#netwayeAyiti2024 #cleanupHaiti2024 : Beyond Contempt

With each day bringing a new crisis, the Haitian government, led by de facto prime minister Ariel Henry, has chosen to remain silent as if everything is fine in a country that is disintegrating. As of today it is very difficult to travel outside of Port-au-Prince safely wether you’re traveling North, South or even East for that matter because of gangs ruling the road, while fighting each other. Inside the under siege capital of the country, persons are getting kidnapped everyday, and held for ransom, while many are killed for no apparent reason as was the case of Osny Zidor, the medical student from Petit Goave. She was killed while riding a motorcycle taxi near Canapé Vert. Her death sparked an outcry for justice from the university students and professors, mainly from the School of Medicine where she was studying to become a doctor.

Prime minister Henry who has taught at the school stayed silent, just like he said nothing after nearly two or maybe three dozen persons were killed in the areas north and east of the capital when two gangs, Mawozo and Chen Mechan started a rumble to see who is top dog in the Plaine area, north and east of the capital. Most of the victims were innocent persons living in the areas where heavy fighting occurred, with constant shootings from heavy caliber guns. Many persons left the areas, while gangsters set fire to their homes in Butte Boyer and Marin. Both gangs have suffered losses from the battle, while the government has remained silent, save for the police which seems to have attacked Mawozo in Croix des Bouquets.

Nothing seems to faze the authorities who don’t even try to solve any of the pressing problems affecting the country. Presently, there is a shortage of gasoline in all towns in the country, as well as in the capital, the minister of commerce claims that there is gasoline in gas stations, but they remain closed these past few days. In the street, in full view of police, persons are selling the precious liquid at six to seven times the official price, wether in Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien or Les Cayes. Coupled with that is the severe rationing in electricity that has left the whole country in the dark. Businesses are suffering because they have no electricity and cannot run generators because gasoline and diesel fuel is scarce and super expensive.

Haitians everywhere need to come together to solve problems we are facing. Even if you live in the diaspora you’re affected by the deterioration of our home, which reflects on our identity as a people. The situation we are going through is the result of years of maneuvering by forces inside the country led by the U.S., France and to lesser extent Canada, which have led us to the present. Unless we identify and neutralize those who are puppets and soldiers for foreign enablers the situation will get worse. As Dr. Frantz Large said recently, the Core Group of foreign rulers want to take effective control of Haiti to exploit our mines and oil. Gold, copper, silver and oil are present in the ground, and foreign interests, mainly from the United States want all of it. By selecting corrupt leaders, they ensure their take over of all natural resources and our labor force, while only paying pennies to the crooks they select. In the meantime Haitians everywhere will remain poor and destined to work hard abroad for measly salaries, except for a few.

Only worldwide mobilization will allow us to restore our half of the island to its natural beauty, with plenty for all to eat and live in dignity. There is no time to waste because 2024 is around the corner. We must clean our environment and rid ourselves of negative thoughts and actions that are hindering us from coming together. We are all brothers and sisters wether in Port-au-Prince or in the countryside, and only by respecting and paying attention to each other’s needs will we succeed.


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