Danse Petro: Martissant – the killing fields

As of this writing, the situation in the southern entrance of Port-au-Prince is catastrophic, and persons are being killed, while a gun battle rages between gangs who have been historical enemies for decades. The fight between Gran Ravin and Ti Bwa did not start last week when guns started blazing again. Persons living in those two neighborhoods have been fighting each other for a long time. But until recently those fights occurred in the hills, and did not paralyze the National Route # 2, as is the case today. Politicians from the PHTK decided to change the game, and provide those thugs with assault rifles and unlimited ammunition to take control of the marginalized slums where thousands are living in squalor. Now you have a bunch of well armed young thugs terrorizing the population in Martissant and Fontamara, which used to be peaceful neighborhoods before the neo macoutes from GNB decided to ruin the areas. Before those idiots decided to arm those gangs, on orders from their handlers who provided weapons, persons from Gran Ravin and Ti Bwa used to fight using stick, knives, machetes and handguns occasionally. They feared the police and did not hinder commerce and traveling.

In order to travel south to the five departments that make up the southern part of Haiti you cannot go through Martissant. Most recently a mini bus was shot up when the driver attempted to race through the killing field. The vehicle was shot up by bandits, and persons were killed inside, including a nurse. It is not even safe to stay at home because a young girl in Fontamara was killed on her front porch by a stray bullet, collateral damage in a futile war between young men who are being used by politicians and their handlers. This week, one of the gang leaders warned that persons should stay away from Martissant. In a radio broadcast, a reporter said that the national route was deserted, and even stray dogs knew to stay away. Commerce and travel are at a standstill, and five departments are suffering because of this situation.

While the south was effectively cut off from the capital, the Haitian National Police decided to move many units to provide security to the national route # 1 that leads to the north. No attempts were made by the police to provide help and respite to the people living in the southern entrance of Port-au-Prince, but rather than risk a fight the cops preferred to make a show of force in the northern highway, away from the fighting. In the greater Port-au-Prince area, many persons were taken by kidnappers, while living conditions are getting worse. The de facto government has announced that gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel will rise in price in a few days. Will the population go along with this plan, which will cause a rise in all prices? Poverty is rising, and we have to wonder how long persons are going to stay apathetic and allow this government to starve them to death.

Persons need to come together and bring resistance to a planned genocide, coupled with the theft of our natural resources. The politicians who used to claim opposition to Martelly and Jovenel Moise are all looking to make money and sell their souls. Very few of them are still honestly trying to resist, while grass roots groups are fighting to stay away from death squads who operate freely in an increasingly lawless country where police and gangsters work hand in hand. There is only one path left before we loose everything.


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