Danse Petro: Adieu Antoinette Duclaire – Resistance onward

Another victim of the ongoing massacre in Haiti. Antoinette Duclaire was killed along with another twenty people on the night of June 29 of this year in the slaughterhouse that Port-au-Prince and its environment have become because of the malevolence of forces backing megalomaniac de facto president Jovenel Moise. Things have become flawed and troubled, as the master plan for Haiti is running into serious opposition, along with actors who have opposite perceptions of who should be in power to control the pie. All of this will result in more targeted killings of militants, journalists, like Diego Charles of Radio Vision 2000 and bystanders by gangs working for factions within the palace and the PHTK.

Nettie, as Antoinette was called, was a jovial and engaged militant who acted as spokesperson for Matris Liberasyon, and also participated with Nou Pap Domi. She represented the leadership of the future in a Haiti free from the quasi slavery imposed on the majority of the population. We remember her when she faced the Minister Gonzague Day during a televised appearance, and set him straight. She showed great courage in the face of many threats from Jovenel, the PHTK and their minions, yet she persevered in the face of evil.

Her murder will galvanize militants all over Haiti and also remind all persons that they could be next. It is time for concerted resistance to the charade called a government that is leading the country to disaster. The selection that is planned as an election this year will fail because the population will not allow it. Already the doomed referendum has been postponed, if not canceled by the masters leading de facto president Jovenel Moise. The plan is to pave the road for the buffoon Martelly who will continue stealing while giving away the future of Haiti. There are many problems with this plan, starting with the divisions in the group of gluttonous partners in the palace and the PHTK. Jovenel is not ready to relinquish power to Martelly and fade in the background with mission accomplished. As each of the factions controls particular gangs by providing guns and ammunition gang war has erupted, and it will continue as long as the fight lasts within the forty thieves.

Bat teneb

Resistance is derailing the plans concocted by Jovenel and his advisors, or I should say handlers. They are resorting to killing persons indiscriminately, but this only brings more resolve. Self preservation is bringing the need for persons to establish their own protection from the bloodthirsty gangsters tied to Jovenel. Militants and honest politicians of the opposition must organize a vast mobilization, as the only path to survival. De facto president Jovenel Moise will seek his assassins on them separately, unless a mobilized population shows him the door.


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