Danse Petro: Terror Rising / Rezistans

Killings of innocent victims who happen to be in the wrong place are rising all over in Haiti, as de facto president Jovenel is cornered by his ambitions losing ground because reality keeps reminding him that not only is time running out, but also events are going out of control. The illegal referendum appears to have died because resistance all over the country made its realization impossible, and as a result gang wars have erupted. The de facto president is the most reviled holder of power Haiti has ever had. The majority, if not all the population hates him with a passion; only those making money tolerate him, since he allows them to take in lots of money, while he destroys their competitors to give them free reins on the economy. The recent looting of warehouses with tons of food was targeted because of political motives. All the victims just happened to be business persons who did not belong to the mafia that supports de facto president Jovenel Moise. With impunity from justice, gangsters are given free reins to loot and destroy businesses that belong to selected victims, opponents of the regime mostly.

Persons in Port-au-Prince have gone through hell the past weeks. In BelAir the battle is still raging between gangs in the lower area and those in the heights, it is said by many commentators. But in reality it is a politically motivated terror campaign in one of the bastion of resistance against the de facto president and his PHTK gang. Many of the militants who carried on a brave fight against the regime on Champs de Mars lived in BelAir and the area surrounding, like Sanfil and Lower Delmas. By targeting those neighborhoods and cynically burning persons living there out of their homes, the regime is pushing the militants away from the fight to care for their families and friends.

The fire that destroyed the building where the electoral council had their office and headquarters has dealt a death blow to elections before time runs out for de facto president Jovenel Moise. Resistance to elections have intensified all over the country, but because of the violence in Port-au-Prince persons are not talking about it in the media. All the attention is riveted on the gangs who have declared war to anyone they want to target via the so called leader Cherizier, aka BBQ. Breaking in a branch of Soge Bank in Martissant may be a sign of things to come, or the beginning of foreign intervention because Soge is a partner of the U.S. Embassy in Haiti, to apply for a visa to the USA usually you pay for the interview at one of their branches. Martissant is a war zone where fire is being set to houses, cars and bodies, like I said in a previous post, War Zone, and the fight is taking a toll on business persons who do business in the four departments in the south. Business between those departments and the capital is standing still, as gunfire keeps people from going to and forth.

Resistance to the macabre plans concocted for Haiti has intensified, especially away from the capital, in areas that have strong opposition to the de facto president and the PHTK. There is no way elections can happen before year end, so Jovenel can only hold power, like he wants to by unilaterally declaring himself holder of the presidency after February 2022. His mandate ended last February and he has held on to power illegally by using the police force and the gangs to thwart all political and popular opposition. But this is only a stalemate because resistance is stopping any viable elections from being held. Forces behind the de facto president can use crime and violence as an excuse to delay elections, but as in the words of the illustrious Richard Pryor, how long will this bullshit last? The foreign handlers, especially the State Department, are demanding that elections be held, even if only a dozen persons participate. It will be enough to justify alienating a whole population to select a pliable tool.

The PNH has lost many officers this year, and members in the rank and file are not ready to risk their lives for Jovenel. Police participation is key to hold any semblance of an election since officers must provide security in voting places. Presently, the de facto president does not trust the force to do his bidding, so he is trying to weaken the force and replace it with thugs more willing to kill and oppress the population. As I said earlier, the PNH is in all the communes in the country, so plans to replace it will take time and a lot of people. There is not enough time to do this and also hold elections in time, so the next best thing is to put fear and corruption in the force. Within the PNH, the idea of a syndicate is still there, although its proponents must remain hidden to avoid being targeted, like the previous union leaders were. This creates a low morale and unwillingness to act against criminals, leaving the population to fend for itself. More on the PNH in a later post.

Resistance is the key, and it must take many forms with the participation of all who care inside Haiti and in all places where Haitians live.


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