#cleanupHaiti2024 on The J & P Show

#cleanupHaiti2024 was on Tele Anacaona, TATV channel 18.7 in the greater Miami area and channel 38.5 in Orlando in the State of Florida. Yours truly, author of this blog, along with Jimmy Moise, CEO of Le P’ti Club, inc., Miramar, presented the idea for the project on our show, the J & P Show, which airs every Sunday at 2:00 PM on this past Sunday, twenty fourth day of April. It was a great show, as we spoke about passages from my recent blog post which highlighted the problem with us just letting garbage invade our space with little being done about it. Touristic venues, which used to be highlights of a proud past, are left to be treated as garbage dumps, like Vertieres, the entrance to Cap Haitien, victimized by squatters and shantytowns on the hills surrounding. People who live in those places do not have anywhere to throw their garbage, so they dump it in any place they find. The tomb where Emperor Dessalines is buried at the entrance of Port-au-Prince, at Pont Rouge, has become a garbage dump, full of feces. Milo, which is in the North, and where we have major tourist attractions, often shows dirty streets, especially near open air markets.


Let’s make this idea viral. The idea can become the motto for many different projects or group endeavors, much like a spider web, spreading while each link is strong and independent. Each town, or area in the country will start to claim ownership of their project, which is to clean their space and make it livable and attractive. We need for the population to see this endeavor as their own, something they will invest time, energy and resources to accomplish. In order for this to happen we must reach out to as many people as possible, and spread the idea worldwide. This can become a starting point to solve many other problems because once people start working together the sky is the limit. Haitians in the diaspora must participate, not only because in 2024 we will be there, back in Haiti to welcome persons from Africa, The Americas, Asia and any place where people value freedom and respect the Haitian revolution.


It will be two hundred and twenty years since Haiti fought and conquered independence; a shot that was heard around the world ✊🏽. Black power over the best white armies in the world. We must have a clean country to celebrate this event with dignity. Too many times, persons look at how we live and compare us to animals because only the beast allows himself to be mired in refuse. There is an inherent ugliness in the way our country looks, with all this trash, refuse and toxic waste laying around. There is no pride in being ugly and dirty, so if we want to restore our pride, let us begin with our physical appearance. Clean the body, then the mind will be free to rise to higher spheres.

A picture from the past should serve as a catalyst for action. Nostalgia is useless because times have changed, and the population has grown tremendously. Back in the fifties and sixties, the population was smaller and more homogeneous. Persons had pride in where they lived, their “quartier “ or neighborhood. We need to restore that pride and sense of belonging by starting in small towns, and let the idea grow to encompass the whole country. We must start at least talking about ways we can start picking up our pride and restore our “face” as the old sayings go. The body is the temple where the spirit can soar to great heights. Same with our country, the environment is the body, and we the people are the spirit, waiting to soar, leap forward, and conquer our space.


Make it viral


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