Danse Petro: Help Needed

With the recent earthquake of over a week ago still affecting many persons in a bad way, we need to look at the situation on the ground, in Haiti’s greater south, and efforts being made to provide the needed help. Things are dire for a great amount of persons in the communal sections, away from major towns in the departments. Many government and non government decision makers who control distribution of much needed aid want to go to either Les Cayes or Jeremie where the media has congregated, so that they can have cameras recording every action for political asset. Politicians are also going on the air with criticism that may or may not be warranted, but they provide little in terms of solutions or help for those affected. In the meantime, life has returned to normal in Port-au-Prince and its surroundings, with little care for those suffering.

Persons in places that are hard to get to like the Cayemites Islands, small towns like Chantal, Abricots, Bonbon and most of the communal sections, like the second and third communal sections of Camp Perrin have not been able to get the help they need. This has led to people spending nights under the rain in many places. Images have emerged on whatsap of women with children getting drenched under a makeshift piece of fabric to ward of the rain. The destruction is unimaginable is the departments affected. In many places, over 80% of houses have been destroyed by this 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

Many people are trying to provide help for those affected by the earthquake in the south of Haiti. A group of Haitian-American doctors, with Dr. Ronald V. LaRoche as spokesperson, are on the field providing medical help to persons who were seriously hurt. They have done many interventions and they could use our help. A friend, Monique Dodard recommended an organization, the Haitian-American Emergency Relief Committee, which has been around for many years; Didier Fabien has been its president since 2008, she told me.

Many persons want to help, but they don’t know where to send a contribution. Also, after the fiasco of January 12, 2010 when a lot of aid poured into Haiti, only to be diverted by those who did not need it, persons are wary and suspicious. All I can say is you have to follow your instincts, but there are many who need help. They deserve an effort from all of us to help them through a bad time. The greater south of Haiti is home to some of the proudest inhabitants of the island. Before the earthquake these departments, like Grande Anse and towns like Pestel were jewels, boasting a bucolic environment with a slow paced lifestyle . Today, Pestel is devastated, and the rest of the Nippes Department is not much better. People there need our help.

#cleanupHaiti it’s time.

Some of the nefarious characters who have contributed to making Haiti a hell on earth for many have resurfaced, trying to sound like persons without blemish in their past. My friend Alix Conde, a content creator who specializes in video presentations has the perfect clip to address this


A nice viewing. Enjoy, short and sweet.

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