Danse Petro: Rezistans

In Haiti, the would be dictator tries to strengthen his hold on the presidency, but across the nation young militants are fighting against him, vowing to resist until the end. In Port-au-Prince students from universities and militants drew a huge crowd in a demonstration that snaked through town demanding the end of the de facto regime. As the march started near the school of Ethnic Studies on Champ de Mars many persons were heard on radio talking about their determination to fight Jovenel Moise. The day before militants and students battled police once again, following a march by journalists denouncing attacks against them by police. A pick up with a few journalists riding as passengers was targeted by a guy in uniform who deliberately tossed a tear gas canister inside the vehicle. All during that march so called police attacked the journalists. As usual the press in the U.S. had other fish to fry.

Police attack journalists

Early today, people gathered on Champs de Mars to shout their rejection of dictatorship. Josue Merilien, a well known teacher and school syndicate leader said that standing against dictatorship was a duty “Never again will we allow dictatorship in our country. Everywhere people must stand up ….time for a general insurrection so that we denounce the mafia behind Jovenel.”

Heard from a militant just freed from incarceration, “I’m back on the pavement. There is no backing down, we’re hungry, tired…… too much blood. I am looking for security, a job ….”. “Down with kidnapping” the crowd chanted. The demonstration went along peacefully for hours, gathering more persons at every corner until it ended in the afternoon.

At the same time today, persons in Carrefour blocked the main road, demanding the release of Highest Court judge Dabresil and the police who were protecting him. Passage to the four departments in the South was a nightmare because of the traffic jam that resulted. All over Haiti most activities have grounded to a halt. Schools are closed all over the country, and students are home once again because the authorities cannot guarantee safety. The police can gang up on demonstrators who are peaceful for the most part, but in the meantime criminals run around free, robbing, killing and kidnapping people. People are starting to realize that only through resistance will they survive.

In Gonaives, the day before, a huge crowd started to demonstrate peacefully, demanding that Jovenel respect the constitution and leave power. After police used tear gas to break up the march things turned to violence. During the afternoon shots were heard for a long time. As you listened to the radio reporter you could hear gunfire, machine gun like near him, as he took cover. People ransacked the mayor’s office and set fire to vehicles parked in the yard of the courthouse. It appears that the fight is still going in Gonaives, as the police maintains a low profile in the face of a wild and angry opposition.

Resistance to de facto president Jovenel Moise is growing, rather than abating because the population has had enough. Too many people have been killed, put in overcrowded jails or have disappeared. Just the other day so called police officers beat a journalist so badly that he died. Romario Saintrilice was hit a a Swat team member until he developed internal bleeding and died. These kinds of murder are more fuel on the fire of resistance. The people cannot stop, or it will be mass murder before Jovenel and the PHTK are finished. Only through resistance can Haitians everywhere find respect and a better life. To the young people in Petro Challenge, Nou Pap Domi, Fos Delmas and other groups we wish good luck and fair winds. They represent the hope for a better future because they refuse to be part of a silent majority that bends down to oppression, while criticizing those that fight. Haiti deserves better, and Haitians everywhere need to get on board. As Bob said, Zion train is coming.


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