Danse Petro: Free the Political Prisoners

Lately, militants from different organizations in Port-au-Prince have been demonstrating, asking for the release of all political prisoners from illegal incarceration in overcrowded, unhealthy conditions. Prisoners like Arnel Belizaire, Kilik, Paul, Abelson and a host of others are suffering from malnutrition and borderline torture in the hands of penitentiary staff who are underpaid and bitter.

Militants and police officers associated with the SPNH, the unrecognized police syndicate trying to bring unity and better working conditions for rank and file officers, staged a sit in at the Ministry of (in) Justice. It was a small and active vocal group which carried banners and yelled slogans to let persons know about the plight of the illegally held political prisoners. After awhile de facto police officers broke up the sit in by tossing tear gas canisters and threatening those who participated. The demonstration was peaceful and although the participants were vociferous in their denunciation of illegal incarcerations, they were peaceful. De facto police broke it up even though brother police officers were participating. Officers from the UDMO were particularly active, and they chased the militants all the way to Champs de Mars, which they blanketed with tear gas. If only these brave officers from UDMO would show such ardor when fighting criminals, rather than peaceful demonstrators, the killings would stop in BelAir and the Fifth section of Port-au-Prince.

Anarchy is on the rise because conditions are worsening for the population. According to experts close to five million persons in Haiti are at risk of suffering from malnutrition, while the government continues to destroy agriculture in the country. Most food is imported, so the cost is above what most persons can afford. Middle class families sometimes only eat one meal a day, with no snacks. Poor persons are literally starving, and it looks like there is a master plan to starve the population to reduce their number, while also stopping people from being active in a search for a better life. The day to day struggle of eating an inadequate meal keeps persons too occupied to worry about anything else.

The wheels are coming off for the government and it’s allies. Martissant remains a killing field despite bombastic declarations from de facto prime minister Henry and police de facto chief Charles. Gunfire resonates at all hours and traveling through the southern entrance of Port-au-Prince is a deadly adventure. The U. S. Dollar is on the rise, as the Gourde loses value steadily, so the cost of living keeps rising. Compared to the hunger riots of 2008, the one waiting to take place will be way more destructive because a lot more people within the population will be desperate. De facto prime minister Ariel Henry is continuing the same destructive plan that the former deceased president was following. The puppet masters are pulling the strings, while hoping they don’t break.



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