Danse Petro: Kidnapping and Anarchy, New Norm

Businesses are suffering and the social fabric of Haiti is heading down a path of destruction because of a de facto president and his allies stubbornly insisting on maintaining power. Kidnappings and murders happen in broad daylight, as gangs are taking over the country. In Les Cayes today, persons took matters in their own hand to stop the kidnapping of two schoolchildren on their way to school. Women selling in the marketplace saw the action and bombarded the car, which contained the children, with coconuts smashing the windows and allowing police to intervene. This is a good example of the population taking matters in their own hands in a show of unity to defend themselves. But with every heroic action by people in the population, there is also bad news, like the murder of a well known businessman yesterday in Canapé Vert.

On Champs de Mars yesterday, the battle continued between militants throwing rocks and bottles and police officers still supporting the tyrant. The hostilities started in the afternoon when militants set up flaming tires and started throwing rocks, which led to police officers tossing tear gas canisters and firing rubber bullets and real rounds in between. Journalists and onlookers were forced to leave the square, as cops blanketed the area with tear gas. Militants kept throwing rocks and bottles even as they retreated from the tear gas. Another day in the turf war where militants from Petro Challenge and other groups have vowed to resist. A state of anarchy is descending on the country slowly, as education, health, justice and the police force are mired in inescapable doom because of ineptitude, corruption and the rule of gangsters. Bandi legal has become bandits in charge of almost all aspects of public life, shamelessly hiring known musicians to entertain the troops. The only choice to this descent into hell is resistance, like the militants in Champs de Mars are doing.

All progressive persons need to forget their differences and unite to fight this plan concocted by the international community to place the country under tutelage. That’s right, either the U.S., or more likely the Dominican Republic will take over our government and all institutions that rule our daily life. With kidnappings becoming a business, more persons will be affected, and the fear will lead to people longing for any force to stop this macabre existence. The nearly four million persons in a situation where they do not eat enough food everyday to sustain themselves want a better way of life. The price of food is rising beyond what most persons can afford, with one meal a day being quasi normal. As I said in a previous post, by destroying the agriculture Martelly and Moise have managed to starve the population as well as make money for their allies, the food importers. This is the most cynical policy of the past ten years that is leading to famine for the population. Soon the situation will lead to intervention, unless the population is united in a broad front to pull the country out of the mess brought by the bad governance, especially the last ten years.

The first step is the fight against the referendum to change the constitution that is being pushed by de facto president Jovenel Moise. The international community wants to change our constitution to allow the control of Haitian institutions for years to come. By having Jovenel and his cronies in charge of government, while they receive their orders from above, foreigners can control all our resources, mining and human labor force, which will be used and disposed of much like persons during the slave trade. How ironic that the country that fought successfully against slavery has its population reduced to slavery again two hundred years later, ruled by foreign chiefs who decide everything. With Jovenel in power we are not far from that scenario. Soon, the only solution will be total destruction, as Bob Marley used to sing. 1791 may come around once more with the violence and destruction which was the norm then. The only way to avoid this is to unite in a broad coalition to stop the madness.


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