Danse Petro: State Sponsored Kidnappers

The recent soap opera featuring the kidnapped citizens from the Dominican Republic and the Haitian interpreter with them shows the state sponsoring behind the kidnappings. After threats of direct intervention from the DR by special forces units the kidnapped victims were shown relaxing, bathing and drinking Prestige. It looked like they were vacationing in Gran Ravine, the neighborhood under the control of a powerful gang. According to a report from Augusma, the interpreter taken then, they were forced to look like they were vacationing by the kidnappers and given new clothes because of pressure from Dominican authorities. Why would gangsters care about that unless they have direct contact with Haitian authorities? The end of the saga featured Magalie Habitant, a supporter of the PHTK and de facto president Jovenel Moise.

Ms. Habitant picked up the released kidnapped victims after they were let go, then she brought them to “someone” who took them to the Judicial Police. There they were interrogated for awhile before being allowed to go. First, the obvious question is how did Ms. Habitant become involved with kidnappers. She claims to be helping the “someone” who contacted her to go get the victims. Second, how come she has no fear to drive and pick up victims of a kidnapping. She did not contact the police for protection, so we must assume she had no fear of being taken herself. I believe she is part of a shadow cabinet working for President Moise, just like Fednel Monchery, former director of the Ministry of Interior who is wanted for the massacre in Lasalin. Monchery also runs a cabinet in the shadows for the president. As for Jimmy Cherizier, leader of the G9, he is the muscle.

Nou Pap Domi

Militants from the grassroots organization were very active, and fully participated in the March that took place this past Sunday. Nou Pap Domi was seen on Champs de Mars, along with Reginald and the Petro Challengers, launching the demonstration. Lately though there has been some confusing news regarding the movement. First, a person claiming to represent Nou Pap Domi in the diaspora is publicizing her participation in a session talking about the upcoming attempt by the de facto president to change the constitution. The person is not someone who has been known as a member of the group, and I doubt that Nou Pap Domi would associate with this. Second, a recent report has said that Nou Pap Domi is becoming a political party. The group needs to clarify those reports and either clearly talk about this turn in their ideology, or denounce these attempts to sabotage the movement. We want to support all young militants who are fighting for justice and economic empowerment for the population of Haiti.


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