#netwayeAyiti2024: Chicken comes home to Roost

The recent message by the Association of business owners and leaders of industry in Haiti smacks of the dog biting his own tail. The letter was signed by a majority of leaders in commerce and owners of major businesses in the country. In the widely circulated position paper, these representatives of the bourgeoisie tried to convey the urgency they feel in response to the deterioration of the country’s economy and social life. As they witness the gangs taking over whole swaths of territory, which effectively strangles the capital and brings losses to their businesses, these business owners realize that they are losing control of the country. The PHTK and Ariel Henry are at the helm, but they are doing little in terms of governing, as they allow the situation to get worse in every aspect. All these persons in the government want to do is steal as much money as they can before they leave their jobs. Very little is done to lead the country and make life better for citizens. Because of this mobilization has started all over the country, with one demand: Ariel must leave.

In the letter they signed, these business leaders are asking for all businesses to pay taxes and respect the law. It is ironic that they are asking for persons to do things they never encouraged and never did themselves. Most of these folks have tried to pay as little as possible in terms of taxes and duties. They have kept the population in misery by giving out slave wages, while charging the most they can on stuff they sell. In 1991, these business leaders funded a Coup d’Etat which led to the death of thousands of people, while also dealing a serious blow to the economy of the country. Rather than negotiate and participate in steering the country toward development, these business people spent millions of dollars to bring down a popular president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, who in 1991 had won election by a wide margin. There was a list of over forty business leaders who contributed thousands of dollars to fund the Coup in September of 1991, barely seven months after the inauguration of the new president. Now they are reaping the fruit of that unbelievably stupid decision. These same business owners do not invest in anything that can be produced in the country, they prefer to import goods and discourage local production. The factories in Haiti do not use anything that is produced locally. Every item in the production chain is imported to be assembled onsite in the factories. Then the finished products are exported, with little left for local consumption. These captains of industry have never invested in development; their business is commerce at the lowest level. And now they want to complain about a state of affairs that they brought about with their misguided policies of the past forty years.

Guns and ammunition have come into Haiti steadily since the arrival of Martelly and the PHTK in power, the bandi legals. There were many guns in Haiti prior to the arrival of these thieves in power, but the amount of illegal guns has tripled since 2011. Gangs have gotten better armed with bullets agogo, and these bandits are taking over the capital. The police is not able to counter this sinister development because of low morale, poor equipment and low pay. The government is making sure that the police does not eliminate the gangs because politicians will need them when elections roll around. This is the main objective of the PHTK political leadership, to keep power at all costs. In the meantime society is held hostage by this unholy alliance of drug dealers turned politician and street gangsters from the ghettos to keep the population down and mired in poverty. The UN and the so called Core Group are actively contributing to the deterioration in the country by supporting Henry’s government, despite everything pointing to the corruption and illegal nature of this cabal. Dr. F. Large is among persons who have spoken to reveal the plans of the Core Group of foreign countries to steal all mining and petroleum resources from the population by choosing puppets in the next elections. The ongoing mobilization is a threat to this plan, which is why some politicians are trying to take the lead again, like Jean Charles Moise in Cap Haitien and Youri Latortue in Gonaives. In Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Petit Goave and most of the towns in the south, militants are leading the mobilization, while telling politicians to stay away. There is too much treasonous attitude in former opposition politicians, so the population has lost trust in them.


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