia’ s Athena in Lazuli
By Claudia
Arag… by JANJAK II

Trans Caraibes by Philippe Dodard

Some beautiful paintings on display. Guests were also invited to visit the Island SPACE Caribbean Museum, located in Plantation, Florida at 8000 Broward Blvd in the Broward Mall. It is a fantastic place that is a hub for culture from the islands of the Caribbean. Jimmy Moise partnered with Calibe Thompson and David Muir, two of the directors of the museum to hold the anniversary celebration of Le P’ti Club in a well attended event, which was covered by reporters from the Miami Herald, Island TV, Sonny Bel Anfom, famed social event reporter, Philippe Montas, author of Deyemoncom.blog, and others. Miramar Mayor the Honorable Wayne Messam came and congratulated Jimmy. Mayor Messam came with his assistant, the lovely Edna Laroche who introduced him.

Mayor Messam with Jimmy Moise
The pageantry

Philippe Montas served as the MC, with a sober and unassuming mien he was able to keep the program moving to allow guests to mingle with the artists. With the presence of Miss Haiti Universe 2022 Mideline Phelizor and Miss Pan-American Haiti 2022 Josephine Lentner, the beautiful people were in attendance.

Jimmy surrounded with beauty
Claudia, Mayor Wessam, Jean Jacques and Philippe

The audience really enjoyed the presentation and provided acclamation and hearty applause.

Josephine Lentner, Miss Pan-American Haiti 2022
Jimmy with Leslie Dalencour

Wine tasting invited itself to this gala event when Leslie “Boom Boom” Dalencour co-sponsored the event on behalf of the Dalencour Group. Boom Boom brought some wine from his vineyard, and persons relished the many bottles of white, red and rose. Take my word, the bar was also a star in the event, compliment of Leslie.

A beautiful crowd

On a personal note, on behalf of Le P’ti Club, Jimmy presented certificates in association with the MINTO Family Foundation to Philippe Montas, Serge Moise, Calibe Thompson, and those who contributed to make the event a success.

As all good things must end, Wooly Saint Louis sang some Haitian songs, while strumming his guitar. Food and dessert was provided with the help of Ti Paul Moise, Jimmy’s wife who is always there away from limelight which she does not seek.

Happy Birthday Le P’ti Club


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