Danse Petro: Tale of Two Countries

As Haiti is entering anarchy, and people in many towns are fighting the police, de facto, illegal president Jovenel Moise escaped to Port-de-Paix, a town in the Northwest to watch carnival celebrations. In Port-au-Prince nearly a million people took to the streets to fight against the would be dictator who is starving the population, ruining the economy and allowing his allies to reap millions of dollars. Many persons in the media, like Lilianne Pierre Paul from Radio Kiskeya, and others from the political realm marched to reject the apprentice dictator. Former Senator Antonio Cheramy was proudly marching, and he said that in no way would he participate in a carnival celebration with the dictator. Petion-Ville became a war zone when the demonstrators split into groups, tossing stones, burning tires and battling police. Of course, the president hid in Port-de-Paix, while his troops fought the population in Port-au-Prince, Gonaives and Arcahaie, while the same day persons in Les Cayes voiced their rejection of Jovenel.

These are dark times in the country because almost all the population rejects the would be dictator Jovenel Moise and his band of thieves. The population is near starvation, we’re talking about over six million persons facing famine in the country, and in the meantime the vultures are plucking all the money they can steal. Social media is exploding with the news that a PHTK Senator named Ronny Celestin bought a house in Canada for four and a half million dollars for his wife and children. You have to wonder how a public servant in name only can afford such luxury, but this is only the beginning if we allow this murderous gang of thieves to continue oppressing the population. Strengthened by seemingly unwavering support from the Core Group of foreign countries with the U.S. in the lead, Jovenel Moise did not stay in the capital to try to solve pressing problems like all schools being closed since the beginning of the month because of insecurity, or kidnappings affecting persons in all walks of life, or the criminal gangs who took over two police stations in the south entrance of Port-au-Prince yesterday; no, the president went to party in carnival in Port-de-Paix, one of the poorest towns in Haiti, and clown around with his wife, while both wore golden crowns. We are talking about a man with a low IQ, and very little in terms of capacities or abilities, the perfect little puppet for those holding the strings. The UN mission in Haiti, it changes name so often, no need to use a new one; so the UN in Haiti has backed the OAS in saying that President Moise can stay until 2022. They must have voted for him if they feel so strongly about it. I was in Haiti during the election which produced Jovenel Moise and almost all members of the parliament. Most people did not vote, and of those who did very few voted for Jovenel and the PHTK. The population had little use for them, and today a huge amount of persons are ready to fight against this theft of democracy. It has gone too long, starting with the disaster of Martelly, and continuing with the nightmare that is Jovenel Moise.

Two towns in the country had carnival celebrations during these dark tumultuous times: Port-de-Paix and Jacmel; and this allowed Jovenel Moise to act as if everything was fine in the country. Former president Michel Martelly used the occasion to get on a float and embarrass persons of Haitian ancestry by reminding them that he had been President of their country, a clown on a float spewing curses, inanities and crude sexual references. This was the canvas in Port-de-Paix with thousands of people not wearing masks pressed against each other, sweating, getting drunk with no thoughts of covid 19 spreading. A week before that, in Jacmel, the same orgy of decibels, with hundreds pressed against each other mask less, spreading Covid. The worst thing about this display of blind search for enjoyment by thousands of people in both towns was the attitude of some musicians participating in the carnival. All while the rest of the country was demonstrating against the de facto dictator, and Champs de Mars was a battlefield with students and young militants fighting men in uniform who tossed tear gas and fired guns, with rocks and bottles; these artists gushed about Jovenel and his victory on the population, practically kissing his butt and bowing to the king and queen. A sad display by Fantom, Roro of Djakout, Roberto of T Vice, and even Roger Eugene, aka Shoubou, as they needlessly praised a total incompetent who is suspected of massacres and the murder of Monferrier Dorval, the Head of the Bar Association of PAP. In 2004 these same individuals refused to play in the carnival then, claiming that even though it was the bicentennial year for the country former President Jean Bertrand Aristide was bad for the country. So this year they have braved Covid 19 to suck up to Jovenel Moise since he is such a great leader developing the country. This is the kind of attitude and mentality that is allowing one of the worst dictatorship in the continent to establish itself unless the people can rally and overcome. Persons should not forget the actions of these artists who claim to represent our culture, and ensure that we stop going to their performances until they apologize at least for their actions.

Core Group, green eyes, heart from hell

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