Danse Petro: Rezistans

Rezistans oswa disparet

Well it looks like Haiti’s future is bought and paid for; the contract has been drawn up by the Core Group of so called friends, only the names of the sellers are missing.

Early today, syndicates representing workers from factories demonstrated on the airport road, near the area known as Twa Men in Delmas where many factories operate in the industrial park; they are demanding the equivalent of nearly fifteen dollars U. S. a day, which is barely enough to survive these days. Judging from what these factory workers are paid, it’s modern day slavery. They get the equivalent of U.S. five dollars or less a day, while working close to twelve hours with very little break. Women make up most of the work force, and as such they are really abused with low pay, no benefits to speak of, very little vacation or rest, no drinking water provided and poor sanitary conditions.

In factories in Haiti, persons work like slaves on a plantation because their inadequate, next to nothing salaries that cannot provide a decent living, coupled with the slave like working conditions represent modern day slavery. On top of this many of the women are abused sexually with constants talk and forced sexual favors to the supervisors who are mostly foreigners. Factory owners make a substantial profit because they pay the workers next to nothing, while investing little in making the work space modern and comfortable. They suppress all attempts by the workers to organize and get a decent, humane treatment, firing workers at will.

So, just like the day before, these workers took to the street near the industrial park to demand a daily salary of 1500 gourdes, nearly equal to fifteen U.S. dollars, to be able to survive. Many militants joined the march to support the factory workers, and the demonstration numbered a few thousand persons. With the pay these workers get they cannot afford transportation to work, and many of them walk miles to save enough to feed their children. Lunch is a luxury for many of them because the cost of food has risen to keep up with a murderous inflation. The salary they’re asking is going to barely allow them to survive, to send their children to school dressed properly with a full stomach, and save a few gourdes for a rainy day. They’ve decided that resistance is the only solution, and despite being chased and suppressed by the police, they will continue to fight.

The PNH, Haitian National Police used an abundance of tear gas, and fired many rounds to disperse the demonstration, forcing the crowd to fight by throwing rocks and regrouping after clashes. It was a shameful show of violent repression by police officers who recently took to the street to demand a better salary and benefits. The police tossed tear gas on the march, and many persons, mostly women, suffered from inhaling the smoke and the running in panic. Those police officers are not very smart because the same persons who are ordering them to suppress a lawful demonstration are keeping them down by denying them a decent salary, and oppressing them. The average police officer who is not associated with gangsters, kidnappers or drug dealers is poor, barely able to make ends meet, especially if he or she has a family. The officers in the high command are making a good amount of money by preventing the rank and file from getting a good pay and benefits, so they do not want a syndicate for the force. All this is to show that when police officers suppress workers trying to get better pay, they only hurt their own efforts to get better working conditions and a decent salary. Sadly, these cops do not realize that the pittance they’re getting from the factory bosses to suppress the just demands of fellow workers will cost them ten times more in the future, fools on a leash.

As I said at the start of this post, the Core Group is working on a selection process in Haiti, which they will masquerade as an election, to choose the next leaders who will sell them the country’s wealth. De facto Prime Minister Henry is the selected band leader for now, but he has competition. The different accords which rallied to a couple of agreements, but remained divided, have each presented a plan for transition. The Montana Accord even elected a provisional president and a Prime Minister to lead the transition and organize a national conference to help all Haitians come together. It all sounds nice on paper, but many of the participants receive money from foreign groups, while others benefit from the status quo. So now, de facto Prime Minister Henry is pitted against the Montana Accord in a fight for control of the government, with another group in the hunt, the ten remaining elected senators whose mandate is almost finished and who cannot vote on anything because they cannot reach a quorum and also cannot meet in a National Assembly. All these politicians from various political parties also must take other persons into account because militants are mobilizing and organizing the population. The population has lost trust in politicians, so only grassroots militants can mobilize large amounts of persons.

Resistance is the only way to stop the Clinton gang and the Core Group from recycling the PHTK to control the presidency and the parliament. The foreign tutors are already drawing up the new constitution for Haiti to allow them to exploit all the mining wealth, and keep the population from creating wealth for themselves. The aim is to keep the majority of the population as consumers for imported food and supplies, while they work in menial jobs, with a few in the service industry struggling to make ends meet. Foreign companies will get lucrative contracts to exploit the mines and the offshore oil, giving very little to the country, mostly small sums to corrupt political leaders. The middle class will practically disappear, and the poor will live in squalor and experience widespread hunger.

The only way out of this murderous plan is for persons who want a better Haiti to come together and resist, or else we will perish or become a nation of wanderers, with a majority of Haitians living abroad, while foreigners own everything of value. The workers who demonstrated today are part of the coalition we need to put together to defeat those who want to take our home away. We need to ensure that support is provided to those who want to unite and fight. There isn’t much time left, and only true dedication will work, dedication to respect our ancestors, and clean up ourselves and our home.

#netwayeAyiti2024 #cleanupHaiti2024

Photograph by Patrice Douge

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