Danse Petro: Is the end near?

Hostage in your own home

Recent developments in Haiti demanded that we step back and try to see the various hidden forces dictating the actions of various groups of persons. As heard on more than one radio program, analysis by commentators have pointed to the palace wizards working to dismantle the Haitian National Police, PNH, in order to replace it with their own force. Others have said that de facto president Jovenel Moise is using the gangs to take over the PNH in order to better suppress the population and all political opposition. In both cases, the government, or what is left of a machine in the grips of incompetent, corrupted and lazy persons more interested in dancing in carnival than facing urgent problems, is playing a dangerous game. De facto president Jovenel Moise thinks that once he is able to secure his post through fake elections and his gangsters shooting up any opposition, he will be able to rein them in. In Mexico, politicians sought to use gangsters in similar fashion, only to have those henchmen become the actual rulers in many cases. Moise is playing out a script handed by his handlers, while Haitian society is slowly disintegrating. All social indicators are in the red, and the youth is marginalized every day. The end is near though because the population is not giving up, and the de facto dictator is losing his grip slowly and surely. His plan has run into too many obstacles, and time is running out. The last moves by the government are desperate measures to stem the tide, and it is clear they’re panicking.

The PNH is barely able to survive and provide some protection to a population that is held hostage by the situation at all social levels. Poor persons are living in hell in places like Martissant, Cite Soleil, Lower Delmas, Lasalin, Fontamara with gangs shooting it out every night, and occasionally in broad daylight, sending merchants and motorcycle taxis rushing for safety. Many persons in those areas have been hit by stray bullets because they have nowhere to run to. Most persons living in the fight zones have run away, on foot and motorcycle, carrying whatever they could salvage. All of this is happening under the lights of most international media who have decided to boycott any news from Haiti. More on that later in this post. As we have said, the PNH is still present, despite efforts to break it down. It is the only official force with a presence in all the communities in the country. Jovenel tried to have the BSAEP, a supposedly environmental police force to protect fragile areas of ecological importance, become a parallel force, but the group made of mostly thugs with no training became an embarrassment bordering on the clownish. So, the de facto president Jovenel Moise cannot easily remove the PNH totally and maintain control of the country. The international advisors who dictate most policies are divided on the issue, and some of them are working against the plan to weaken and destroy the institution.

Most police officers in the rank and file do not like the government because it has done very little for them in terms of social benefits and decent wages. These officers do not want to submit to gangs and lose their position of authority in the community, so they are working behind the scenes to try to maintain morale in their troops. The inspector who was killed near Cite Soleil is an example of police officers resisting the macabre plan put forth by Moise and other PHTK. This has become an obstacle to Jovenel taking over for years to come. But attempts to control the force have not been successful because in the provinces police officers live and interact a lot with the population. In those areas, the police cannot be used to suppress persons, and the gangs are not well established.

There is a historical pattern to the satrapy we see in Haiti nowadays. A friend and talented content creator Alix Conde has offered a sequence of images to touch upon this. Alix is a videographer, producer, pianist and recording expert who has a lot of archived material, both audio and video. This is a short production for you to enjoy.


Mobilizing by all means at hand is the only path to free and fair elections, similar to what we had in 1990. Young militants need our support to bring the end of this suicidal regime. In the upcoming days we will need to force the media here in the U.S. to talk about what is happening in Haiti. There is definitely a conspiracy when so many persons are shot, killed or made homeless right here a couple of hundred miles from Miami, and no one is talking about it. Members of Congress are concerned and are harassing the Biden administration for answers, but the press is mum. We need to find who are the dark forces that are keeping the news suppressed. Time to shine the light on their actions, and let people know what’s going on.


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