Danse Petro: Two days Left

With its renewed support for President Jovenel Moise in his suicidal attempt to stay as Head of State in Haiti past his constitutional mandate, the international “Enemies” of the country masquerading as a diplomatic group are finally showing that their goal is the destruction of Haitian society. Four plus one equals five in any addition. President Moise dismissed the Parliament and cut short the mandate of ten senators by two years. According to reports, President Moise was joyful when he announced that the Haitian Parliament was destitute because their four years were up. The U.S. State Department and the other constituents who seemingly elected Jovenel Moise president of their Haiti, tossing the real results of the sham election in the trash, now say that Jovenel must stay one year past his constitutional mandate in order to finish the job of ruining Haiti, while preparing to watch thousands killed. Because make no mistake about it, the Haitian population in Haiti is not backing down, and come Sunday if Jovenel clings to power the country will be a battlefield with many casualties.

This image which was in an earlier post shows how the international community wants Haiti to be. We have to ask ourselves why so called friends are cautioning a bloodbath. The population of Haiti is mostly young and many are desperate. They look at the life that Jovenel Moise and the PHTK want them to have, and they see nothing but despair, poverty and a despicable death. So, they have nothing to lose. Most of them are tired of trying to escape the nightmare they face everyday by going abroad, but as more people are hurt in coming days people will have no choice, and some will get on boats to leave hell. As singer Samba Kessy who passed away used to sing, “a little country that could be a paradise…..but they have turned it into hell.” Now is time for Haitians to take their future in their own hands, and not expect help from anybody. We have Libya as a perfect example of a country that was progressing and trying to solve its problems, until so called friends intervened and did away with its leadership, claiming that President Kaddafi was ready to murder poor unarmed demonstrators. Now in Haiti, those same folks are supporting President Moise, as he gets ready to murder thousands, and give the country over to gangsters. This is hypocritical, and it shows that they are only looking out for their own interest. Haitians are of African descent, Black Lives must Matter there too.

Two days left and we Haitians everywhere cannot stand and watch Haiti become the Libya of the Caribbean. The population will be in the street starting Saturday, and chances are we are ready for another round of peyi lock, but this time there will be burning and looting, while many will die. All of that so Jovenel Moise stay president of the country he has ruined the past four and a half years. You have to wonder why all this, except that Jovenel will allow foreigners to mine all the wealth in the country, with nothing for the population, and the corrupted will get richer. All the wealth of the country will be given away to foreign interest by this illegal president for a few millions to him and his accomplices. This is why the international “enemies” are backing Jovenel against the Haitian people. Everywhere we need to understand that this is a critical moment, and unless we act our wealth will be gone forever. The country has enough resources, great soil and everything it needs to feed its children, and enter the 21st century head high. Are we going to choose to lower our heads instead in shame because we refused to fight?



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