Danse Petro: The Ogre Hides

Photo by Patrice Douge

With this massive statement to the UN, the OAS and the other diplomats observing the situation, persons in Haiti flooded Port-au-Prince, Delmas and Petion-Ville with demonstrations that started in different places. Early on Champs de Mars, a large crowd gathered to start the march with slogans hostile to Helen LaLime, UN Representative with very little skill at arithmetic, Jovenel Moise who has usurped the presidency of the country and the international community which was so quick to disavow Nicolas Maduro, the elected President of Venezuela in favor of a right wing pretender, while supporting Moise in his illegal bid. With this massive show when the majority of the population took to the streets, not only in PAP, but also in Cap-Haitien, Les Cayes, Mirebalais and even Jacmel among other towns the message is clear that the people will not accept a dictatorship no matter what the cost. In Delmas by noon, over a hundred thousand persons had already converged at Kafou Rezistans; a crowd that would swell to over half a million people shortly after when demonstrators who had started in Champs de Mars joined them to form a multitude of persons telling Jovenel, the PHTK and allies that they must go.

Photo by Patrice Douge

Of course the de facto president stayed silent in hiding somewhere, as hundreds of thousands people were in the street, saying no to kidnapping, no to Jovenel Moise and time for a new form of governance. The country needs to move away from amateur governments bent on selling all its resources to foreigners for a few millions. The past ten years billions of dollars have gone back to international banks while less than a third was used to bribe Martelly, his clan and now Jovenel and family, all allied in crime. Those billions could build hospitals, schools, roads and housing for the population, while introducing new methods to stimulate agriculture. Instead, those billions are in banks in the international monetary system earning riches for people who own those establishments and maybe twenty percent to Ali Baba and the forty thieves in Haiti and the diaspora. Instead of seeds, tools and fertilizer to grow food and feed millions of people, guns and bullets are sent to gangsters and legal bandits in the countryside. So, instead of people fed and children being educated, fertile land is wasted, while gangsters roam, killing at will and supporting an uneducated man with little managerial experience stay as president of Haiti. Sadly, there are Haitians who agree with this state of affairs, and are willing to defend the starving of over 4 million people and the selling out of the future of a whole generation.

As usual, the international press has largely stayed silent over events in Haiti. On CNN and MSNBC the lead story on the international stage is Russia and the Navalny situation along with the saga involving Saudi Arabia. Granted, these countries are important on the world stage, but when over a million persons take to the street in all major towns of Haiti peacefully demonstrating against de facto President Jovenel Moise, the UN, the OAS and its boss the U. S. State Department, it should be among stories told to people in the U. S., Canada and other places where a lot of Haitians have migrated. It is a show of respect to our communities and we should demand that news from our homeland be broadcasted. Back when some people demonstrated against Maduro in Venezuela it was front page news and lead story in broadcasts all over, as the international press followed the wannabe president of Venezuela in his attempt to oust elected President Nicolas Maduro. Now with millions of people in Haiti demanding an end to an illegal takeover by a man indicted for money laundering, the international press is silent. I guess Haitians are black and do not deserve a better life, and coverage from the press. It is up to Haitians everywhere to take their country back and strive for our second independence. We cannot wait for other people to do our job. We must face our destiny and support the people in their search for a better life.


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