#netwayeAyiti2024: Annou Ranmase Figin 2

2024 is just around the corner, and judging from recent events in Haiti it is of utmost importance that those of us who want to see our country survive in a dignified manner come together. Time is not on our side because the situation is deteriorating in our homeland due to the master plan concocted by our so called friends. The murder of former senator Yvon Buissereth along with his cousin and the burning of their bodies by gangsters in Laboule signals a new phase in the horror that has gripped the country. De facto prime minister Ariel Henry proclaimed his just condemnation of the horrible act, but his words are empty since he is the main culprit in the deterioration of security in Haiti, especially in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. He has usually remained silent and aloof when other persons have been kkilled; for example he stayed silent after the massacres in Croix-de-Bouquets and Cite Soleil a couple of weeks ago and last week respectively, but since the former senator is a public figure Henry felt compelled to speak out. The hundreds of persons who died in Cite Soleil do not count for the de facto Prime Minister because he is on a mission to reduce the country to a colony of the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. Let us not forget that Haiti’s agriculture is being destroyed so that Dominican products become the main supply of food, along with rice imported from the United States, while the population becomes cheap labor for the DR and other islands where the U.S. controls the economy. Murder and mayhem have become normal to bring the country to its knees.

We hear a lot of talks about agreements and platforms, but the reality is that the vast amount of persons in Haiti do not trust any of the politicians involved. The so called Montana Accord is a reflection of the mistrust the population and most militants share toward these public figures who are always ready to talk about a Haitian solution, while under orders from the Core Group. The different groups that used to be in the opposition are cooperating with the de facto government of Ariel Henry, making money and acting as if things are getting better, while they are actually worsening. Former opposition leaders like Andre Michel, Marjorie Michel and Mrs. Beauzil are participating in Henry’s government, shamelessly greasing their palms. Aside from Lavalas, a few other groups and former President J.B. Aristide all the other political parties are cooperating. They have all been summoned by Core Group representatives for instructions. There were rumors of the foreign tutors choosing former President Aristide to lead the transition, but it appears that it was a test to see if Aristide still had popular support. As their fear proved correct, with huge crowds coming out in support of former President Aristide, the tutors, led by the U.S. Embassy and the French, quickly backed away. The plan is to drive the country to direct or indirect occupation, like when the UN took over in 2004. A leader who is popular and shows independent thinking is not what they want

In a recent statement, the Catholic Church is practically asking for the international community to occupy Haiti once again. They falsely claim that most of the population wants that. Of course, the majority of the population, mostly poor persons in the country, do not trust these foreign “friends” who want to steal all the country’s resources and reduce the population to quasi slavery. After 2004, the UN occupation allowed a lot of weapons to fall in the hand of gangsters. Under former president Martelly, the gangs became stronger, with the help of the international community, which selected and fully supported the bandi legal. Another occupation will only make matters worse, and people in the ghetto see that. They understand that a genocide is planned and they are ready to fight for survival. Leadership is what is sorely lacking, and this is where we need to step up and participate. We have a beautiful island, which we need to keep in the face of powerful enemies with many Haitian bandi legal working for them.


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