Danse Petro: No to Referendum

School built with funds from Petro Caribe

The planned referendum to change the constitution of the Republic of Haiti is the next battleground pitting the population against de facto president Jovenel Moise and his foreign handlers. As he blusters and puffs his chest, while making idiotic and quickly forgotten sayings that make little sense, the true enemies of democracy behind Jovenel are the ones scripting his actions. The illegal referendum is a process that will determine the future of Haiti for years to come, if allowed to pass. The proposed constitution by de facto president Moise and his handlers is concocted by a band of persons who love and want to install a dictatorship. These persons made their fortune during and after the dark years of the two Duvalier regime, enjoying unlimited power to oppress and annihilate millions of people, while serving their foreign boss. Their handlers from intelligence services, mainly from the U.S., also make a lot of money from various businesses associated with providing logistics and service to the dictatorship. So, this planned referendum is to pave the way for Haiti to return to the good old days, except this time starvation and a non existent health care system are causing a lot of death and diseases in the population. Since only poor persons are associated with hunger and sickness, no one seems to care that this referendum will cause millions to go starving, while thieves and criminals will rule.

Grassroots organizations and political opposition leaders are mobilizing within the population, setting up resistance to this insane plan to take the country backward to a time long gone. In Jean Rabel recently, influential members of the population chased away persons who came to talk about the referendum, just like other towns in Grande Anse, the North and Artibonite have rejected any mention of it. The whole population of the Republic is against this project to legalize gangsterism and destroy the fabric of society. With this plan, the country will become a favorite destination for sexual perverts to come enjoy a place where anything is permitted, while the population is mired in poverty, crime and oppression. Impunity for all crimes committed by Jovenel and his gang will become normal with this new constitution, while all kinds of sexual perversion will be allowed and even encouraged.

Many militants are gearing to fight this ignominy by setting barricades and taking to the streets. In Champs de Mars, persons are setting up to defend their turf, as they call this park in the heart of Port-au-Prince.

Nou Pap Domi and the Petro Challenge movement are meeting with militants, setting up resistance to the illegal referendum. Young people are at the forefront of this fight for democracy. It is reminiscent of that time back in 1990 when Haitians in New York City made the Brooklyn Bridge shake, and invaded the famed Wall Street area, demanding an end to discrimination by the CDC which had claimed that persons from Haiti had AIDS. With no cell phones or internet, by using land line telephones, young Haitians in New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas mobilized over a million of us to march and demand results. This led to the CDC changing their tune, while Haitians regained their dignity. This is the spirit that must be rekindled to help our country make a turn away from satrapy, ignorance, greed and massive starvation. We need to once again mobilize for the return of our pride. It is of paramount importance that young Haitians take the lead, and bring this much needed change that we need. Persons of like mind need to come together to support the movement to stop de facto president Jovenel Moise and his international backers. In Haiti no one supports this madness, save for the PHTK, the G 9 and the other allies of Jovenel. It is time to coalesce and support those who are at the front lines.


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