#netwayeAyiti2024 : Annou Ranmase Figin from Moral Turpitude

After a year of holding on to power or we should say to follow orders from his tutors, de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry continues to lead Haiti in deterioration and lawlessness. What is the reward he is earning worth in terms of selling his soul? Of course there is a sizable sum harvested everyday in this haven of corruption from the coffers of the state, along with the monthly contribution from his tutors. But as he is leading the destruction of the fabric of the country, we have to wonder about his plans for the future. Probably after mission accomplished he may retire in Panama, like former strongman Cedras did, or cross the border to the Dominican Republic where Namphy spent his last years. Henry is supervising the removal of sovereignty and mineral wealth from Haiti following orders from those who put him there in the first place. He probably intends to put together a nice bundle, then retire somewhere in style.

A year into the Ariel Henry government things have never looked so bad for Haiti, as the economy, the justice system, the political situation and life in general are deteriorating on a daily basis. Presently in Cite Soleil, an unhealthy slum which is home to thousands of poor people, a fight between gangs has left nearly three hundred persons dead, a couple of thousand others homeless and many wounded victims. All during the days during which the fight took place, the police never came to help and rescue members of the population trapped by gunfire. Many homes were destroyed, as persons fled the carnage. The de facto Prime Minister did not even acknowledge the death and destruction occurring under his watch. He was more concerned with expressing his condolences to the Japanese people for the death of their former prime minister. This government has no moral integrity and the leadership only cares about stealing and getting paid by the highest bidder. Kidnapping is at an all time high, with the population living in fear since anyone can be taken. Yet, there is very little done by the authorities to protect the population and punish perpetrators.

More persons from Haiti will take to the sea to escape the concentration camp which the country has become. Today, the media in Miami has all eyes riveted on a boat full of passengers which has been intercepted at sea near the Florida Keys. There will be more trips like that because the Core Group in Haiti is leading Ariel Henry’s mission of destruction of Haiti’s social and economic fabric. The gangs that are terrorizing the population and pushing the deterioration of the country have been set up, and are provided weapons and ammunition by the PHTK, the legal bandits and the foreign friends who act more like enemies. Many in the population do not see a future for them in the country, and most are trying to leave by any means available. The country is beginning to look like a concentration camp for most of the population, with no end in sight. The government has shown moral turpitude in all aspects.

#netwayeAyiti2024. Time to mobilize


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