Danse Petro: the Ogre strikes

Tools of a Coup d’Etat!!

It’s been two days after D-day and anarchy coupled with targeted arrests and eliminations of political opponents of Jovenel Moise are the canvas displayed in Haiti today. Sunday signaled the end of the legal mandate conferred to the rogue president, but of course he is trying to stay in power in true dictatorial style. After dismantling the judicial system for years by hiring and promoting corrupt judges, Jovenel has in essence removed the county’s highest court, the Cour de Cassation, from the political equation, putting one of the judges in incarceration and locking up the building. All these acts are illegal, but the now de facto leader is hoping that by using force and showing his teeth, he will scare the opposition, and cower popular rejection of his plans.

No need to recount the abracadabra coup d’Etat claimed by the authorities, but suffice it to say it is a strong signal that repression is going to intensify. As usual, the press in the U.S. is staying silent about Haiti, and with the Drump impeachment the media has a good excuse; never mind that most persons in Haiti are black anyway. It will be up to those who care about the country to spread the word about happenings there. Many people in the population are fighting back against the latest plan for Haiti. In Les Cayes, it seems like everyday people are taking to the streets in great numbers, contesting the would be dictator. In Cap Haitien and the Northeast persons are burning tires battling police and bandits in uniform who are firing live bullets at young demonstrators. In Arcahaie, a battle is raging between militants who live in the area and the Representative from the de facto executive. The national highway is practically closed as police come repeatedly shooting to clear the road. By allying with gangs openly, providing them with uniforms, vehicles and armored cars, Jovenel and his gang are trying to stifle a population and eliminate all opposition; then it will be paradise for them, while society changes for the worse.

Yesterday once again, militants fought with men in uniform in Champs de Mars where young people armed with rocks fought people in uniform shooting at them and spreading tear gas all over. Militants rained stones on those in uniform who at one time were forced to retreat. One guy in uniform fell under the attack, and he was saved by his colleagues who fired their guns to scatter persons who had surrounded him, tossing stones. Militants fought the police, a force now on the side of illegality, into the early evening in a street battle near the Museum until members of the so called army fired at the crowd, seriously wounding two journalist. More casualties in the fight against darkness and satrapy.

An interim president has been chosen by the opposition and most associations in the civil society of Haiti. Joseph Mecene Jean Louis, a judge from the High Court is the new President of Haiti. Of course, soon after the announcement he had to hide to stay safe from the de facto authorities. In demonstrations in St Marc, Les Cayes, Miragoane and other towns, many people are calling his name as the new president. There are many barricades all over, and although some people are seen moving about, the situation is far from normal. The upcoming days will determine if a dictatorship is in place in Haiti for the next decade or more, or if the people can stop this macabre plan. In my next post I will talk about the PNH, the Haitian National Police.


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