Danse Petro: No to New Con-stitution – From Champs de Mars with Love

Two days of resistance to the nefarious plan to starve millions of persons in Haiti, giving respect to those that fought, and lived to fight another day. On Champs de Mars people gathered, marched and later on militants fought police all afternoon for two days, Sunday and Monday March 28 and 29 of this year to reject plans by forces seen and unseen to change the constitution of Haiti and open the country to disaster for the rest of the century. Not just on Champs de Mars, but everywhere in the country people came out to denounce this plan concocted not by Jovenel Moise but by forces in the international community who are keeping their pawn in power. Despite most of the population dead set against the de facto president, he is able to hang on setting up his plan of staying in power for life probably. Duvalier did it he figures, why not him? After all it was U.S. support through the military that allowed Francois Duvalier to be selected by the powerful. It is very doubtful that votes were counted fairly in an election controlled by the then powerful Haitian Army. By changing the constitution according to the blueprint provided by experts from the State Department, Jovenel Moise wants to remain in power indefinitely, with the help of his handlers. If anyone thinks that this man who says that only God has more power than he does will step down in 2022 they are mistaken. This is a man on a mission to use the international community’s support to set himself up in the ivory tower, on top of the devastation, for as long as he is able to; by all means available.

Militants showed up to defend the constitution in many parts of the country and this fight needs to continue and gain support. Jovenel is getting more confident and pushing his pieces across the board. By staying in hiding and letting the police do the dirty work, he is putting in place a constitution to let him plunder, and allow international exploitation of all riches in the country. People in Haiti have been famished and reduced to living day to day mostly because of the extraordinary high cost of living. With that in mind Jovenel’s handlers know that the population cannot sustain a long strike or extended civil disobedience because people have to eat. By destroying the agricultural sector during Martelly and now Moise in power, the oligarchs control the food supply. Again, people have to eat, so they have to get stuff by allowing the economic life to proceed. This strategy may work for awhile for the wannabe dictator and his allies, but eventually a population famished, and without hope will start burning and looting as a last resort.

It is impossible to actually look at Haiti and wonder if the country has reached the bottom. Because things can and will get worse than they are now. With over four million persons barely able to eat once a day, and not enough to remain healthy, people will start dying of various diseases because of a weak system. By starving a good part of the population those in power are pushing a cynical agenda; since the people are poor and there are many, let a good amount die, then it will be easier to control the rest. Of course, I’m not suggesting that this is the agenda that is in play, but it seems logical that the results of this Machiavellian plot to put and keep the PHTK in power is going to end with massive amount of persons dying.

Free Abelson

By putting most of the leaders of the SPNH, the newly formed police union in Haiti, in jail, the head of the police has allied himself to the de facto president against almost all police officers. The rank and file police officers were recently dishonored by bandits in Village de Dieu, a slum in the Southern entrance of Port-au-Prince with the de facto president and the police chief actively ensuring their defeat. This was done to let the police force know that their place is to fight peaceful demonstrations, not bother gangs working for the PHTK. By putting all the syndicate leaders in jail or on a wanted list, like Yanick Joseph who was recently fired from the PNH, the head of the police and the palace are telling police officers that they are worth nothing. To be used and tossed to the wolves if need be. Recently, in Carrefour Feuilles, relatives and friends of police officer Abelson Groneg are demanding that he be released from jail. Abelson was a leader and an original member of the SPNH, because of that he must be eliminated. Jovenel wants to dismember the police force and allow him to reshape it to his liking. He must destroy the syndicate and put the rank and file in a position of depending on him to survive. Friends and relatives of Abelson do not have much time before he suffers a bad fate. They must keep pressure on the pavement, or resign themselves to losing him.

While a huge amount of persons answered the call to show Jovenel Moise and the world that they reject all attempts to change the constitution and their way of life, the international press kept its usual silence. The NY Times talked about China, Myanmar, Mozambique, but nothing on Haiti. As far CNN and the other networks mum was the word. It’s as if things are going swell there with fantastic governance and a great quality of life. It is up to us living here to spread the word, and maybe let the news out before it gets worse. Let’s lift the lid of news from Haiti any way we can, and it will help support those fighting the beast.


One thought on “Danse Petro: No to New Con-stitution – From Champs de Mars with Love

  1. Coercion by starvation is one of the methods of choice of colonial forces for quite sometime now. The quasi extermination of the buffalo is an example. The kochon kreyòl suffered the same fate 200 years later.. Old habits are hard to quit. The eradication peach trees to starves the natives of land is yet another,, let alone the y.


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