Danse Petro: Burning Pavement – Plunging Roller Coaster

Jovenel Moise wants to hang on in power at all cost, even as the country crumbles around him. This Wednesday March 17 looks like a replay of this past Monday when tires burned, streets were blocked all around town in Port-au-Prince and Delmas causing schools to close rapidly and people to rush home.

This morning, many areas around Haiti have woken up with a lot of tension, with the Delmas road barricaded with tires in a couple of places creating panic. At Kafou Rezistans the intersection is blocked with barricades and tires burning, creating a huge amount of smoke. Schools have closed in the area and parents are seen running around to get their children home. Same situation in Tabarre and at the Gerald Bataille intersection where the usuallly busy area is host to tires burning and a locked area. Militants of Fos Delmas and other groups in the area have risen up to block the commune and protest because of the situation the country is in. The police is not reacting to the mayhem because their morale is low as a result of last Friday’s failed operation in Village de Dieu. Everyone in the country is starting to see that de facto president Jovenel Moise is destroying the police force, and turning the country over to the gangs in order to remain in power.

All over town, barricades with tires burning are hindering traffic causing a de facto work stoppage, as all schools around Delmas, Tabarre, Avenue Lamartiniere, Frere, National Road no. 1 around Santo and La Plaine have closed quickly. Militants are all over, demanding an end to Jovenel, and expressing solidarity to the fallen police officers. A large group of police officers gathered at the Police Academy at Frere and started a march down the Frere Road followed by a crowd of demonstrators. As of this writing a huge crowd followed them, as they were at Gerald Bataille.

Truck blocking passage

Early afternoon, and things in Port-au-Prince / Delmas and Carrefour have really deteriorated with police officers followed by a huge crowd of demonstrators taking over the police station at Delmas 33 to free some of their comrades held in cells there. They ransacked the station, breaking windows and throwing everything on the ground. After freeing their comrades, the crowd of demonstrators and police officers continued on. At the airport road fire was set inside the Universal Motors dealership after demonstrators ransacked the office. Fortunately, fire fighters showed up to extinguish the fire. No traffic on the normally busy airport road because of burning tires and a tension in the air.

Since this morning, a barricade on a bridge in the area of Grand Goave has blocked traffic from the southern departments. Persons there have set up burning tires with branches and other materials to stop traffic demanding support for the fallen police officers. In Petit Goave, further to the South, the national highway is also blocked by demonstrators; the roller coaster is plunging on a downward leap fueled by De Facto President Moise and his incompetence. All around the fake president and at key posts in the country you find incompetent fools there only to please their boss, while all aspects of the country are failing badly.

In Cap Haitien many police officers have joined a demonstration paralyzing traffic and causing all schools and businesses to close. There, they are also demanding that Jovenel stop destroying the police force. The normally peaceful town is up in arms, as militants have joined the police officers out on the pavement fighting their hierarchy and the de facto president. No one knows when the roller coaster will stop its plunge, but at present the future of the country looks bleak. Young persons all over are in despair, watching their home grind to a standstill because of a fake de facto president and thugs masquerading as politicians in the PHTK want to continue living the life, while millions starve and a whole generation has no life to speak of.

As we head toward disaster in this most important time of our history, there needs to be a rebirth among all of us. Wether in Haiti or the diaspora, all persons must look within themselves and find the strength to come together and fight for our homeland. Malevolent forces of evil are looking to take over our future in Haiti and make our birthplace a hell on earth, and only a concerted effort by all concerned will stop them. Time is short; we must act soon, or it will be too late.


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