Danse Petro: Murder for Hire

In a shameful display of human rights violation, men dressed in uniforms of the Haitian National Police fired on a crowd of peaceful demonstrators yesterday, killing a journalist, Lazarre Maxilien, who was covering the march organized by factory workers in Delmas, as they were demanding fair wages.

We can only call this murder on a member of the press. There have been many attempts to control how the news is reported, and how commentary is offered also. The PNH was looking bad when reports showed members of the force brutalizing women who are peacefully demanding a raise so they can live decently. The factory owners also looked bad because everybody knows they pay the police to breakup demonstrations. So the answer is to fire on a group that included some journalists to intimidate the press. Most journalists working the street are not paid a lot of money, and they receive little in terms of benefits. It’s a job that demands courage and dedication because there is danger, as was seen yesterday when police officers riding in an unmarked pickup shot at the demonstration, killing Lazarre and wounding others. It looks like the PNH is working to suppress persons trying to exercise their lawful right to protest, especially workers demanding a better salary and benefits for their labor. As of today, aside from a vague statement talking about investigating the shooting, the police has not said anything to inform the public about their reprehensible actions.

Ariel Henry wants to install a police state on the population, while gangsters control a lot of neighborhoods, including parts of national roads allowing persons to travel in and out of Port-au-Prince in the south and the east. Roads in Martissant and Croix-des-Bouquets are controlled by gangs who shoot at persons and vehicles anytime they want. These gangsters make money charging money to allow safe passage through their territory for individuals and merchandise in trucks going south or heading to the border with the Dominican Republic. The de facto Prime Minister is not concerned with reigning in criminals and gangs, concentrating instead on repressing demonstrations and intimidating political opponents. Crime is exploding with kidnappers running freely, while persons are shot daily by robbers and assassins. On Wednesday this week some criminals shot at the Petit Seminaire, College Saint Martial, one of the oldest school in Haiti, forcing students to hit the floor, cowering from bullets. And through all this the authorities have done very little, throwing tear gas and shooting at demonstrators who are demanding a chance to live like human beings.

There is so much beauty in our country, and we need to come together to stop the destruction of our culture. The Core Group allied with the persons making a fortune selling imported food and supplies, while running factories and businesses are putting together a plan to eliminate a good part of the population through famine, diseases and crime, and take control of all resources, including labor. It is not a coincidence that a lot of members of universities have been targeted by kidnappings and murders. Just the other day an eminent university Professor was murdered. He was also an expert on computers who worked for the central bank which controls and regulates banking in the country. By destroying education you ensure that there is no one to fight in the future.

Persons are slowly mobilizing to take control of their lives. The factory workers and militants allied to their cause are demonstrating again today, raising the consciousness in the population which will eventually realize that they hold their future in their hands. Also the Protestant sector has started to demonstrate against kidnappings because pastors have been victims. A well known pastor, Remy Lochard, was taken by kidnappers over a week ago, and this has brought out many persons who are demanding his release. As usual, the police has done nothing to investigate and pursue the bandits who took the pastor. People have realized that help is not coming, and they must organize to defend themselves.


With all the problems in the country, persons in Jacmel still organized carnival celebrations to mark the occasion. As usual, the colors were vibrant with costumes, musical groups and people partying. My friend Patrice Douge, a great photographer provided some beautiful photos which I’ll display a few.



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